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What do dreams of aliens dreaming and interpretations

Aliens had a dream — detailed interpretations of the dream books

To understand what dreams of aliens, remember the famous psychological test in which you were asked to draw an unprecedented animal. Based on the parameters of an unknown animal, the interpretation of your self is proposed.

The same with aliens.

With the only amendment — although no one has ever seen true aliens, there is a certain common stamp of a big-headed and big-eyed humanoid with a fragile and thin body. Approximately all people know a lot about dragons, unicorns, their habits, diet and habitat, although in reality it is just a fantasy.

Just collective and generally accepted.

The real meaning of an alien in a dream is a mysterious and mysterious stranger.

What do dreams of aliens dreaming and interpretations

Actual sleep value

Surprisingly, dreaming with aliens has real meaning. For example, you watched a lot of movies or TV shows, came across a funny article about the mysterious, unidentified and inexplicable — the brain can react in the form of a dream with aliens and even abduction.

To solve problems, you should say goodbye to a dream and a mysterious stranger who will decide everything for you, lend a helping hand, shelter, forget in a ditch a suitcase of money for you, leave you an incredible legacy from the planet Krypton. The only powerful stranger you can count on is yourself.

You have no others.

What do dreams of aliens dreaming and interpretations

The basic meaning of sleep with aliens

  • To dream of aliens — so you feel your helplessness in the circumstances, the situation does not suit you, you don’t want to look for a real way out and hope to receive outside help. Even if you are kidnapped in a column of lilac light — at least some solution. You are absolutely not satisfied with your life, but you cannot change it.
  • You talk with aliens, share your plans with them, talk heart to heart. What do you want to talk to no one else? Stop denying the people around you. Probably, it seems to you that you are not understood, your words and actions are incorrectly evaluated, they are not appreciated. Do you understand a lot of people? Try to understand your neighbors before you confide with strangers.
  • If you are dreaming about alien abduction, this is a paraphrase of the famous “mother bring me back” or “give me another planet”. In reality, dreams reflect exactly your own reality, and you find it unbearable. Even if you dream that you are a victim of horrific experiences or interrogations — you dream of becoming at least something interesting, even if you are a stunning composition of blood. Start a blog about your life and post it on the Internet, take photos. You will be surprised, many people will be interested to see your life, especially from other countries. You have something to say to people than to share. Spending half an hour on your diary is a bit. You can afford.
  • Terrifying aliens of a non-humanoid type, with many eyes and tentacles, are more often girls dream. In Japan, there is a whole genre of picture books, where terrible tentaken monsters kidnap young girls, rape them and feed on their life force. Of course, this is just a sexual projection. Nothing really scary. You want good sex and do not want to face unpleasant consequences. Should I bring the first guy to bed? You decide. It may be worth it if the guy is clean, pleasant to talk to and ready to take care of the safety of sexual interaction. Yet the risk of girls is much higher. If such a nice guy on the horizon is not observed — order yourself a nice tetnakl via the Internet. To suffer from hormonal overlaps and mood swings for the sake of high morality is not worth it. It is hormonal storms that cause female hysteria, fainting due to abstinence. And special intimate massagers appeared in medical offices already then. With great success.
  • If you dream Allen from films of the same name — go to learn to draw. The works of the great Giger just do not dream. You have good taste. Art critics actively understand the sexual implication of the artist’s work, and this occupation will not bore them for decades. We believe that your passion and unrealized opportunities devour you from the inside and urgently require implementation.

What do dreams of aliens dreaming and interpretations

The meaning of aliens in dream books

Most dream books promise the help and support of friends in the event that aliens were willing to communicate. If you get bloodthirsty and inhuman aliens who dream of capturing and destroying this world — you can definitely not count on friends.

What do dreams of aliens dreaming and interpretations

To see aliens in a dream is to want something strange.

You are dreaming of something like “close contact” — aliens choose you to fly to their planet, it looks like you are chosen from their point of view. This means that you are looking for unconditional love.

For someone to love you simply because you are, as ideal children love, ideal parents in books and in advertising for baby food.

Unfortunately, ideal relationships are rare in this life. In order to achieve the love of other people requires effort, work, work on yourself, achievements. There is nothing wrong with dreaming about perfect love.

But be prepared to pay in full and absolute reciprocity.


The dream of adventures, influential strangers, strange creatures — the natural state of man. To dream aliens is to have a dream.

At the same time you do not trust yourself, you are afraid of the world around you, people around you are incomprehensible to you, like aliens. Spend some time trying to get to know this world better, to make friends with it.

Maybe it makes sense to visit a good psychologist and look for solutions together — this will be the help of a mysterious stranger.

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