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What do dreams mean from sunday to monday?

What do dreams mean from sunday to monday?

What do dreams from Sunday to Monday mean, are they prophetic? In the people, dreams on Sunday night are considered prophetic.

In ancient times, unmarried girls made dreams of the bridegroom exactly on this night and performed a special ritual. Why do Sunday dreams come true, and is it possible to change the prophetic dream?

What do dreams mean from sunday to monday?

The value of dreams on Sunday night

To understand why night visions at this time tend to come true, consider the meaning of the days of the week in terms of astrology:

  • Sunday is the day of the sun;
  • Monday is the day of the moon.

These two planets are governing. The sun gives the energy of life, the moon controls the emotions of man. Solar energy can give happiness.

Bright pictures of a prosperous and happy life in a dream are the gift of solar energy to the dreamer, the blessing of heaven. Dark gloomy pictures of dreams prophesy a black streak in life: this indicates the absence of solar energy in the life of the dreamer.

The moon — a symbol of change, variability. The lunar disk is constantly changing — decreases and arrives.

A dream will have a positive effect on the dreamer’s life. on the night of the new moon. If a dream comes true at this time, expect great happiness in life. Sleep with good value on the waning moon even on Monday it is unlikely to come true — the energy of the moon is waning.

But a bad dream on a decreasing moon predicts happiness — all bad things will disappear. Take care of dreams in full moon — they tend to come true in accuracy.

What do dreams mean from sunday to monday?

Sleep content

What can sleep on Monday night? You can see a prediction on a specific topic:

  • about personal life and love;
  • about the wedding ceremony;
  • about work and business;
  • about entertainment, recreation;
  • about death and death.

If the dream touched personal life and was happy you were lucky. For an unmarried girl, a dream can predict a romantic meeting — surely come true.

The meeting will be bright as the sun. However, the variability of the moon and its ghostly night light will make their adjustments to the events: the acquaintance will have an unpredictable ending.

It is unlikely that this person will be your destiny. Most likely, after some time you break up, so do not expect a serious relationship initially.

It will be a bright flirt and ridiculous parting.

See dream about someone else’s wedding on Monday night — to good for lonely people. The prophecy will come true.

If such a dream is seen by a family man, this spells a rupture in the relationship with the spouse. A serious rival may appear in your life, a husband can find an attractive mistress — there are many options for changing events.

The changeable moon «will try» to make its own adjustments to the measured flow of life.

A dream about someone else’s wedding can express a subconscious desire to search for new sensations in love and relationships. This is a very dangerous condition for a man in love, as a changeable moon (especially in the full moon phase) will distort unrecognizable hidden desires and will push for love adventures.

Together, this will lead to a rupture of strong and stable relations. Be careful not to look for a romantic adventure on your head.

Dreams of work come true in accuracy. If you saw a scandalous plot, expect a repetition in real life.

Be careful, weigh every word, move away from conflicts — this way it will be possible to reduce the degree of tension, to soften the situation. The main thing is not to prove your case and do not defend the point of view.

A favorable dream about work will prophesy a raise, will strengthen your reputation and eliminate trouble. If such a plot was seen by a temporarily unemployed person, he would soon be given a chance of employment.

Work will be well paid, the team will get a friendly, the head — gold.

Dream entertainment with friends — in real life, you also need a rest. Ask for vacation at your own expense or take time off, you can agree with colleagues about a replacement for a couple of days.

Choose an acceptable option and devote this time to fun.

Dreams of dead people on the night of monday dream just to change the weather. If the time of the Commemoration Sabbath is right, go to church and put candles for the rest.

You can order a memorial service, if the deceased had a dream on the eve of the memorial Saturday.

What do dreams mean from sunday to monday?

How to see the betrothed?

To see a man in a dream, it is not necessary to wait for Christmas or Epiphany evening! Sleep can be «ordered» on Monday night. To do this, you need to shift the pillow into your legs, turn the nightgown inside out and put a spruce twig under the pillow.

In your own words, ask the spruce to show off your betrothed in a dream and immediately go to bed.

An indispensable condition — you need to sleep in a separate room alone. Otherwise, the rite will not work. In the morning, take the twig to a tree and lay it on the ground.

Breaking a branch is also necessary by the rules: first talk to spruce and ask for permission to pick a branch for the ceremony. It is possible in gratitude to leave a coin or a candy at the roots.

If you saw a bad dream …

How to avoid bad omens obtained through sleep? Mages suggest doing the following:

  1. Immediately after waking up, without getting out of bed, look out the window and mentally say: “Where the night is, there is a dream”. The bad won’t come true.
  2. Go to the tap, open the water and tell her the dream content. Water has the unique property of recording information, and the flowing water also carries it away. When you tell the story of the dream water, wash your face and hands. Be sure: the water will take with you all your worries and concerns.
  3. If you tell someone the content of sleep in the morning, the prophecy will surely come true. Therefore, except for water, no one can talk about what he saw.
  4. According to some beliefs, prophesy in a dream can be avoided by an affordable method: just turn the bedclothes inside out and leave it until the evening. This applies to pillowcases, sheets and duvet cover.

Guess today with the help of the tarot spread "Day map"!

For proper divination: focus on the subconscious and do not think about anything at least 1-2 minutes.

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