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What do crocodiles dream about in water?

What do crocodiles dream about in water?

It would seem that this is the most ridiculous dream that could have occurred. But what did fate want to tell us?

What do crocodiles dream about in water?

What do crocodiles dream about in water?

Crocodiles and other similar animals do not cause tenderness and joy. Understanding the dream is now an important task, because the dream can say a lot, because the crocodile symbolizes strength and wisdom.

Details of crocodile sleep

  • We saw a crocodile in the water, he did not attack. Soon accomplished a planned deception or betrayal. The animal acts as an enemy.
  • If fed a crocodile, then remember that a new friend will soon show his face. Will betray you constantly.
  • A large crocodile in water symbolizes an unpleasant person or enemy to whom you must obey. The detractor prepares for you the danger.
  • Reptile tormented in the water prey? By the will of fate you will witness a vile act or a cruel situation, but you cannot interfere.
  • Feel free to hunt for a crocodile? Sleep predicts a successful solution to urgent problems and wealth. Received money earned by dishonest means will bring tears.
  • We saw a calm crocodile in the water. Sleep — call. Listen to the opinion of a relative, friend or boss. Tips and instructions from reputable individuals will help you in later life.
  • There were a lot of crocodiles in the water. They will put pressure on you from all sides, imposing someone else’s opinion.
  • If you have seen many aggressive reptiles of an unnatural color, then troubles will soon burst into life, which will affect many areas of life.
  • A calm but expectant crocodile foreshadows a danger with which you can cope.
  • Small crocodiles talk about minor mischief and trouble. It is important to notice them and prevent them in time, as they can become serious problems.
  • Two big crocodiles fought in the water. The conflict situation you have witnessed should be left without your intervention. If you intervene, become the culprit and get a lot of problems.
    What do crocodiles dream about in water?
  • Did you catch a little crocodile in the water? Relationship with the second half will be cool. Most likely, followed by a divorce or separation.
  • In the dream stood in the middle of the pond, where there were many crocodiles? Friends will turn into enemies and spoil you, accusing you of everything.
  • The crocodile swam close to you? If you are not afraid of a reptile, then wait for a good acquaintance, which will end the wedding and family happiness. If a dream comes to a married woman who has problems with her husband, then her vision predicts the return of the prodigal husband.
  • If you killed a crocodile in a dream, then live victories over the evil intentions of enemies.
  • Crocodile bit you? Quarrel with a friend whose deception will unfold during the proceedings.

Dream interpretation

Dream Grishin

Have you seen crocodile eyes out of the water? You committed a frivolous act, for which there may be punishment.

Be careful.

A big crocodile in the water marks the enemy. You need to urgently calculate the ill-wisher, since treachery is not far off.

If the reptile behaves aggressively, attacks or bites you, then in the future, expect a betrayal, which you will remember for a long time.

Dream Miller

Unpleasant-looking crocodile in a pond dreams of deception. Be attentive to relatives and friends, and the rest of your surroundings.

Dream Vanga

A crocodile appeared in a dream to warn you of danger.

Dream interpretation Tsvetkova

If you see a crocodile in the water, then wait for cash replenishment. For unmarried women, sleep can mean a rich betrothed who will be faithful and honest.

Freight’s Dream Interpretation

The crocodile sitting in the water symbolizes the negative attitude of your relatives and friends towards you. They hide it, so you should be wary.

Freud also said that a dream can reflect your desire and hope of finding an easy job or money.

Dream interpretation of the 21st century

A dream is a dream in front of a black stripe in life. Most likely, you will depend on someone.

Female dream book

Crocodile talks about deceit. You should treat the whole environment with caution.

Do not be frank with anyone.

Gypsy dream book

Saw a crocodile? Expect persecution and misery from all enemies.

What do crocodiles dream about in water?

Dream interpretation Hasse

Unmarried girls sleep with a crocodile in the water promises a wealthy and loyal guy.

Dream Medea

The crocodile is a symbol of your stubbornness and isolation. The dream urges you to submit to the enemy in order to avoid unpleasant consequences.

Chinese dream book

The seen reptile in water symbolizes dangers, stresses, quarrels and accidents.

Family Dream

See a pond with crocodiles? You betray.

Traitors will be those in whom you were sure.

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