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What do chickens dream about in the dream books of Miller, Freud, Vanga, Tsvetkov

Dreamed of chickens — the nuances of interpretation of popular dream books

Poultry is always associated with a private farm, a large and comfortable home, a strong family where old people are honored, parents are respected and children are loved. What dreams of chickens, we learn in proven dream books.

General interpretation

Chickens in a dream is a favorable symbol that carries many positive moments into the life of the dreamer, reflecting his attitude towards family values ​​and marriage bonds. A rooster in a chicken coop for a sleeper will be an element of protecting his home from external threats, as if preventing a third party invasion.

He personifies loyalty, reliability, stability, prosperity and well-being.

What do chickens dream about in the dream books of Miller, Freud, Vanga, Tsvetkov

In many religions, chickens personify hard work, diligence, patience, and effort. But on the other hand, they can show the monotony and dullness of everyday work, from which it is time for the sleeping to get rid of, changing the way of life.

Those who try to succeed in life, to achieve a decent level of existence, to gain status and money, a good sign — a bright and well-fed bird in a dream. The males and hens, walking peacefully together, foreshadow a period of blissful calm, honoring success, glory and recognition on the laurels.

Dreamed chickens carrying golden eggs — a good time to implement bold ideas. The project that you launch will be a real source of steady income.

You can provide not only your old age, but also leave a decent inheritance to future grandchildren.

Dreams have a negative meaning, where the bird was aggressively inclined towards the dreamer, she picked and attacked him. This means that you are not trying hard to achieve your goals, do not recognize the generally accepted values, rules, boundaries of morality. And the strength of family ties for you is just a myth and a fairy tale for old people.

Freedom in this case is recognized as profligacy, excessive consumption and enrichment in order to satisfy only one’s needs.

A black chicken has come to see — in reality you are experiencing craving for everything mystical, interested in magic and possess supernatural abilities.

What do chickens dream about in the dream books of Miller, Freud, Vanga, Tsvetkov

Author’s dream books

Sigmund Freud

Chickens in a dream personify the slowness, domestication of the dreamer. This characterizes the sleeper as a sexually inactive character who does not seek to incite passion, fire and a storm of emotions in a partner.

For a married man — a symbol of comfort, stability, loyalty to his wife.

A bachelor dreamed of chickens walking with a rooster — in the sphere of intimate relationships you have nothing to worry about. Your confidence and ability to conquer your favorite beauty has always helped to achieve the goal.

The period when you are at the peak of sexual activity, but at the same time adhere to safe sex and comply with moral norms.

A man to see himself in the hen house — to enjoy high popularity among women — colleagues. It is not surprising if they represent you in their sexual fantasies, for them you are a patron, a protector, an experienced male, who can not only take advantage of their weaknesses, but also support them in difficult moments of life.

A woman to watch the hen that sits on the eggs is an excellent occasion to prepare a dowry for the baby. Soon you will learn about the long-awaited pregnancy.

Such a sign comes to a young guy at that moment when he begins to think about getting married, he wants a family hearth, comfort and constancy.

What do chickens dream about in the dream books of Miller, Freud, Vanga, Tsvetkov

Dreaming chickens are an auspicious sign, especially if they were bright, beautiful and well-fed. Love, mutual understanding, loyalty, devotion will settle in your house.

The family during this period will be of particular importance for those who need the support of loved ones, good advice and attention. From them you feed on strong energy, which will give you confidence and expand the scope of possibilities.

To feed the chickens and kurushka — to pleasant troubles and worries, which will bring a lot of pleasure and make a new look at the world. Rate their beautiful plumage — in reality, start to appreciate simple things, emotions, words, weather phenomena that you did not notice before.

It means you are standing on the threshold of a happy and joyful life.

Being in a hen-house in order to feed your pets — such a dream foreshadows many guests in your house who will drop by because of a significant event. Their visit may be for you an unexpected, but a pleasant surprise.

Watching a large number of chickens that continuously graze grain from the ground — in reality it will have to work a lot and hard. The period when you need to invest a lot of effort, effort, perseverance and patience to achieve a positive result and get closer to the dream.

For beginning businessmen, such a vision is a good opportunity to earn initial capital. You will be able to express yourself by showing business skills and professionalism.

Competitors will feel in you real strength and danger.

A man dreamed of how a chicken pecked him — expect a tense situation in the family. Between the spouses have accumulated a lot of questions, claims that should be resolved in the coming days, otherwise there will be a major scandal and separation.

A lonely bird dreamed of a pregnant woman, walking away from the rest of the chickens, which means the expectant mother will give birth to a healthy and beautiful daughter, who will be distinguished by her wayward character and unusual appearance.

Gustov Miller

Chickens — a sign of family idyll and harmony. A good sign for those who are going to spend holidays with loved ones. Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of hospitality, good communication, pleasant traditions, joy and laughter.

For old people, such a dream foreshadows the arrival of children and grandchildren, and for young people — a reason for going to their parents.

Those who thought about the continuation of the species, to observe how the hen lays eggs, is a sign of a future pregnancy. Adding to the family may be unexpected if you see eggs without a bird in the nest.

To hear the clucking of poultry is to take the opinion and judgment of a loved one to heart. This relative is most likely misleading you, knocking out your unwarranted chatter with the right way.

Adhere to your rules and believe in the truth only those tips that are supported by real success and achievements.

Evgeny Tsvetkov

The brighter the feathers of the bird in the chicken coop, the greater the chances of success and prosperity in real life. A rooster dreamed at the head of the chicken kingdom — a sign of big money and an endless stream of wealth.

For those who are trying to become famous, famous in society, to reach the heights in their careers or their own business, a favorable vision is to feed chickens and cockerels from the hands.

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