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What do bees dream about — interpretation by dream-books

What do bees dream about in dream books

Look in this article, what bees dream about, to understand what to expect in the near future. I analyzed the predictions of many dream books, trying to interpret my own dreams, and picked up the most reliable ones.

Family Dream

I especially love the predictions of this dream book, because they have been collected for centuries. They have accumulated folk wisdom, they reflect the traditions and culture, often come true.

What do bees dream about - interpretation by dream-books

  1. Working bees, who are actively working, dream of financial success. Such a dream promises only profit and prosperity at this stage of your life. Get ready to collect good fruit from the efforts in work.
  2. Not seeing the bees, but clearly hearing their businesslike buzzing is not a very favorable sign that promises hindrances and obstacles in the way of achieving your goals. Also, such a dream can be a sign of the dreamer’s insults on some person from his close environment.
  3. A lot of insects sitting on your head — to success. And the quieter they behaved, the more benefits you will receive in real life. The buzz in this dream speaks of small obstacles, but you can easily cope with them.
  4. Aggressive bees that attack and try to sting, symbolize detractors. You may find yourself in an unpleasant situation when people begin to attack, and you have to desperately defend yourself. They will try to hurt you.
  5. Killing bees — in reality, you are very bad for yourself and ruin your own life with careless actions. Also, a dream can be a warning that you should get rid of bad habits as soon as possible.
  6. The bees that brought you delicious, fresh honey are a good symbol. In the near future, you will find public recognition, fame and wealth. You will never have to worry about money again, you can earn it easily and in any quantities.
  7. The huge bee swarm, which behaves peacefully and does not inspire feelings of fear, also dreams of wealth and prosperity. But if you were afraid of insects in a dream, then in real life you may find yourself in some dangerous situation, so you need to be alert.

Dream Miller

Read these interpretations if you like psychology. The author is a psychologist who analyzed how human life and dreams are connected.

What do bees dream about - interpretation by dream-books

Here are his predictions:

  1. Bees are a symbol of transactions, contracts, obligations to other people. Such a dream suggests that you will succeed in your work. There will also be a favorable period for finding investors, partners, patrons and sponsors.
  2. A man bees dream about the appearance of a good friend. A person who can be trusted for one hundred percent will appear in his life. It is possible that this friendship will be eternal.
  3. Businessmen and bee managers dream of increasing sales figures. All deals will end successfully and bring good profits. This is a favorable period for concluding new contracts and agreements.
  4. If the dreamer has small children, and he has dreamed about bees, then the kids will bring a lot of joy in the near future. They will study hard, obey their parents and make them happy with their successes.
  5. Stinging bees are an unfavorable sign. Fate has prepared for you some kind of difficult test to be passed. You can lose a friend, a job, a loved one, or money.
  6. A huge swarm of bees that chases you is a good sign. Your health will be strong, in the near future you will have a huge amount of energy that you can direct to the solution of various tasks.

Dream interpretation Tsvetkova

If you follow the phases of the moon, believe in astrology, then the predictions from this dream book will suit you.

What do bees dream about - interpretation by dream-books

  1. Bees are a very good sign. In the near future, you will break a big score. You can easily win the lottery, get an expensive gift or return the old large debt. You can take the risk and make a bet.
  2. Watching the bees sitting on the flowers get bad news that will upset you very much. Do not allow bad news to knock you out of a rut, remember that you are able to cope with any problems.
  3. Catching bees — in real life you lack order. In business, at home, at work and in your personal life, there is complete chaos, which is why you lose energy. You need to quickly arrange the space around you.
  4. To be bitten by a bee is a small but very pleasant monetary reward that you did not expect to receive. You can be thanked, for example, by money a friend to whom you gave valuable advice.
  5. Humming bees «at work» dream to fulfill your cherished desires. It may even come true dreams that you have long forgotten to think about. There is also a favorable period for making a wish.
  6. Collect the corpses of bees — soon you will triumph over your enemies or competitors. All the trumps you have, so use the moment, and quickly, until they are ahead of you.
  7. Bees flying in your home are an unfavorable sign. Someone from the household seriously ill. Exception — when the dream is a girl dream. In this case, the forecast is: she will soon become pregnant.
  8. The bees that leave a lot of small and painful bites on the dreamer’s body — to a series of troubles that you have to cope with in real life. There will be a feeling that all the problems of the world suddenly fell on your head.
  9. Insects that circle over a huge apiary — in real life you have to work hard. For this you have to sacrifice your personal life and rest, but the result is worth it. Try to glory, and get good money, and have time to relax later.

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  • Bees, depending on how they behaved in your dream, can symbolize either friends or detractors.
  • They can also be a symbol of success, well-being, financial achievements.
  • But in order to interpret the dream more accurately, read all the predictions, recall the dream in detail, and select the most appropriate interpretation.

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