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What do bees dream about: interpretation by dream-books

What do bees dream about: decoding of the night plot by various dream books

According to the dream books, a bee swarm in a dream foreshadows wealth and is considered a favorable sign, but the final interpretation depends on many nuances: the behavior of insects and the dreamer, human emotions in sleep, the environment, the number of bees, their size and other details. A dream in which a bee has bitten a person is also ambiguous.

Its interpretation may vary depending on the number of bites and their localization on the body, the reaction of the sleeper to the incident.

Popular dream books interpret a dream in which bees figured in different ways:

Dream interpretationInterpretation
FreudBees symbolize sex with casual partners in unusual places.
TsvetkovaGetting inheritance, the profit received as a result of a happy set of circumstances
MillerUseful business connections and profitable events
IntimateMeeting with a man who will see in a sleeping woman only an object for sexual pleasures. This fact will strongly oppress the dreamer, but she will continue to communicate with this person.
EnglishPositive changes are coming
VelesovSuch a dream promises victory over enemies and a significant event.
NewestDreamer’s work will bring substantial monetary reward and moral satisfaction
RussianWinning, easy money, material wealth
FamilyProfitable transactions, improved financial position
ModernBees symbolize all sorts of material goods and foreshadow a comfortable life.
AzaraTemporary hobby, dangerous connections
GrishinaSpiritual cleansing and inner rebirth
Denise LynnThis insect is a symbol of fertility and productive work.
Dmitry and Nadezhda ZimaDaily worries, monotony, monotonous and hard work
HealthWarning about leading a wrong way of life and numerous bad habits
Martyn ZadekiLosses, financial troubles
HasseNegative news, irreparable loss
ChineseConceived doomed to failure
FemaleGood health, pride in their relatives, family idyll
The Wanderer SmirnovThe dreamer has done a great job and will now reap the rewards of her activities in the form of cash and general acceptance
UkrainianFire in the house, natural disasters
FrenchHappy love, mutual feelings
GypsyGetting rid of old problems and worries
ShereminskoyThe joy of other people’s success
UniversalHigh position in society, a prestigious profession
KopalinskyThe fulfillment of innermost desire, long-awaited purchases and joyful emotions
MedievalSafety, protection, stability

What do bees dream about: interpretation by dream-books

General interpretations:

  • Bee bites warn of betrayal of friends and betrayals of a loved one.
  • A woman is afraid of the consequences of numerous sexual contacts with different partners.
  • A dream foreshadows public humiliation and insults.
  • A bee sting is a sign of the gullibility and naivety of a sleeping person.

Depending on the place of the bite, their number and the dreamer’s feelings, the interpretation of the dream about bees that bite changes:

  • Arm — a sleeping woman risks making a mistake by signing a knowingly unprofitable contract.
  • Leg — The upcoming trip will fail.
  • Face, neck, head — the chief will make a severe reprimand. He is dissatisfied with the work of the dreamer and is going to lower him in office for neglect of his duties.
  • Tongue — you need to slander less and not reveal other people’s secrets.

The bee did not sting, but got tangled in her hair — to petty life’s troubles and exposure of hypocritical people.

If big bees are dreaming that they attack, and the dreamer doesn’t feel pain and there are no bite marks on his body, it means that luck awaits him in all undertakings. Such a plot promises well-being at home and incredible luck in professional activities.

If bees or wasps fly overhead, buzz unpleasantly and bite in different parts of the body, the dreamer will have to go through pain and suffering, overcoming obstacles and making inhuman efforts to succeed.

The big bee sits on the arm, but does not bite — for a fateful meeting with its second half. For married women, this story foreshadows a strong relationship with her husband.

You should not worry about the loyalty of your spouse: he does not notice anyone except his beloved, and never betray her.

The dreamer runs away from a swarm of stinging insects — a woman will suffer a fiasco in all spheres of life. A bee swarm flew into the house — a terrible tragedy will happen in the family.

A swarm of bees attacks another person — to unfair accusations against the victim. To drive away the bees — need, poverty, miserable life.

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