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What characteristic features does Smurov’s dream book have?

Distinctive features of the dream book Smurov

Dreams are an integral part of every human life. Every night, people travel in their dreams to different realities, receiving signs from above relating to improving their lives, as well as warning signs about what to fear. To date, there are a huge number of different dream books, each of them has its own characteristic features.

In this article we will look at the distinctive features of Smurov’s dream book. But first, we will conduct a brief excursion into the general concept of “sleep.

What characteristic features does Smurov’s dream book have?

What are dreams

If we turn to the opinion of scientists, dreams are a natural physiological state characterized by a reduced reaction to the surrounding reality. Mammals, birds, fish and other animal species, including insects (for example, Drosophila), can fall into a state of sleep.

In addition, the concept of sleep also means a sequence of images that are formed in the phase of fast sleep and remain in the memory of a person when he wakes up.

From the testimony of physiology, ordinary dreams differ from conditions similar to them (for example, anabiosis is an option of hibernation in animals, hypnotic sleep, coma, fainting, or lethargic sleep).

When a person sleeps, he increases the level of anabolic processes while reducing catabolism.

In a normal state, sleep should occur approximately every twenty-four hours. This cycle is called the circadian rhythm. The latter determines every day, the most important factor is the amount of light in the room.

It is the natural light cycle that has the strongest effect on the concentration of specific photo-dependent proteins. Normally, the circadian cycle adjusts to the length of the daylight hours.

But in addition to a good night’s rest, many cultures advocate the option of a short nap or siesta.

Sleep is a special state of human consciousness, which is divided into several stages, replacing one another overnight. The occurrence of these stages is affected by the activity of different brain structures.

So, for example, in normal sleep should begin with the first stage (slow dreams). Their duration varies from five to ten minutes.

After this, the second stage begins, the duration of which is about twenty minutes. The next half hour to forty-five minutes are replaced by about three to four stages.

And then the dreamer returns to the second stage of a slow dream, which is replaced by the first episode of fast dreams (they are very short, taking no more than five minutes in duration).

The described sequence is known as a loop. One cycle in duration is ninety to one hundred minutes.

After this, cycles repeat with a decrease in the phases of slow dreams and an increase in fast dreams.

If there is a full, healthy sleep, then we can talk about five complete cycles. The sequence with which one stage is replaced by another, as well as its duration over time is conveniently illustrated by a hypnogram in which you can see the structure of a person’s sleep.

What characteristic features does Smurov’s dream book have?

Why do you need a dream

Sleep is necessary in order to:

  • ensure proper rest of the body;
  • to process and save information (especially for slow dreams). Sleep helps to facilitate and consolidate the learned information;
  • also, sleep acts as an adaptation of the body and its response to changes in light (day and night cycles);
  • sleep contributes to the restoration of immunity, largely due to the activation of t-lymphocytes, which do not allow the appearance of colds and viral diseases;
  • in a state of sleep, the human brain is freed from harmful waste products.

According to the quite popular visceral theory of dreams, in the process of sleep in the central nervous system of a person, constant analysis and adjustment of the activity of internal organs takes place.

Dream interpretation Smurova

The author of this sonic is the famous esoteric writer Olga Borisovna Smurova. The book is also known by another name «Family Dream Book».

The dream interpretation is distinguished by a certain originality and stylistic uniqueness. He combines in a harmonious way the main directions in the interpretation of dreams.

In this case, the dreams in it are interpreted so that everyone can easily get answers and explanations on what he saw at night. Also the dream book Smurova has a number of its characteristic features, which we will discuss in more detail later in the article.

The main features of Family Sonic

In this edition, all dreams are divided according to the average duration and degree of immersion into sleep.

We can distinguish these types of dreams:

  1. Rapid dreams — for the most part they are replete with particularly unusual images and plots, which are completely out of the frame of ordinary logic. Such dreams are also known under the other name of «paradoxical dreams.»
  2. Slow dreams have their own distinctive differences. So in the process of slow dreams, a person does not receive new information, and his consciousness analyzes what is of particular importance to him referring to the latest bright events, as well as to the tasks that are set before a sleeping person. After a slow sleep, a person is immersed in a quick dream, in which he can draw conclusions, represented by all sorts of symbolic and figurative drawings.

In addition to this separation of dreams in the Family Dreambook Smurova here are also used the basic techniques in the process of dream interpretation, namely:

  • There is no need to pay attention to vague dreams, in which there is no clear main image, and also there is no plot or other clear picture.
  • On the contrary, it is worthwhile to separately dwell on dreams in which you feel your presence especially brightly, and also actively influence what is happening.
  • Dreams also fall into the category of prophets, in which a sleeping person receives news from relatives or dear people (very often from those who are no longer alive).
  • Pay attention to the fact that consciousness sometimes tries to play a cruel joke with us by offering dreams in exactly the opposite order.
  • Being engaged in the interpretation of dreams, it is worth paying more attention to the intuitive approach, and also to treat this process creatively.
  • Those varieties of dreams that are not completely filled, can not be interpreted. After all, turning to this interpretation, you only confuse yourself.

Dream interpretation is an incredibly useful publication for all those people who pay attention to the recommendations of their subconscious, making important decisions in different areas of their lives.

What characteristic features does Smurov’s dream book have?

Although the dream book works on a very generalized, universal approach, but even beginner interpreters and simply curious people will be able to use it. For greater convenience, the dream book is equipped with a complete alphabetical list of interpretations of night dreams.

If you want to find information about a phenomenon or subject of interest to you, simply find the first letter of this word in the alphabetical list, and then select the desired word from the list and refer to its interpretation.

The Dream Dream is an incredibly convenient and useful book that will shed light on the information sent to you from above, which is necessary to improve the quality of your life. Use it to uncover all the secrets of your subconscious and save yourself from possible trouble.

We hope that this article was useful for you and helped to find answers to all your questions. And finally, we strongly advise you to watch an interesting thematic video:

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