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What are your shoes on dreaming Miller, Vanga, Freud, Nostradamus

Dreamed shoes — features decryption for dream books

People always pay attention to beautiful and expensive shoes. And how nice to wear new shoes that look good on the foot and delight with their convenience.

Why dream of shoes, we learn in the verified dream books.

General interpretation

Boots in a dream reflect the dreamer’s personal relationships with relatives and loved ones, his inner attitude to life, and plans for the future. In some interpretations, shoes are a sign of femininity.

For a man, a clean and well-groomed pair of shoes may foreshadow a fateful acquaintance with a beautiful lady. Positive moments worth waiting for those who dreamed of wearing new and beautiful shoes.

This is a sign of self-confidence, financial stability and perspectivity of views.

Author’s dream books

Sigmund Freud

Shoes personifies the feminine, being a sign of the female genital organs. The leg in this case will embody the male existence. Comfortable shoes on the foot — a symbol of perfect intercourse between men and women.

This sex has a lot of positive, creative energy, which will certainly send the dreamers to a serious relationship, make you think about conceiving a child.

What are your shoes on dreaming Miller, Vanga, Freud, Nostradamus

A man dreamed of changing an old pair of worn out shoes — a dream indicates that you want to end the old relationship. This union no longer holds anything together; passion is gone, leaving coolness and indifference. In addition, you have on the horizon a new object of desire.

You want to re-experience the sea of ​​pleasures and pleasures of sex with the desired person.

Ripped shoes on a female leg — a dream indicates serious trouble for the dreamers. For those who plan to become pregnant, such a vision can predict fruitlessness.

Who was looking for stability and love in marriage, the most reason to think about parting. Since the spouse has long found solace on the side.

Stomped heels in a dream can indicate health problems. For a man, this is the first sign of sexual impotence. And a completely different prediction awaits those who saw many different shoes in a dream.

This reflects the excitability of the sleeper. You can easily make contact with the opposite sex, allowing yourself to quickly go on close, intimate communication.

A lot of beautiful pairs of shoes were glimpsed by a woman — in reality, she enjoys great success among men. But she has difficulty choosing a partner for a serious relationship. Perhaps it was just not the time for such a connection.

Enjoy the attention of the opposite sex and walk on.

To discover a nail in a man’s boot — to be dumbfounded by the news of unwanted paternity. To the dreamer can come with a claim for the right to receive alimony. A woman to see herself in high heels — to have the desire to dominate a man.

It may be that she is a very meek and shy person, but in bed she is sexually aggressive and capable of decisive leadership. Sleeping confidently will achieve the submission and subordination of the lover.


Shoes personifies matrimony. A successful and happy marriage is waiting for those who dreamed of wearing new, high-quality and beautiful shoes.

This is a sign that family life will not be full of surprises, distinguished by its harmony, tranquility and predictability. It is convenient to walk in such a pair — it means to be on the same wavelength with those who are nearby.

You do not need to explain your position and plans for the future for a long time; you are ready to understand and accept as you are. You bring joy to each other and try to support in difficult moments.

Fingering or worn-out heels dream of a future disagreement and contradiction with a loved one. You missed the opportunity when it was still possible to smooth the conflict. And now they have reached the point of no return, aggravating the relationship with mutual grievances and offensive claims.

To lose one shoe — choose a divorce, as the only solution to the family drama.

What are your shoes on dreaming Miller, Vanga, Freud, Nostradamus

The shoes symbolize the dreamer’s short journey, in some cases it reflects an active life position. The sleeper is always tuned for change and boldly strides to meet them. Rough and worn boots indicate trials and everyday scrape.

Your road does not foresee smooth. Do not expect stability and comfort in the near future.

To achieve this, you have to go many miles through a series of difficulties, showing endurance and perseverance.

A woman to try on elegant shoes with a small heel — to find a man that matches her sophisticated nature, with a sense of taste and good manners. Footwear for hiking in the woods will display a meeting with a brutal knight of the heart, who will show uncompromising confidence in meeting you.

Tight and uncomfortable pair on the leg — a symbol of the fact that you are something very hard. You want to get rid of an unpleasant situation, problem or person. This darkens your life and makes it impossible to move on with the right course.

Removing such shoes, having experienced relief, means, in reality, successfully freeing yourself from everything that slowed you down.

Slowly move in sandals, which are large and fall off the heel — to commit themselves, which are not able to fulfill. You feel the difficulty and uncertainty because you can not go the distance, but there is no possibility to go further.

In this case, do not neglect the help of close people or good colleagues. The case when they show their decency and responsiveness.

Gustov Miller

Every shoe represents the ability to move forward. The more reliable and stronger the boots in a dream, the more energy, strength and experience for successful development will be in the arsenal of the dreamer. Dirt on shtibletah in a dream may indicate a betrayal of people of the inner circle in reality.

To clean such a pair means to understand the behavior and intentions of the comrades in time and to part with the traitors.

In the store to measure a new pair that suits you — successfully implement the project started. Do not stop there; take what is rightfully yours.

Repairing old shoes — take on a job that will bring you a lot of problems without promising a decent reward. The dream warns in advance not to undertake an unpromising task.

It takes a lot of time and effort.

What are your shoes on dreaming Miller, Vanga, Freud, Nostradamus

David loff

Shoes reflect personal relationships with people close to you. If in a dream someone measures your shoes, it means that in reality, the faithfulness of the spouse will raise doubts.

Suspicions may be unfounded for jealous and suspicious natures. In any case, it is not necessary to hack from the shoulders.

A frank conversation with my wife is an opportunity to recreate the former love and unity.

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