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What are your legs dreaming about by the famous dream books of Miller, Vanga

How to understand a dream in which you see your own or someone else’s legs

Quite often, our attention in a dream attracts ours or those of others. For some reason, we begin to look at them, to notice what their appearance, features of movements are. I wonder what dreams legs?

Popular dream books give many explanations for this image. Some of them are contradictory, but nevertheless, it is possible to single out a certain general meaning related to your attitude to life.

Feet in a dream — a symbol of your energy, your vitality. In addition, it is also your main support — it is not by chance that there is an expression “to stand firmly on your feet,” which means to be independent, to have your own judgments about everything, as well as your own means of subsistence.

It is from these basic interpretations that one can proceed when deciphering a dream.

What are your legs dreaming about by the famous dream books of Miller, Vanga

Increased hairiness

Sometimes you can dream that your legs are covered with thick hair, which in reality is not observed. In general, dream books interpret this as a good sign. The point is that your instinctive desires, emotions, moods begin to manifest gradually.

You are accustomed to keep yourself within the framework, do not allow yourself anything extra. Perhaps it is time to relax!

If for some reason you notice that some person from a dream has hairy legs, then this suggests that this character has a certain power over you. In some ways he is stronger than you, and you have to obey him.

Water treatments and barefoot walks

Washing your feet means taking care of difficult things. In the near future you will face serious troubles.

Their outcome has not yet been determined, but in general the dream does not foretell anything particularly bad. You may have to make an effort in order to achieve success.

If a woman shaves her legs in a dream, then she is distinguished by an enviable inner strength. She has a successful solution of an important task.

Most likely, it is a question of working affairs which she will carry out with great enthusiasm.

What are your legs dreaming about by the famous dream books of Miller, Vanga

If you see that you are walking barefoot, it most likely means that you do not have a sufficient sense of security right now. For some reason you feel vulnerable.

Listen to your subconscious, during this period do not risk. But the wound on the foot is quite a simple symbol, it says about the breakdown in your energy sector, that problems in various spheres of life are possible in the near future.


Toenails talk about your luck and vitality. If you noticed that the nails look great, it means that you are full of strength, good luck accompanies you in everything. If for some reason this part of the body looks bad, then this indicates a defeat in some area of ​​life.

There may be quarrels or conflicts at work.

If you see a lot of bruises, it means that you do not save yourself in real life. It’s time to relax, forget about problems, treat yourself to something. Attractive, long legs say that your attitude to life is too frivolous, you pursue pleasure and do not do serious things.

There is reason to think about how correct this approach can be.

What are your legs dreaming about by the famous dream books of Miller, Vanga

Dream Miller

The opinion of Miller is at odds with the point of view of the classic dream books. A well-known expert believes that this part of the body is a symbol of cunning.

On the other hand, such a dream can warn of losses, including financial losses. In addition, you can lose a friend or spouse.

If your leg is cut off in a dream, then your financial situation will be in jeopardy.

Dream Vanga

To see a dream in which the legs look ugly, repulsive, to monetary losses. There is every reason to believe that the business in which you are currently engaged is not very profitable. If the skin is covered with sores, then the income will tend to zero because of your interest in charity.

To see a wooden leg is to lose support. Your reputation will suffer greatly.

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