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What are the lips dreaming about dream books and interpretations of basic values

How to understand the basic values ​​of lips in a dream: the nuances of decoding

Lips, mouth — part of the most important communication apparatus for humans and higher primates. Much mean pursed lips or elongated for a kiss, offendedly inflated or sexually stressed. Many people can read lips.

The meaning of the words read may be more accurate, since more attention is paid to facial expressions and reading emotions. Lips in a dream are of great importance, although they may be in unexpected places.

Consider what dreams and what the lips mean for dream books.

What are the lips dreaming about dream books and interpretations of basic values

Basic Values

  • Bright, painted lips in a dream mean a challenge. Emphasis on the lips means emotional pressure, the desire to shift communication to the emotional plane, the game of ambition. Bright red lips — sexual aggression, real or demonstrative. Pink lipstick — pretense, insincerity. Dark and unnatural shades, which can be painted lips in a dream mean freakishness, artificiality, mannerism, excessive attention to his person.
  • Half-open tender and sensual lips show that someone is trying to conquer you with their sexuality and has unequivocal signs of attention. If you move towards you, you will not meet failure. But try to beat your impulse with maximum politeness and courtesy. In some cases, sensuality is contrary to the arguments of the mind and do not need to embarrass a person even more, showing that you have noticed attention to your person.
  • Pursed lips in a dream mean that you fear the disapproval of authorities, strive to earn the respect and location of the notorious manipulator. Even in a dream, someone else’s disapproval is haunting you.
  • Herpes, sores, cracks mean a high risk of an unpleasant sexually transmitted disease. Also, this sign shows a very likely betrayal of a partner. Take good care of your health and consult a doctor at the slightest suspicion of ill health.
  • Broken lips, blood, swelling and bruises mean incontinence in expressions and regrets about their incontinence. Looks like you should learn to keep your mouth shut.
  • Smudged lipstick can mean that the blanks go to ashes, and efforts will not bring results. perhaps you should change the line of conduct. A man with lipstick smeared around his lips is a cheater, a darling of fate, an egoist who does not treat women seriously except for his own pleasure.
  • To paint lips — you are tired of gray everyday life and you need entertainment.
  • Your own lips in a dream mean attention to your own person. Critically consider them in the mirror — you assess the chances of their attractiveness, choose the winning angles. To paint lips in a dream — to focus attention on one’s own sensuality, to doubt it. Experiment, expand your circle of acquaintances, develop skills if you need them in your work. For example, in business or secretarial activities. Perhaps help make-up and acting skills.
  • Kissing on the lips in a dream — dreaming of a tender romantic passion, experiencing affection, attraction. Most likely, you underestimate yourself, deify your idol. You will be surprised, but apart from the close attention of a large number of people in love, this is exactly the same person as everyone else, just spoiled and demanding of others. Enjoy romantic experiences and erotic fantasies alone. You will be able to think up so many interesting stories that you can write a fascinating novel.
  • Stitching lips with tape, stick your mouth with adhesive tape — try not to give out a secret that could harm you. Your talkativeness and egocentricity cause irritation, many people do not like you and want trouble. Try to change the line of behavior and not to blurt out either your own or others’ secrets.

What are the lips dreaming about dream books and interpretations of basic values

Interpretation of authorities

  • Dream Miller claims that beautiful, entailing women’s lips in a dream promise a man a happy marriage. It is necessary to hurry, female favor, not having met the answer, will not wait for a long time. If lips are unpleasant in a dream, shine with fat, food hangs down from them — you will have an unpleasant meeting, perhaps, the harassment of a person who is disgusting to you.
  • A female dream book treats enlarged female lips in a dream as a sign of a sexual rival. For men, too bright lips in a dream mean the appearance in reality of the hunter for the state and living space. Be careful and do not make contact if a bright-looking girl behaves compulsively and aggressively.
  • According to the Wanderer’s dream book, bright juicy and mouth-watering lips mean a nervous affair with all the attributes of fatal passion. Think before you call in the adventure. Thin pale lips mean envy.
  • Dream Vanga treats broken lips as regrets of unjustified harshness. Lick your lips — you seek to deceive with the help of silly tricks. At the same time, the cheater has excellent chances of success. If someone demonstrates exceptional devotion and dedication in the near future, evoking your admiration and gratitude — do not rush to believe, even if the evidence is obvious. For example, a person who allegedly waited for you for several hours, was actually late just a few hours, and lied to gain confidence.

What are the lips dreaming about dream books and interpretations of basic values


To dream in a lips means that you understand the motives of a person, you can see the passion or contempt, guess the neglect and lies in the crease near the mouth. Perhaps in real life you are gullible and do not peer into the true emotions of others.

Sleep gives you the answers and the key to reading the surrounding characters.

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