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What are the heels of dreams in Freud and Miller’s dream books?

Dreamed heels — detailed interpretation of the dream

Before, high-heeled shoes could be worn by powerful people. It was a symbol of wealth and high status.

Now high heel shoes are an obligatory attribute of a woman’s wardrobe. And why dream heels.

To answer this question, you need to remember all the details of the dream, collect them in one image, and only then seek help from the dream books.

What are the heels of dreams in Freud and Miller's dream books?

To see heels in a dream — a general interpretation of the image

Heels in a dream reflect the inner character of the dreamer. He is able to make difficult decisions, self-confident and possesses innovative thinking. Also, the dreamer is able to take responsibility for other people’s wrongdoings.

This in the future can take advantage of enemies and enemies.

Thick heels

Thick heels in a dream — auspicious symbol. It symbolizes that you are surrounded only by the most loyal friends. It is necessary to appreciate this, as many can only envy such a friendship.

You also have a very strong family. If you have not yet found your soul mate, it means that in the near future you will meet a person with whom you will have long and strong relations with good prospects.

Perhaps with this person you will be able to spend the rest of your life.

  • Studs in a dream symbolize the dreamer’s sense of purpose;
  • See another girl in these heels. This dream warns the sleeper that a serious quarrel with loved ones can happen because of unauthorized people. Dream books advise not to believe the rumors and gossip;
  • If a man saw in his nightly dreams his beloved heels, then he is hiding something from his chosen one.

Unusual heels

Heels of unusual shape in a dream mark the dreamer unthinkable career success. Perhaps you will receive a promising job offer that will help you fly up the career ladder.

The same value has a heel decorated with some pebbles.

Ugly heel

This image suggests that the dreamer had some difficulties that are hard to handle alone. But at the same time you prefer to keep silent about it.

Hyperclavs recommend asking for help from relatives and friends, because together it will be much easier to cope with the troubles.

Heels guy

  • If you wore high heels in your dreams, then in real life you will have to experience bitterness from making your own decisions. You may feel embarrassed by some kind of offense that has become known to the public;
  • See a man in heels — to trouble. To cope with all the difficulties that will fall on your head in the near future, you need to trust the intuition, as well as to show ingenuity. Only in this way you can get out of a difficult situation without loss.

What color shoes?

Many snoopers draw on the color of the shoes that you saw in your nightly dreams:

  • Black shoes — you will soon have the opportunity to demonstrate your professionalism and leadership skills. If everything goes smoothly, then at the end of this ordeal a pleasant reward and recognition await you;
  • Red shoes with heels. Married couples will be able to strengthen their relationship. They will have a great opportunity to spend time alone. Free from relationships, people will soon find their second mats, with which they will have a very long and strong romantic relationship.

New shoes

If you have seen new shoes with heels, for example, in a store, then in reality you will have the opportunity to show your best qualities in front of your superiors. Dream books say that now the most favorable period will begin to try themselves in something new.

Boots with heels

  • Interpreters interpret this image as the best time to purchase expensive things and conclude important transactions;
  • For a woman, heeled boots signify the appearance of a lover with a thick wallet;
  • Men who have seen this image in their nightly dreams will begin a new romantic relationship.

Heel broke

Some dream books interpret this image literally. That is, in the future you will have to fork out for the purchase of a new shoe, because the old one has become unusable.

But some interpreters give very disappointing forecasts for the future.

  • Young ladies, who in their dreams saw a broken heel, will soon face a serious conflict with her lover. Also you pay little attention to really important things;
  • Businessmen can not expect big profits;
  • If a woman broke someone else’s heel, then you should remember this person. You can prevent trouble that may happen to this young lady;
  • Shoe with a broken heel on the other person. This image suggests that in the future you can witness trouble.

What are the heels of dreams in Freud and Miller's dream books?

The interpretation of the image of the famous dream books

Freight’s Dream Interpretation

  • If a man saw heels in his nightly dreams, then he should be more decisive in real life. Excessive care is not bad in certain situations. But to achieve your goals you need to be bolder. This also applies to heart matters. Because of self-doubt, it is difficult for you to find a common language with the fair sex;
  • For women, the image of heels in a dream means that she has ceased to receive sexual satisfaction with the current partner. This union will not exist for a long time, since conflicts on sexual grounds will soon begin.

Dream Miller

  • If a woman broke her heel in a dream, then in reality she would have to face an unpleasant situation, where her reputation and future would be at stake;
  • Buying high-heeled shoes. This image speaks of your determination. You are difficult to keep in place, and you can easily start life from scratch;
  • Wear low-heeled shoes. Such a dream speaks of your inner fatigue. You need a little vacation with a pleasant company in order to restore internal balance and continue to bring your plans to life.

What are the heels of dreams in Freud and Miller's dream books?

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