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What are the dreams of the guests (boy, girl, relatives, friends): interpretation of the dream-book

What dreams guests: dream interpretation in dream books

For a man, the arrival of uninvited visitors with gifts indicates that he will soon be able to improve his financial situation if he is not afraid of hard work and conscientiously performs the tasks assigned to him. If in a dream a woman treated her guests with exquisite food, then soon she would make a long-awaited purchase, which she had long dreamed of. A lonely boy or girl dream foretells a pleasant acquaintance with an educated and attractive person.

Chances are that the meeting will become fateful and will forever change the life of the dreamer.

In the Jewish Dream Book, the dream of a guest is interpreted depending on the time of year in which the person had a dream.

Dream interpretation gives a general interpretation, so it is important to carefully analyze it. The prediction may concern both the dreamer himself and some of his close acquaintances.

  • Winter. You should be wary of robbers and fraudsters who can steal a valuable thing from the dreamer’s house or drag him into a financial scam. An alternative interpretation indicates the approaching demise of a person with a severe health condition.
  • Spring. There will be problems whose solution will require a lot of time. The dreamer must remember that he has relatives and friends who are ready to offer him their help.
  • Summer. Perhaps a sharp deterioration in well-being, caused by a busy schedule of work and the lack of proper rest.
  • Autumn. False news that will mislead the sleeper and make you believe in something that is not really there.

What are the dreams of the guests (boy, girl, relatives, friends): interpretation of the dream-book

The table gives the interpretation of the plot of night vision in famous dream books.

Dream interpretationInterpretation
  • Greet guests at the wedding — to get acquainted with a person who will experience deep sympathy and respect for the dreamer.
  • Himself go to visit — to unforeseen expenses. For a businessman, a dream is a warning that he must carefully approach to the conclusion of financial transactions so as not to become a victim of fraudsters.
  • Accepting guests in the house and treating them with tasty dishes is a sign that the sleeper will achieve harmony in relations with his relatives and friends.
  • The unfriendly faces of the guests are a harbinger of disappointments and false hopes.
  • If in a dream the guests unexpectedly come to the dreamer’s apartment and take him by surprise with their visit, then the dream symbolizes a new novel, which can later develop into a strong bond.
  • It is joyful to receive guests and feed them delicious food — a reflection of affection of a sleeper to his soulmate. He seeks to keep her by any means possible and does not even allow the thought that one day she can leave him.
  • Receive an invitation to visit — the personification of the dreamed sexual dreams of the dreamer
  • Waiting for guests and carefully preparing for their drive — to the boring monotonous weekdays, in which nothing interesting and memorable will happen.
  • If the long-awaited guests have not paid a visit to the dreamer, then in reality a dream foreshadows separation from your loved one.
  • To dream of a guest with blond hair — to health problems.
  • Sitting at a party at an empty table is the personification of empty promises and betrayal.
  • Accepting guests in a dream is a sign that the dreamer must show attention and caution in real life: there is a risk of becoming a victim of someone else’s deception and incurring serious financial losses.
  • To be a guest in a dream yourself — to parting with a dear person or losing a valuable thing.
  • In Tsvetkov’s dream book, the arrival of guests is a harbinger of a quarrel. The sleeper will witness a conflict in the family or at work. He will have to show his diplomacy and help both parties to improve relations in order to avoid further confrontation.

What are the dreams of the guests (boy, girl, relatives, friends): interpretation of the dream-book

When interpreting sleep, the personality of the person who made the visit asleep is important:

Personality guestInterpretation
Relative or friendThe beginning of a new business is coming, which will bring the dreamer moral satisfaction and instill confidence in his strength in him
Former boyfriend / girlfriendSoon the sleeper will be met with this person or receive news of him. An alternative interpretation indicates that the feelings between the beloveds have not yet died away, but for themselves they refuse to admit it.
The manA handsome, well-groomed man promises popularity with the opposite sex. Moody and silent — to difficulties in various spheres of life
WomanFinding peace of mind and harmony with yourself
dead personDead man "resurrected" in a dream, symbolizes spontaneous changes in life, which can be both positive and negative
GypsiesTo gossip about sleeping and unreasonable accusations against him; also a similar dream symbolizes a long journey
CelebritySuccess in business, finding new opportunities and profitable prospects

What are the dreams of the guests (boy, girl, relatives, friends): interpretation of the dream-book

If guests dream that the sleeper is happy to see in his house, then this is a favorable sign: such a vision prophesies acquaintance with an interesting person, friendly communication with which will grow into strong friendship or a passionate romance.

Preparing for the arrival of guests is a sign that a person feels potential in himself, but cannot reveal it due to adverse life circumstances. Dream interpretation recommends that he bring changes to life and try to look at his difficulties from the other side.

Perhaps the solution to the problem is on the surface, but the dreamer simply does not notice it.

Take home pleasant, friendly visitors — for a fun pastime with friends. Meeting with relatives — to receive the long-awaited news.

Inviting guests to a richly laid table is a good sign: in the near future we will be able to purchase an expensive item that the dreamer has long dreamed of.

Being caught unawares by an unexpected visit is a sign that the dreamer does not feel satisfaction in the work and is not pleased with the results of his labors. To solve the problem will change the type of activity.

This will allow a person to try his hand in another area and reveal his hidden talents and abilities.

If, after the feast, the uninvited guests did not go to their home, but stayed with the dreamer for the night, then in reality he would have to defend his point of view in a dispute. An alternative interpretation indicates a person’s inability to refuse for fear of offending his interlocutor.

He must learn to answer "not"if the request goes against his interests and desires.

Feel joy because of the visit of uninvited guests — the sleeper has a strong character, thanks to which he manages to cope with all the difficulties in his path and achieve his goals.

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