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What are the dreams of the basic meaning of the dream?

Dreamed earrings — the nuances of decoding for different dream books

How to understand what dreams of earrings. Earrings in a dream — to significant events, usually pleasant, although not always simple.

This is the birth of children, weddings, significant events in the family, the age of majority, when simple baby earrings without a stone change to adults, decorated with precious stones.

Ear piercing in a dream means a close relationship with relatives, belonging to the genus. If, when piercing, a drop of blood appears — to sincere affection. If the wound does not heal for a long time, festers, inflamed — problems in the family are possible.

In ancient times, it was precisely by the earrings that the affiliation of man to the gens was determined. Expensive earrings with large pearls were allowed to be worn exclusively by aristocrats of blood.

It is for this reason that pirates and robbers adored pearl earrings — it was a kind of social challenge, no matter what to wear a royal ermine robe. One pearl earring meant a foster child. earrings were worn by men and women, without much distinction.

Recently, men rarely wear earrings or are limited to simple and inconspicuous rings or studs in their ears.

What are the dreams of the basic meaning of the dream?

What do earrings mean in a dream

Since the case often concerns the family, and it is not only those who live now, the dead are often with earrings in their sleep. Earrings in this case indicate an inextricable link. The deceased with earrings are to become heralds of meaningful news.

You will soon hear it in reality. Try not to miss significant news, do not upset relatives.

If your loved ones say something in a dream, be attentive. Gifts in a dream often accompany gifts or extremely successful purchases in life.

Gold earrings mean the right attitude to yourself, you do not waste your time on trifles.

Silver — you make many important decisions and are not afraid of responsibility. In general, you are indifferent to money, but appreciate the opportunities that can be obtained by having significant amounts. Silver in a dream means faithful and reliable friends.

You’re lucky you have someone to rely on.

Earrings in the shape of a circle in a dream show the desire for perfection. Instead, you move in circles and do not see a way out of this situation.

Pearls in the ears mean nobility.

Diamonds — emphasize the significance of the event.

Emeralds — fortunately, calm, pleasant surprise, gifts.

Cheap handicrafts, decorations from original looking rubbish, feathers, plastic, wood, tubes for a cocktail in the ears — a sign of extreme frivolity or severe forms of despair. Handmade earrings often dream of misfortune through carelessness, unhappy love.

To lose an earring in a dream — to losses in your personal life. Well, if you lose a cheap earring, not a jewel.

If the ears hang down from the weight of the jewelry, the lobes ache and burn — you suffer from unpleasant and stupid gossip. Inflamed holes in the ears.

This means that someone from your loved ones tells unflattering things to strangers.

What are the dreams of the basic meaning of the dream?

Values ​​for dream books

The female dream book assures that if you dream of a huge selection of jewelry for every taste — you cannot make a choice in life and doubt love. Probably.

You have a lot of hobbies, but not one standing, exciting all the way. This is a good period in life.

But don’t get too carried away with brute force options.

Cheap plastic jewelry, jewelry in a dream — you love to splurge but have not yet decided on what is valuable in life.

Precious earrings of elegant work with large stones in a dream — to significant, serious events in your life.

If there is a lock on the mount, you will have to learn how to keep secrets. Otherwise, do not avoid problems.

Freud’s dream interpretation of new earrings in a dream, as an opportunity to refresh the relationship, a sign of reconciliation.

To put on, to try on earrings in a dream — to look after a partner for love, to lead an easy flirt. Earrings with red stones in a dream means a hint of a possible passionate relationship.

If you dream about your partner with a lady who has red earrings, you suspect treason.

English dream book recommends that you pay attention to the purity and color of the stone in the earrings. Diamonds in this case mean wealth, which is all the more significant, the larger the stone.

Shining and sparkling stone means the stinginess of the partner. Muddy stone — the relationship between you is far from ideal.

Black stone or blackened metal means unlucky love or strong envy.

Choose new earrings in a dream on the interpretation of the English dream book — try on a new destiny. Interesting adventures await you.

What are the dreams of the basic meaning of the dream?


To see earrings in a dream — to consider their position within the family. If you see yourself with children’s thin earrings, you are unlikely to have a meaningful or decisive vote.

You are given earrings — you are accepted into your circle.

If you are afraid for your earrings in a dream — you strongly doubt your status. You do not want to wear earrings, you throw them away or take them off — you want to free yourself from responsibility and find freedom.

Reluctance to pierce the ears — the desire for complete independence, intolerance for the opinions of others, independence in all.

If you dream that your ears are still pierced and put on earrings, but you are not at all happy about this — you are forced to make a decision with which you absolutely disagree. Earrings are a serious sign both in dreams and in reality.

Sleep largely reflects reality. Get rid of cheap jewelry and carry those earrings that really suit you.

Do not wear fake jewelry, even if they look just like real ones.

What are the dreams of the basic meaning of the dream?

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