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What are the dreams of relatives on the dream book Hasse, Miller, Lofa

Interpretation of various dreams with the participation of relatives — interpretation of the details

If a departed or healthy relative appears in night dreams, the dream book offers many interpretations of this dream. What do relatives dream about? To clarify this issue, you will need to recall a dream to the smallest details.

It is necessary to remember which picture exactly dreamed of the dreamer — after that the dream book will help to correctly interpret the dream.

General interpretation

If a deceased relative appeared in a dream, you should not immediately tune in to the negative consequences. Often, the late relative warns the dreamer about the grandiose events that will happen to you soon. It is also necessary to remember what character trait this relative remembered during his lifetime.

If he was famous for his cunning — you should be ready for deception, which may happen soon.

What are the dreams of relatives on the dream book Hasse, Miller, Lofa

In the dream happened to attend the funeral or the wake of a close relative — you need to remember what the weather was at that moment. If the weather was sunny — it promises the dreamer positive moments that will help alleviate the grief and loss of a loved one.

During the commemoration you were caught by inclement weather — this indicates difficult times that the dreamer will be taken by surprise, so you should be prepared for anything in order not to get into a difficult situation.

In the dream, I had to bury one relative twice — it tells about the mistakes of the past, which bother you. It is necessary to deal with your thoughts and problems from the past so that they do not catch the dreamer at the wrong moment.

If the dreamer and his relatives were at a wake in a dream, it warns the dreamer about difficult trials, but his efforts will be well rewarded if he succeeds in passing them with honor.

Meeting with living relatives

His family visited the dreamer in the house — this indicates an increase in financial well-being, but such an interpretation would be suitable only if the meeting with the family was held in a friendly atmosphere and did not cause any negative emotions. If in a dream there were too many relatives on the visit, and left bedlam behind you in your home — this suggests that the dreamer will soon have to go far from home.

If relatives brought a lot of inconvenience and trouble, while they were staying with you, it is worth being fully armed, as you will be surrounded by gossips and malicious people who can give you many problems. If in a dream it is not possible to make out the faces of the guests — this dream prepares the dreamer for a long-awaited meeting with close people with whom he had not been able to meet for a long time.

  • If you dreamed of having a meeting with relatives at the table — this is a favorable sign — it promises the dreamer well-being and a wave of joyful changes.
  • A feast with relatives speaks of soon meeting and meeting new people, and those who are still single can meet their fate.
  • If a relative of the dreamer was drunk in his dream, this indicates a desire to escape from reality and the problems that haunt him in it.
  • If the reason that gathered relatives in a dream at the table was a wedding, it is worth remembering how the table was served. If he was covered with excellent and generous — it speaks of the kindness of relationships in the family.

What are the dreams of relatives on the dream book Hasse, Miller, Lofa


In the dream, there was the grave of one of the relatives — this suggests that the dreamer should take a break from exhausting loads on his body. Also, such a vision suggests that you should change something in life.

It is necessary to get rid of the old — only then the dreamer will open up new perspectives. If a sleeping person had to dig a grave for his relative — such an image warns the dreamer about unrealized talent, and at the same time you ruin it yourself, not allowing it to develop.

If in a dream you are in a cemetery and are watching the graves of your relatives, it symbolizes the support of your friends, on whom you can easily rely. But such an interpretation is only suitable if the graves in the dream are well-groomed and do not look abandoned.

The vision where the dreamer brings flowers to the graves of a relative will be a good sign.

What are the dreams of relatives on the dream book Hasse, Miller, Lofa

If in a dream a relative came who died not by his own death, then it is worth remembering exactly how he died.

  • If a relative has died from drowning — it is worth waiting for adverse news.
  • The relative died by hanging — this suggests that the dreamer will reveal a terrible secret, but it will be useless.
  • If a dream happened to kill a relative, it means that you want to work on yourself and try to eradicate something bad in yourself. To find out exactly what’s bothering you, remember the character traits of the relative you killed in the dream.

The dream interpretation medium Hasse

As this dream book says, relatives in a dream are not always a good sign for a dreamer. If you had to deal with your relatives in a dream, you should be prepared for trouble.

If in a dream there was a dead relative — soon you will experience joy because of some kind of your business.

You spoke with your relatives in a dream — such a picture promises you success in your affairs. In the dream, the relatives were smart — this indicates a quick financial recovery.

In the dream, they saw a dying relative — in the near future, the dreamer will have a great inheritance.

The dream of psychologist Miller

Relying on Miller’s opinion, relatives in a dream warn the dreamer about soon news that he did not expect to receive. If the dreamer avoids his relatives in a dream, this indicates an inheritance will be received soon.

If in a dream it was possible to meet all of his relatives — this indicates that problems in the family are imminent, even a split is possible on the basis of many disputes and quarrels in the family circle. It should be ready for the tense atmosphere among your relatives, it is also worthwhile to figure out how to avoid the collapse of the family.

Dream loft

The author of the dream book says that relatives play an important role in the life of the dreamer, and dreams related to the family have a great meaning. If the night dreams often dream of deceased relatives — this suggests that the dreamer is experiencing that he did not have time to say or do something for the person.

If living relatives are dreaming, it means that the dreamer wants to correct a bad relationship with these people.

If the dream is constantly repeated and the same family member participates in it, it can be prophetic. If a sick relative is involved in such a dream, this may portend a quick death.

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