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What are the dreams of old friends from the dream books of Freud, Miller, Vanga, Lofa

Dreamed old friends — the prediction of popular dreaming

Nowadays, selfless relationships between people based on respect, sympathy for each other, common interests and affections are very valuable. Such a connection affects the most spiritual facets of human existence.

What dreams old friends, we learn in the verified dream books.

General interpretation

Old friends personify something close, similar to you, akin and obligatory having a connection with the past life. Such dreams reveal various aspects of the dreamer’s relationship.

They can carry both positive and negative symbolism.

Often, the former social circle is a dream for those who yearn for their youth, who lack the former emotions, experiences, drive and life dynamics. Most likely, such a person is currently undergoing changes for which he was not ready.

This does not mean that subsequent changes somehow worsen your life, it’s just difficult for you to get used to them, they cause discomfort and anxiety. It was during this period that you lack the support of those who were close to you, dear, and always came to the rescue at a difficult hour.

What are the dreams of old friends from the dream books of Freud, Miller, Vanga, Lofa

He dreamed of leaving his friends of his youth, who were fair loafers — in reality he was trying to change his way of life, getting rid of bad habits, bad inclinations. Leaving, seeing a specific destination — in reality determine the purpose in life, grow up and realize responsibility for yourself.

You clearly outlined the prospects for the future and you have a specific plan for the implementation of the plan.

Meet friends and want to share something with them — in reality, start searching for like-minded people among those around you. If you need such a team to implement a new business project, then you should be more careful in disclosing all the nuances and subtleties of your plan.

Your competitors may well be the good old buddies.

Waving a hand to an old friend is a sign that you let go of the situation, which still requires your close monitoring and attention. Do not rely on chance, trust only to those people who are tested by actions and time.

Otherwise, you will have to resolutely defend your interests in order to avoid financial losses and instability.

What are the dreams of old friends from the dream books of Freud, Miller, Vanga, Lofa

What else do old friends dream of

  • to meet a friend who did not recognize you — it means that in life you aspired to seem to be what those around you expect to see. You have forgotten about your true dreams and aspirations, creating the image of a respectable and accomplished person. But now you understand that the life you have lived was not yours, but completely alien;
  • a young girl to see an old acquaintance — to find love and happiness with someone whom you had not previously considered as a spouse;
  • dreamed of being friends with someone you hate — get into a situation that portends public censure and humiliation.

Author’s dream books

Gustov Miller

Happy and successful friends in a dream foreshadow dynamic events in your life. If before you had experienced difficulties and difficulties in finding a source of funds, now you are prepared to enjoy the flow of cash receipts.

Career in this period will be interesting and promising for you.

Sad comrades who sympathize with you in a dream reflect the poor state of your affairs. Somewhere there was a failure, and you left the distance, breaking the rhythm of the movement. You could not cope with the character, somewhere in time to restrain or sacrifice your principles, let loose feelings and emotions.

This all affected your social status, the attitude of management and those around you. You have lost support in their person, and now you should only count on yourself.

A bright and defiant image of people with whom you were friends, dreams of unnecessary trouble and excessive activity. You will be involved in events that will take up all your regular time, without giving a minute for a personal life and favorite hobby.

I dreamed of a friend standing on a pedestal — in reality there will be a clear goal and strong motivation to achieve it. You are fearless, self-confident, obsessed with the desire to succeed and be all over the first.

The reason may be love or the desire to prove to others that you are the best.

Leaving old buddies means wanting new impressions, being in search of new feelings. It can also predict a change in activity or a move to another city.

You are not afraid to break from their homes, lose stability and comfortable conditions for the sake of testing the will, character, and abilities.

To dream of an old friend is to experience pleasant feelings in the future. This is a good sign if the comrades were not ill, disappointed and unhappy with something.

Kissing with friends — to parting with a loved one because of a stupid quarrel.

The deceased friend had a dream — a dream warns of troubles and anxieties. If this person told you something and you memorized the words, this is considered a prophetic dream.

It is worthwhile to heed the advice of the dead man and follow his instructions.

Make new acquaintances in the company of old friends — to replenish the family. For single people, such visions are the harbinger of romantic encounters that will lead to intimate relationships.

What are the dreams of old friends from the dream books of Freud, Miller, Vanga, Lofa

If you are in a quarrel with a friend who was dreaming in a dream, this indicates a difficult situation in which a friend from the past found himself. Despite the controversy and controversy, do not refuse support and assistance.

David loff

A friend from the past in a dream is a sign of gossip and intrigue in real life. After such a vision, do not be surprised if you quarrel with your close ones because of differences of opinion. Celebrate someone’s success with friends — a dream predicts the next worries and efforts that will affect you indirectly.

You may have to solve someone’s problems, for which you will not be rewarded with anything. During this period, material expenditure may follow, which will have to be repaid independently.

Evgeny Kuznetsov

I dreamed of a dead man with whom you once were friends — to difficult life circumstances. Unfavorable confluence of events can affect the family, work and circle of friends.

Most likely you will not be able to prevent problems and control your costs. Surviving negative situations will help time and support those you rely on in life.

To see a long-forgotten friend in dreams is to experience betrayal on the part of a trusted person. This may entail both external changes: the disintegration of a love affair, separation from relatives or a quick departure, as well as affecting the internal state, causing aggression, depression or emotional exhaustion.

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