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What are the dreams of Miller, Mezzi and East female dream book?

The meaning of threads in dreams — positive and negative interpretations

Want to find out what dreams are about? It is worth remembering the dream to the smallest details, otherwise the interpretation of the dream will be false. If in the night visions the dreamer was doing something with threads — soon the dreamer will have to deal with deceitful and hypocritical people.

But this is not the only interpretation associated with the image of the thread. Dream interpretation makes a big bias on the quality of suture material and its coloring.

These two details are worth highlighting when you recall a dream to get an interpretation.

General interpretation

In the dream, I had to hem dark material with a white thread — it is worth preparing for minor misunderstandings. Perhaps the dreamer is something very surprised and makes you feel uncomfortable.

You should not take this situation very seriously, the best solutions will be to look at it with a sense of humor.

If the dreamer dreamed of threads of white color — this suggests that the dreamer experiences a lot and doubts something, if the decision is not made in the near future, the dreamer risks falling into depression. In order to avoid this, you should seek advice from close friends, perhaps their opinion on this situation will help you make a decision.

If you had a chance to look at the threads of black color in a dream, you need to treat your body better, if you continue working for wear and tear, the disease is provided for you. Such an image still warns the dreamer, perhaps you have ill-wishers, and they are planning a way to ruin your whole life.

If black threads appeared in the dream, you should be very careful, otherwise the dreamer will be left alone with all his problems.

What are the dreams of Miller, Mezzi and East female dream book?

If a girl dreamed that she knits with multicolored wool, it means that the person you are in love with is also very interested in you. It is necessary to prepare for the long-awaited date and receive gifts.

Colored threads in a dream mean that the dreamer will have hope for a bright future, you just have to wait out the lingering period of the blues and everything will get better.

Get ready to grab luck by the tail and take advantage of the circumstances. You should also pay attention to the number of colors in a dream, it depends on their number how good the changes will be.

Other interpretations

The interpretation is divided into different colors of the suture:

  • In the dream it was possible to see threads of red color — the dreamer expects a romantic walk or even a journey. If in a dream they sewed something together with these threads — your relationship can only be envied, they will be stronger than ever.
  • In the night visions, the suture material was pink — it speaks of your fantasies, the dreamer hovers too much in the clouds.
  • In the dream, the threads were blue — this indicates a long protracted journey. If they were confused, and the dreamer managed to untie them and carefully folded them — you will have to leave their native places for a long time.

In a dream, I had to buy thread — the dreamer has to go a long way. The number of skeins and the length of the thread will depend on how far you have to go.

Also, this image is interpreted as a possible disease.

What are the dreams of Miller, Mezzi and East female dream book?

A bad sign is the image of sewing needles — such a dream warns the dreamer that he sticks his nose wherever he is not asked. If the dreamer does not stop doing this, he will bring on many problems.

If in a dream it was possible to get threads from the throat — the dreamer will have a heart-to-heart talk. Perhaps after this conversation, you can establish a relationship with friends or relatives.

In the dream, it was necessary to dissolve the wool sock — this suggests that the dreamer is inflicted physical pain and mental distress.

In the night visions, the threads were wrapped in a ball — it is worth protecting your health and carrying out preventive treatment, otherwise you could be seriously ill. If in a dream it was possible to look for threads — all problems of the dreamer can be solved with ease.

Dream Miller

As this dream book says, the threads in night visions will not bring anything good. To see the threads in a dream is a sign that the difficulties with which the dreamer is still very far away should continue to follow a given course and not be afraid of failure.

If the threads were damaged or torn in a dream — this image warns the dreamer of serious misfortunes caused by your friends. It is necessary to protect yourself from possible problems and reduce communication with friends.

What are the dreams of Miller, Mezzi and East female dream book?

Dreaming mezzi

The image of the thread in night dreams embodies the relationship of the physical component of the body with the spiritual, also symbolizes the harmony of earth and sky. If the thread is torn in a dream, it means that the dreamer has lost part of himself.

If the threads were tangled in a large knot or ball — this indicates a quick altercation with others or close people. Also, such an image is interpreted in such a way that the dreamer finds himself in a tangled situation and without help he cannot get out of it.

The dreamer was wrapping the threads in a ball — this indicates his wealth and thrift.

East female dream book

As it is written in this dream book, sewing a thread in a dream — such an image warns the dreamer about a long journey. If the dreamer prepared the suture material for the work, it is possible that she hides her emotions towards the beloved.

If the threads in a dream were woven together and formed a knot — it is worth preparing for confusion in business. In the dream there were small knots on the threads — this suggests that the dreamers are spreading rumors behind their backs.

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