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What are the dreams of men’s or women’s wristwatches according to Miller, Freud’s dream books?

Men’s or women’s wristwatches — dream prediction

The life of a modern person does not appear without a wristwatch. Men’s and women’s watches are a fashion accessory, a status mark, an element of style, a lifestyle. According to them you can easily characterize the owner.

What dreams of men’s or women’s wrist watches, we learn in the verified dream books.

General interpretation

Hours in a dream, of course, personify time, its cyclical nature, transience, variability, festivity. Hours can indicate to the dreamer about future events, which will be significant and bump into his memory.

Such a dream is capable of pushing to action those who are pulling time, fearing failure and negative consequences.

In positive symbolism, this symbol encourages the sleeper to be more active, to strive for growth, development and improvement. After all, time by seconds steals our life, recalling how quickly youth, health, strength and energy are leaving.

It reminds that you need to live here and now, not looking at past mistakes and failures, to fill your existence with new events, emotions, joy and benefit for yourself and others.

What are the dreams of men's or women's wristwatches according to Miller, Freud's dream books?

Negative interpretation has a sacred meaning. For incurable patients, such a symbol can become a sign of the shortness of his life and the slow inevitable approach of death.

For those who are imprisoned, the clock can personify the long term that the dreamer holds on the zone.

Men’s or women’s wristwatches in a dream bear mostly a positive interpretation, if this attribute was beautiful, new, in working condition. The main purpose of this vision is to control and control the situation. The more expensive the watch on the male or female hand, the greater the rate of life.

This means that the dreamer has big and grandiose plans, incredible prospects and ambitions that are worth envy.

In Feng Shui philosophy, wristwatches are a powerful tool for accelerating the flow of beneficial energy. They can influence the fate, adjust the thoughts and intentions of the sleeper, hint at his strengths and weaknesses, when it is necessary to accelerate the pace, and where it is better to stop and wait for a better period.

This accessory is able to instill faith that it is necessary to live to the fullest, to do what you want, to get acquainted with the unseen, not to postpone for tomorrow, which may not occur.

Dreamed of a wristwatch without hands — this personifies the dreamer’s empty, aimless life, which is not filled with beautiful memories and is not warmed by good events. Such a scenario reflects regret and disappointment in lost time and opportunities.

Perhaps spending time on a failed career, the sleeper forgot to create a full-fledged family, to give birth and raise a child. And someone in pursuit of a rich fan did not notice at all how time changed appearance, carried away youth and beauty.

And if there was an opportunity to find a decent person for a serious relationship, then now the chances are reduced to zero.

Broken glass on the dial in a dream — to trouble and problems with those whom you previously believed. There will be unexpected and unpredictable acts of traitors, for whom the dreamer will not be ready.

It should not panic, and resolutely change the circle of trust.

A woman has been tempted to lose hours — expect discord and showdown in the family. This situation in the house will be very upset and affect other areas of life.

Activity will fall, hondra and apathy will appear.

What are the dreams of men's or women's wristwatches according to Miller, Freud's dream books?

A man to steal an expensive copy of a wristwatch — to the acquisition of strong and powerful enemies that will in every way contribute to your failure. This can significantly complicate your activities and affect your health.

Be careful not to allow yourself to be manipulated.

Taking an expensive watch from a stranger as a gift in a dream is to have a penchant for immoral pleasures and frivolous acts. The desire to live easily, beautifully, without burdening yourself with unnecessary responsibility and obligations, will lead to a lonely old age and sexual diseases.

In order not to harm your interests, you should think about the consequences and try to change your lifestyle.

Author’s dream books

Gustov Miller

A business man had a dream to look at his wrist watch in a dream — a sign of good luck. This personifies the moment when, undoubtedly, you need to take advantage of a happy opportunity and show all your business skills and abilities.

If you look at the shooters for a long time, but you do not understand what time it is: opponents are able to get ahead of you because of your slowness, slowness and fear of reasonable risk.

The clock flew off the arm and broke — expect losses and troubles. Such a dream indicates a series of problems that will entail your self-confidence, negligence in business, a frivolous approach to work.

The activities of the sleeper will require explicit adjustments and changes. To realize your mistakes in time is not to lose everything that was acquired by honest labor.


Wristwatches come in a dream, when a person in reality does not have enough time to carry out his plans. This may reflect the unrealizability of goals and plans due to the fact that the bar is too high.

Trying to determine the time on the clock without a dial — get on the path of change that you can not change or stop. You cannot control or influence these events, which will affect your despair and pessimism.

To hear the clatter of hours in a dream is a sign that for some of your loved ones the time is inexorably passing. Your support and attention is required, otherwise everything can end badly.

What are the dreams of men's or women's wristwatches according to Miller, Freud's dream books?

Sigmund Freud

The wristwatch on the male hand is a symbol of the fact that the dreamer is able to control himself and stop in time even in moments of complete relaxation from a seductive person. You are ready to control your temperament and increased excitability for the sake of a stable family environment.

For single, but enough business people, such a plot may reflect their sense of proportion in everything. This may concern work, sex, friendships.

You clearly understand the facets of the permissible and reasonable, giving each area of ​​your life enough time to spend these moments usefully.

The clock on which the hands stopped speaks about what it is time to stop and pause. Your overwork, syndrome of fatigue, energy exhaustion do not allow you to have an active sex life.

The lack of regular intimate relationships brings you discomfort, tension and nervousness. This may be followed by the problems of male failure, sexual impotence.

You can avoid this by taking a vacation and taking up the search for a girlfriend.

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