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What are the dreams of golden coins according to dream books and interpretations of basic values?

What do gold coins mean in a dream and how to find the correct interpretation of the dream book

Gold coins in a dream — the most frequent sign of deception, trickery and fraud. If you happen to see gold coins in a dream, do not even hesitate, in reality they want to deceive you.

You can not even spend time for careful consideration of attractive and delightful exclusive offers, especially for large transactions and loans.

In the near future, beware of shopping or make a hard list of necessary purchases and take a friend or friend who will not allow you to evade the list. Save your money.

Consider the dream of gold coins in the dream book.

What are the dreams of golden coins according to dream books and interpretations of basic values?

Basic Values

  • Money in a dream betrays concerns about financial position and profits. This means that in reality you think a lot about money. When an intelligent and adult person pays active attention to a topic, he usually succeeds. In all cases, except for gold coins in a dream.
  • Gold coins, if you are not numismatist, give out a romantic nature, prone to empty dreams. Currently, gold coins have no circulation. They are stored in the vaults of large banks or in old treasures. It turns out that you do not really look at life, you are not dreaming about money, but about treasures. Such people easily fall for scammers. You should probably get rid of dualism in your dreams. You can not simultaneously dream of wealth and the absence of problems. Choose one thing — or the difficult path to wealth, or the absence of stress, tension, risk, but without large money. Each choice has its advantages. People who dream of finding treasure are usually appreciated for their light, pleasant character. People who even in a dream see stock quotes, even their own dogs withstand with difficulty.
  • Gold coins in a dream give excessive expectations with minimal data. The desire of the best, most expensive, the most golden and sparkling will play a bad joke with you. Perhaps there is a tendency to gamble. In pursuit of the treasure, you risk losing your own modest incomes and even the money of close people, causing them serious displeasure. It’s time to settle down and stop chasing the ghostly gold.
  • If you dream of a small coin — most often it is the birth of a child in your family or in the immediate environment.
  • Find by chance — to a good idea.
  • Collect scattered — to the unrest, useless hassle.
  • Find a treasure — seriously spend money on pleasure, but you will be able to remember a little.
  • Monistically collected gold coins — your candidature is considered.
  • To trample coins with their feet, step on them, walk along the road paved with money and pure gold — to great luck and good luck, success in negotiations. You will succeed in convincing respected and serious people in the desirability of your project. You will be able to convince investors to give money.
  • To bathe in gold coins, like a duck-miser from a cartoon — to success, thriftiness, successful investments.
  • If money flows out of a sleeve or pocket from a wide river, you will not be able to prevent major spending.

Interpretations of authorities

  • The English dream book considers gold coins in a dream as a prank of leprechauns, fogging mind. A pot of gold buried in the garden means a rich harvest. Find a treasure in a pot with a houseplant — take part in the competition gardeners with a high probability of success. If you see the treasure clearly at the bottom of the well or in the pool — beware of false promises.
  • Gold coins in a dream means a passion for travel. Perhaps you are thinking about how to see the world and simultaneously earn extra money.
  • Dream Dream Thelomena says that a dream can mean wealth in real life, but only on condition that all the money was whole, sparkling and beautiful. Magic and fraudulent gold in a dream gives a light shine around each coin and treasure as a whole. Soiled or broken money means the need to be humiliated.
  • Dream Miller claims that you go on a happy journey through the sea. If you dream that you are counting coins — perseverance will be the basis of welfare. Finding a treasure from Miller’s point of view — you will be visited by inspiration or just a very good idea, on the realization of which you will be able to get rich.
  • Freud’s dream interpretation claims that sleep characterizes stinginess and stinginess, with which the dreamer cannot fight and tries to expose his greed, prudence and emotional coldness to dignity. Freud warns that greed can cause poverty.
  • Dream interpretation Hasse assures that if you are a blacksmith or a smelter, you are engaged in smelting and forging money from precious metals — success awaits you. In all other cases, it is better to show distrust and refuse to participate in profitable projects.

What are the dreams of golden coins according to dream books and interpretations of basic values?


To see gold coins in a dream means the dream of a fabulous treasure, which itself will fall into the hands, as if in a fairy tale. There is nothing terrible or bad in a naive dream if it were not for the danger of falling into the hands of fraudsters or under the influence of the ghostly flame of excitement.

The dream of easy enrichment is actually harmful, because it destroys any real effort, does not require work on oneself — it suffices to lie on the couch and dream of untold riches.

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