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What are the dreams of fruit on the dream of Miller, Freud, Longo

Dreamed Fruits — features decryption by popular dream books

A fruit basket in the house is always associated with beauty, comfort, and reflects the desire for good nutrition and a healthy lifestyle. What dreams of fruit, we learn in proven dream books.

General interpretation

Fruits in a dream always personified health, abundance, longevity and good luck. Of course, only those fruits that dreamed of already sufficiently ripe, ripe, juicy and without any wormholes bear positive symbolism.

In the philosophy of Feng Shui, fruit is a powerful energy of longevity, the implementation of plans, the realization of ambitions. Such a sign calls for use and enjoy the benefits that you have rightfully.

Such vivid dreams with fruit suggest that your prosperity and wealth depended entirely on past merits. After all, in order to produce a decent crop, the garden must be carefully looked after, having invested a lot of strength and health.

What are the dreams of fruit on the dream of Miller, Freud, Longo

Otherwise, the energy of the fruit will affect those dreamers who had to eat unripe and wormy pears, apples, rotten grapes. All this spews bad health, deterioration of the situation, due to competitors, thoughtless actions, excessive self-confidence, which will bring a lot of trouble.

What fruits — harbingers of benefits in a dream

Each fruit individually carries a certain symbolism in a dream.

  • peach symbolizes a long and happy life in love and marriage;
  • pomegranate dreams of conceiving and carrying a future child. Inside the pomegranate there are many tasty seeds, each of them speaks of the fecundity and large families of the dreamer;
  • grapes come in dreams to those who want to eat tasty and satisfying. It is a symbol of the abundance of food and material wealth. It also reflects integrity and friendship in the family, unity and fraternity. A good sign to those who are disappointed in their own luck. After such a dream, luck and luck are surely expected in all walks of life;
  • It’s good to see an apple asleep, if it experiences disharmony in the family, discord in relationships with relatives, and, as a result, poor health and loss of strength. Dreamed of breaking a juicy and ripe apple — it means to find peace and tranquility in the house, strengthen your strength and improve your health;
  • Pineapple — a symbol of wealth, wealth and a constant flow of abundance. Eating slices of this fruit means that you are destined to become a wealthy and influential person soon. Those who are just starting their own business are a good reason to believe in their business skills, intuition and business knowledge. Such a vision is usually followed by events that change your perception of financial security. There will be enough money not only to close all problem areas, but also successfully invest;
  • orange in a dream — repels the failure of reality, eliminating the evil thoughts, thoughts, actions, people. For a sleeper, this is a good guardian of luck. It means that in the future there will be something that will hold you back, direct and protect you on the way. The remaining citrus fruits — lime, lemon, mandarin have a similar interpretation. The circumstances will be especially positive if you saw these fruits in the number of nine or more in dreams.

Of course, it is important to remember that all fruits carry a lot of joy and happiness if they are fresh, beautiful, fragrant.

What are the dreams of fruit on the dream of Miller, Freud, Longo

Author’s dream books

Sigmund Freud

Fruits are associated with a beautiful graceful figure or individual parts of the body. The interpreter attaches a phallic symbol to the fruits of an oblong shape.

A banana in a woman’s dream is not ambiguously understood as a new affair with a charismatic man with powerful sexual energy.

Soft and tender peaches, apricots reflect feminine sexuality and attractiveness. For a woman, such visions mean that she is at the peak of her sexual activity. You need to take advantage of the moment when the desire to learn many new things in the intimate world coincides with your capabilities.

We are not talking about promiscuous sex. Beautiful, ripe fruit is a sign of future success: love, life, family.

Health during this period allows you to conceive strong babies and give birth without any special problems and difficulties.

Men clean a ripe banana in a dream is a sign that impotence can soon come to an end and problems with potency begin. To restore the male power and the previous activity will succeed by some abstention from intimate relationships.

Gustov Miller

To plant a fruit tree in a dream and then to admire how juicy fruits appear and ripen — a sign of happy changes and prosperity due to fruitful and scrupulous work. This characterizes the dedication and responsibility of the dreamer, who knows what he wants and how to achieve it.

What are the dreams of fruit on the dream of Miller, Freud, Longo

I dreamed of ripping off unripe fruits — to hasty decisions and rash actions. In this case, it is likely that you will fail high ambitions, excessive autonomy and confidence.

You are not used to trusting someone else’s opinion, listening exclusively to your heart’s voice. Sometimes it creeps you down.

Learn to look at someone else’s successful life experience, to hear those who wish you well and well-being.

The young lady to taste the unripe peach in a dream is to succumb to the temptation and commit an immoral act, after which it will be possible to reproach in immorality and the fall. Such a plot foreshadows subsequent troubles and discord in the family. Do not aggravate the conflict with relatives, otherwise it will affect the deprivation of your future inheritance.

Prudence, restraint and remorse can reduce trouble to a minimum.

To trade fruits or to be in the role of a buyer — a dream promises high employment, a lot of decisions made, but the low profitability of all processes that are associated with money. Your activity during this period will require from you enough time, your own activity, but will not satisfy your financial expectations.

There are overripe grapes — in reality promises one-time dubious pleasures. Good luck, which will accompany in this period, promises to be very unreliable.

It is worth relying only on their own strength.

Yuri Longo

A woman to see a bowl of fruit on the table is a good sign. Favorable events will contribute to your relaxed state.

You, like a magnet, attract your charm, tranquility and self-sufficiency. It’s time to enjoy love, succumb to carnal pleasures, feel your sexuality and femininity.

To pull a fruit in a dream to someone close to you means to participate in someone’s fate. Your protection will take time and effort, but will give a good result.

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