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What are the dreams of decorations for Miller’s dream books, Grishina

Wearing, finding, losing jewelry in a dream is a good sign

We consider jewelry as a sign of status (if they are expensive) or a sign of beauty, good taste, fashion. And how does the dream book look at them?

What dreams of a gold pendant, a silver bracelet or earrings with pebbles?

What are the dreams of decorations for Miller’s dream books, Grishina

General interpretation of this bright dream

  • As the people’s dream book assures us, decorations are a sign of a future meeting with a sponsor, patron, in general, a strong “breadwinner”. To get the most out of this meeting, do not be frivolous — “turn on” all your efficiency, responsibility, maturity.
  • A woman who wore jewelry in your dream means a good change that will soon come into your life.
  • Seeing a box full of jewelry is your world view. If the “tsatski” inside were paired (earrings), you do not want to be alone, hoping to create a relationship or family. If the gizmos were single (necklaces, pendants), you prefer to create a career.

What did you do in your dream?

  • If you admired them in a dream, it means: do not shirk from work, and then you will achieve much.
  • Did you wear them? So, in real life, you can succeed, for whatever come from.
  • You have found a beautiful decoration: you will meet a person who you do not expect to see. Perhaps a dream means that you will see someone close to you in an unexpected perspective, and your relationship will change because of this.
  • Choosing jewelry in the store — to wealth.
  • Try on jewelry — to a new exciting hobby. It is also possible that you change jobs and will be very pleased because of this.
  • To create trinkets, that is, to see yourself in a dream as a jeweler — to positive changes in your life.
  • Have you stolen a beautiful thing? If you are a woman or a girl, you should be wary of a separation who is already winding around your chosen one. You’re a man? You may miss the opportunity to make good money.

What was this decoration?

  • Studs, and gold, sparkling: one more person may appear in your family (maybe you will give birth to a baby, or maybe your son will bring a daughter-in-law). Did you touch these things? In this case, the dream promises travel.
  • If the jewelry was a pair (earrings, cufflinks, a pair of pendants), also inlaid with gold, the dream promises that a woman whom you sincerely love will enter your life. For a man, this is a favorite, for a woman — a close friend.
  • Jewelry for hair (hairpins, headbands): Spend more time communicating with your beloved (favorite).
  • Bracelets, especially silver: to the «Italian passions» in your home.
  • Ring, ring: you will grow in the eyes of others. It was golden: you can be called to marry.
  • Earrings: a salary increase or a profitable job change. Were they golden? You will fall in love, and it will be mutual.
  • Beads, pendant, necklace — in general, the decoration on the neck: there are some problems that prevent you from discovering all your talents.

Stuff material is also important

What are the dreams of decorations for Miller’s dream books, Grishina

  • What dreams of jewelry made of jewelry metals, decorated with precious stones? Sleep promises you wealth, public respect (or your environment).
  • They were cheap, bazaar jewelry? So you have empty hopes.
  • If these were only ornaments of expensive stones (say, beads), the dream is interpreted as follows: you are destined for wealth. This interpretation applies to both precious (diamond, turquoise, pearl, emerald) and semiprecious stones (quartz, aventurine).
  • Items made only of jewelry metals (chains, earrings, rings) warn you will be prosperous and successful, but such achievements often envy some people. Be careful, attackers can hurt you!
  • Gold says: be careful, someone thought up to deceive you. Second interpretation: your weakest sides will soon “earn”. Maybe it will be laziness, fear, shyness — what exactly do you consider your own weakness?
  • If there were a lot of jewelry from this metal, it can be a sign: sometimes it is worth “turning on” your inner “Scrooge McDuck”, otherwise you will spend more than you earn and you will be bankrupt.
  • Silver warns: you will be presented with something that you will remember for a lifetime.
  • Pearls: you will touch the beautiful. Maybe visit the exhibition of paintings?
  • Diamonds: dream promises glory.

And what do eminent authors say?

In the case of “tsatskimi”, the authors of popular books do not cancel the popular interpretation, but complement it. And they are sure: “brilliant” dreams carry a kind, bright message.

Noble Dream Grishin

What are the dreams of decorations for Miller’s dream books, Grishina

  1. What decorations did you see in your dream? Medallion: your chosen one (darling) will love only you, will not change. Bracelet, chain, some kind of twisted jewelry: the same “twisted” will be your family or relationship with friends, they will be strong, happy.
  2. Who were they wearing? On a man: in this case, the trinkets symbolize the children and the wife. If they were shiny, were expensive, in good order — so do you feel about family. If you were soiled, broken — think about what worries you. Maybe it’s time to speak frankly with home?
  3. Earrings were put on your fiancé: they will tell you a secret and ask you to keep it.
  4. Where exactly were they worn? In the ear (earring): be careful in love, you can get into a dubious story. On the chest or shoulder: you will be happy, maybe get a gift. On the neck: love, respect for others.
  5. Who is the dreamer? If an unmarried guy or an unmarried girl, the dream promises Mendelssohn’s march, and this will be a very successful marriage.
  6. Was it hard to take them off? If so, the dream promises difficulties, and maybe a feeling of bondage, which will soon depress you.

Dream Miller

  1. To see jewelry on yourself, to wear them: in real life you are trying to decorate yourself. True, not with the help of “tsatsek”, but with the help of words, sometimes describing merits that are not even present.
  2. If you gave them — beware! «Turning off the head», you can do a lot of reckless actions.
  3. Get a decoration as a gift — for luck in business.
  4. If you have lost the glittering trinket, the dream warns of a real loss in life. This may be loss of profits at work or a quarrel with a loved one, who later leaves you.

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