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What are the dreams of dead people in the dream of Miller, Vanga

Why the dead people dreamed — decoding on different dream books

What dreams of dead people? To learn about this, you need to read the dream book.

All plots of night visions with the dead are perceived by the dreamer as a negative sign. This is not necessarily the case.

This can be a dream, even if you just miss a person who is no longer alive.

General interpretation of sleep

Dead people can dream of changes in the weather and your life, warn you about the need to commit some act, about the danger. Everything will depend on the details for which you saw it.

To have an accurate explanation of such dreams, you need to familiarize yourself with the sources of their explanations.

Interpretation of various dream books

What are the dreams of dead people in the dream of Miller, Vanga

Dream astromeridian

  • Himself or a good friend to see the dead promises good news, a long life.
  • See the deceased in good health — he was dear to you in life and now you miss him.
  • Dead relatives are an attempt to establish a connection with you on a spiritual level, to communicate something important to the accomplishment of your plans. You will receive the necessary support in this.

Moon dream

Such a night vision with the dead predicts prosperity.

Children’s dream book (applies only to children’s dreams)

  • Congratulate the dead man in a dream — in reality, your behavior will appreciate adults.
  • If the deceased was a person close to you and trying to say something. It takes seriously to take this. It is possible that this will be a prophetic message.
  • Gave you something as a gift — foreshadows a wonderful life.

Symbolic dream book

  • Dying in a dream itself symbolizes the successful completion of affairs, peace of mind and good luck in everything.
  • Unfamiliar dead people — to vain experiences, the cessation of unrest.

Modern dream book

  • Dead man — a sign with a negative color. Promising unfavorable news, financial difficulties.
  • If he was lying in a coffin — the collapse of hope, trouble at every turn. Use caution in everything.
  • The dead turned out to be a close person — to family grief or family row scandal.
  • For couples foreshadows betrayal.
  • You put on the eyes of a dead coin. In reality, expect trouble from your detractors. They will use your current insecure position.
  • They put a coin only on one eye — you will overcome half of your difficulties.
  • Young ladies it promises trouble. The reason lies in your naivety and faith in words.

Esoteric dream book

  • Dead strangers dream about weather changes.
  • Among the dead, we saw relatives and close people who are alive and alive. This warns you to be careful. Your own family is not in danger.

Dream Shuvalova

  • The one who is alive alive has dreamed of the dead — you are aggressively opposed to him and strive so that he does not stand in your way.
  • If he turned out to be an authoritative and well-known person, it is important to hear what he said. It will probably be the voice of your soul.

What are the dreams of dead people in the dream of Miller, Vanga

Zhou-Gong’s Chinese Dream Book

  • The dead man ate — the harbinger of the disease.
  • He cries — to quarrel, spat.
  • If he stands before you, much grief.
  • The deceased collapsed with tears in his eyes — to well-being.
  • Dead came to life — wait for the news.
  • Seeing yourself dead promises prosperity. His son — may be added to the family. Long dead ancestors — to great happiness.

The dream of psychologist G. Miller

  • A dead man calls and wants to lead. This is not a good sign. Heralds a threat and grief.
  • The dead person comes to life and rises from the grave. The warning that friends will be in trouble will not leave you without help.

Explanation of the psychologist S. Freud

We saw in a dream a relative who is already dead. If he says something to you, his words will be prophetic.

Interpretation Vanga

  • We saw a dead man, who, besides, was also sick — to serious changes. They can be good and bad.
  • You saw your dead father alive — he is worried about the health of his grandchildren.

Interpretation of Nostradamus

  • Hugging with a dead loved one promises noticeable changes in life.
  • The plot with a dead man, who comes to your house and reports something. When he was alive, not all had time to tell you.

Dream interpretation of Martyn Zadeki

Dreams associated with the dead report imminent disaster.

Egyptian Pharaoh’s Dream Book

In the role of a dead person you were yourself — symbolizes a long life.

Medieval dreaming Daniel

  • A kiss with the dead and a conversation with him promises a long happy life.
  • The dead man is harvesting — to a difficult period in life.

Dream interpretation of the Wanderer (T. Smirnova)

A group of the dead surrounds you and comes very close. You have to hear in reality critical remarks, harassment from loved ones.

You will have a lot of trouble with this.

Natholator (1829)

  • A dead person to see foreshadows peace, dignified life.
  • Kissing with him promises a long life and health.
  • Give him something that portends damage.
  • To see a dead man in a coffin — to the disease.

What are the dreams of dead people in the dream of Miller, Vanga

In the Chinese dream book

A dream in which you see dead famous and respected people promises incredible luck and good luck. Your destiny will change for the better.

This will affect the financial sphere and your personal life.

Loffe’s explanation

  • Sleeping with a dead man speaks of the dreamer’s dissatisfaction with himself, regret for having committed bad actions.
  • Sleeping with the company of the dead, which someone takes away from you, heralds the beginning of a favorable period of life.

Dream interpretation of the 21st century

Dreams with the dead warn of a possible unfavorable period of life. Do not yet start important business.

Wait for better times for this.

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