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What are the dreams of dead parents in the dream of Miller, Freud

Mom and Dad came to you in a dream, as if they were alive: what did they want to say

Conducting the closest people to the “other side”, one wants to meet and talk one-on-one yet … And this happened — in a dream. How does the dream book look at this situation, what are the dreams of parents who were sad, cursing, rejoicing in your dream with you?

What are the dreams of dead parents in the dream of Miller, Freud

The general interpretation of such an amazing dream

  • Most interpreters are sure: seeing dead parents is a good sign. Most likely, your life will change for the better, say, you will hear the news about which you have been waiting for a long time.
  • If in a dream you thought that parents are still alive, the dream promises wealth and success in business.
  • Some interpreters say: such dreams promise a dreamer longevity.
  • In the dream you came to visit their house? A misfortune can happen to your loved one.
  • To see your mother: to change jobs, move, sometimes to illness. See father: to problems at work. To speak with him: to a short «non-sprinkle» in business.
  • Have you seen a late mom with a baby? You will get happy news. Did many babies run around their parents? Your life will fill a lot of pleasant moments.
  • Have you seen your parents’ funeral? Your marriage will not be as strong as you thought from the very beginning. If you are not married, sleep can warn of unhappy love.
  • If you see your own people in a dream very often, it doesn’t speak about anything other than heart melancholy. Pray for them and release them, and give your love alive — to your spouse or children.

Did sleep bring positive emotions?

  • Relatives laughed, smiled at you? Your life will be happy, filled exclusively with joyful events. Are you offended by problems? After this dream, they will remain in the past.
  • You talked heart to heart, hugged, maybe you laughed together? The dream promises positive changes in your personal life. Say, if you quarreled with your boyfriend (husband), then soon make up.
  • Did mom or dad praise you? Stop pushing people away with your indifference, as soon as you open your soul to your family or friends, life will start playing with warmer colors.
  • What dreams of dead parents trying to give you advice, suggest something? Do not ignore the words of relatives, they will not advise the bad. For example, a young girl after such a dream (if she does not disobey) can successfully get married or meet the love of all life.

Have you been alarmed by the behavior of your relatives?

What are the dreams of dead parents in the dream of Miller, Freud

  • They scolded, criticized you? Something unpleasant can happen in your life. Of course, this black line will pass with time, but not without your active labor.
  • The second interpretation of this dream: in ordinary life, you are too dependent on the opinions of others, and the subconscious in the face of dad or mom hints that it is time to «include» independence.
  • Are they drunk? Your life will change, and it will not be very good. And if the relatives of «podshofe» also staged a family scene, beware of the disease.
  • Were they sad and in mourning? A dream foreshadows problems. It only depends on your intuition whether you will be able to pass them or not.
  • Did they cry? The dream warns of losses — fortunately small.

How were they dressed?

  • In all black. Your life is entering a black line. Absolutely everything can hurt you, so be careful of yourself in a precarious situation and do not confide with unfamiliar people.
  • In dirty clothes, and the parents were sad: you can get sick.
  • In clean, neat clothes: to success in business and other matters.

Was it not your parents?

Our people and mother-in-law with father-in-law (mother-in-law with father-in-law) are used to be called mom and dad. Sometimes these deceased relatives also dream about us.

What does this dream mean? This interpretation refers to the former «parents» (that is, the relatives of the person with whom you were in a relationship, but separated).

  • Deceased parents in a dream were fun? To a dream dreamer she says: it means that you and your ex separated from your friends, and your relationship will not “come around” in any way.
  • They were sad, and maybe angry? For a woman or a girl, this is a sign: the book of the past is not yet closed until the end; you need to rewrite several sheets anew, correcting the mistakes made.
  • For a man or a boy, this dream promises news. Good or not? It depends on the emotions that deceased relatives experienced in your dream. For example, if they were angry with you, it’s better not to go on a business trip and don’t take responsibility for responsible work.

Or maybe it was your uncle with your aunt, that is, the deceased parents of your cousin (cousin)? This dream means: you will soon be asked to borrow money.

And how do famous interpreters believe?

What are the dreams of dead parents in the dream of Miller, Freud

The time has come to find out what famous psychologists who have been studying people’s souls for years think of such dreams. Do they surprise you with their interpretation of sleep?

Dream Miller

  1. According to this dream book, dead parents just are not at night. If they are already worried and dreamed of, then beware of trouble.
  2. They look healthy and contented life — it means that the lady luck will smile at you. On the contrary, did mom and dad look painful and / or unhappy? Prepare the nervous system — waiting for you «nepruha.»
  3. Parents in a dream were in black, and their faces were pale? You will be greatly disappointed in something.

Freight’s Dream Interpretation

A dream in which your late parents came to you may have two interpretations.

  1. First: you cannot start a relationship and blame some of your parents (or both). Maybe they were too strict with you — or, on the contrary, they allowed any liberties.
  2. Secondly: at one time your parents did not let you become what you wanted. And even though they are no longer there, you still have a subconscious desire to orphan yourself.

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