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What are the dreams of color dreams for Miller, Freud’s dream books?

Colored dreams: who sees them, why, what they mean

It is believed that «all mortals» see only monochrome, that is, black and white dreams. And yet, sometimes to many of us at least once yes a flowery dream peeks — and there are several categories of people who “watch” such dreams all the time.

Why dream of life «in color», and how does the dream book respond to the phenomenon of bright and memorable dreams?

What are the dreams of color dreams for Miller, Freud's dream books?

General interpretation of such vivid dreams

One day, a group of American scientists made noise in the scientific world, saying that color dreams are seen mainly by clients of psychological clinics — existing or future. Many people are seriously worried — however, after long studies, smart men came to the conclusion that in addition to the obvious schizophrenics and others like them, there are several types of people (who are absolutely healthy in mental terms) who can enjoy such bright nightly “movies”.

Who is most likely to see a brightly colored dream?

  • In children. No comments! Bright age — bright emotions — bright dreams.
  • In the youth. Before the advent of the 27th birthday, about 75% of girls and boys can enjoy such dreams.
  • Do extroverts and other mega sociable people. In some cases, such dreams simply reflect the emotional life of the dreamers, and in others they complement the too monotonous existence of men and women exhausted by the gray work-home mode or exhausting care for the newborn.
  • People with high intelligence.
  • In left-handers, since these people have more developed half of the brain, responsible for fantasy.
  • In creative people, as well as geniuses.
  • In former smokers who started a bad habit recently. In this case, the cause of bright night visions is the endocrine system of the body “jumping off” of nicotine, operating in a new mode.

A curious fact: women see colorful dreams more often than men. If among women bright dreams are 60% of dreamers, then among gentlemen the figure of «color dreamers» is less — only 40%.

The value of certain colors

What are the dreams of color dreams for Miller, Freud's dream books?

  • If in your dream the red color prevailed and its shades (or the entire dream was painted exclusively in the scarlet palette), this is a sign of the dreamer’s agitation and anxiety. However, the same color can directly indicate the love of this person.
  • To see color dreams with the dominant orange gamut is a sign of anxiety and “squirrels in a wheel” syndrome. You need to rest and take a day off — and not necessarily at work. Maybe you got lost because of household chores.
  • If the main color of the dream was white, this is a great sign. Firstly, he talks about the dreamer’s good mood, and secondly, he brings updates to your life. So be sure: after waking up you will heal even better than before!
  • Joy and purification symbolize other light colors (light pink, pale peach, pastel).
  • If all other shades won blue, it means that you feel good, but would not mind a little “isolate” from your surroundings and enjoy your happiness (success at work, a nice book …) alone.
  • Similar colors have very similar meanings: blue, violet. They say: absolute harmony reigns in your soul, bordering on detachment. Maybe you are an introvert?
  • Well, if after awakening you can only remember gold (or some bright acid color from the “pluck the eye” family), this means that your head is very overstressed. You need to relax in the most relaxed atmosphere! Fishing is suitable for men, and for women — a subscription to the eastern spa.

And what did the famous interpreters write?

Since color dreams are a phenomenon almost 100% psychological, most often their interpretation can be seen in the books of famous psychoanalysts. And that’s what they can say about your nightly «movies» …

Dream Miller

What are the dreams of color dreams for Miller, Freud's dream books?

  1. What color prevailed? If green, then you will soon have a chance to celebrate something loud and wide.
  2. What dreams of color dreams, the main “violin” in which red “plays”? Be attentive to your health. And besides, a dream can draw your attention to a certain problem, which can be solved better, without delaying the case.
  3. If the central shade of sleep was yellow, then your subconscious subtly hints that you do not stop, all the while working on yourself and working through the mistakes of your past days and years.

Freight’s Dream Interpretation

  1. According to this dream book, color dreams are a bright symbol of growing up and growth. Moreover, it can be understood both literally and figuratively — for example, as a hint that it would be very reasonable not to drag the mistakes of past relationships into the current marriage, or it’s time for you to become responsible — then you will be able to occupy a higher position.
  2. The most «signal» dream can be called the one in which the yellow color prevailed. He says: no excuses, take and act immediately! Sometimes obstacles may arise in your path, but don’t let them stop you — if you don’t leave the case halfway, you are promised success!

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