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What are the dreams of apples on the interpretation of Freud and Miller’s dream books, Vanga

If you dream of apples: how to interpret for different dream books

What dreams apples can be interpreted by the basic values. In general, apples in a dream — auspicious sign of wealth, fertility and wisdom.

Apples have a second meaning — the attractiveness of secret feelings, sweet forbidden fruit. The apple of contention played a significant role in ancient mythology.

A wonderful fruit becomes an instrument of seduction, temptation, evil joke.

Another interpretation of the apple — deception. If a foe in a dream gives you an apple, even a ripe and beautiful one, beware of gifts, brilliant ideas, and other delightful gifts made from heart.

The tragic fate of Snow White should serve in this case as an example of dangerous gullibility.

Sigmund Freud regards apples in his interpretation of dreams solely as a sign of secret eros. Miller, on the contrary, believes that the apple is a symbol of knowledge, discoveries, and scientific achievements.

It is commonly accepted in the people that to see in a dream a lot of apples — to a happy and rich carefree life. Sharing apples — take dear guests.

The interpretation of sleep depends on the living conditions and cultural environment.

In southern latitudes, apples do not grow and are considered a sign of luxury. In the middle zone, apples can be plentiful, all are divided with each other apples, charlottes, jam.

If the hostess, who has prepared a lot of jam, has been preparing compotes for a few days, apples dream — this is not surprising. In this case, the value of apples in a dream, as a sign of abundance is absolutely justified and due to the facts.

The values ​​of sleep are direct and factual.

What are the dreams of apples on the interpretation of Freud and Miller’s dream books, Vanga

The value of apples in a dream in terms of psychology

From the point of view of psychology, to see apples in a dream is a good and kind sign for women. This is a sign of fertility, health, tranquility. Flowering apple trees and at the same time ripe fruit — a hint of a possible happy pregnancy.

Eating apples in a dream means enjoying life. To admire apples, to stroke them, to put to cheeks — to dream of love joys.

If there is a defect on apples, this is a warning sign. Possible health problems.

First you need to check the kidneys and liver. If the apple is lethargic, shriveled, you may have skin problems.

The apples pecked by the birds — someone is trying to steal the results of your work or harm you.

What are the dreams of apples on the interpretation of Freud and Miller’s dream books, Vanga

Values ​​of apples in a dream

  • White, light apples — everything will be fine. Your fears will not be confirmed, the road will be successful, minor difficulties are possible.
  • To dream big apples in a slide or in a basket — you are not without reason proud of your home.
  • Just an apple on the table — you are waiting for major successes in any endeavors. If the fruit is rotten — you are not doing your job. Review the work plan.
  • Apples that roll down from the mountain or on the table — a provocation awaits you. It will take a lot of patience to prevent possible consequences and not to pay attention to attempts to bring you out of yourself.
  • Green apples — you are concerned about your own appearance. You should not decide on extreme cosmetic procedures. Traditional care and spa will help to preserve youth.
  • Wormy apple They will try to fool you foolishly. If you are not careless, you will easily uncover the deception.
  • Ranetki, small apples — you can visit relatives, friends or neighbors who will bother you with their problems and overload with emotions.
  • An apple on a plate or a beautiful saucer is a danger. Honey apples, in which the grains are visible to the light, have the same meaning. Be careful, you are waited by a subtle and well-thought-out deceit.
  • Lots of apples lying on the ground — you can miss a good opportunity that is right in front of you.
  • If giving apples in a dream is a good sign, then selling apples is a sign that you are surrounded by greedy people.

Dream interpretation apples

  • Dream Vanga considers apples as a sign of wisdom. Picking apples from a tree in a dream is a search for wisdom and discovery of truths. Distributing picked apples is sharing wisdom and experience with other people. If you dream that you are ripping green apples, you may be too hasty and selfish. Perhaps you are making rash decisions.
  • Miller considers apples, especially red and ripe, to be an exceptionally good sign. If the apples on the tree and coquettishly peeking out of the foliage — you have excellent health. Highly hanging apples signal your excessive ambition, the inaccessibility of too high a goal. Nothing wrong. Even high growing apples will ripen and fall under your feet.
  • Moon dream says that to see apples in a dream for men — to a happy marriage.
  • Apples in a strange garden — you look at someone else’s. Maybe on someone else’s husband, you dream of seducing a boss or an appetizing and fresh young man. If the branches with apples hang over the fence and just ask in your hands — your desire is justified and can be mutual. Beware of rash actions. It is better for a woman to be an appetizing apple than a petty thief.

What are the dreams of apples on the interpretation of Freud and Miller’s dream books, Vanga


Apples dream of prosperity, health and happiness. But an unambiguous interpretation is rare, yet an apple is a biblical fruit with a meaningful history. For simple and simple-minded people, the interpretation of an apple in a dream is certainly good.

For complex natures, negative interpretation and doubts are also possible.

If you are haunted by a possible negative interpretation of sleep with an apple, beat the actual interpretation of sleep. Just buy yourself the largest and most beautiful apple, wash it and eat it.

You can share the apple with friends. Thus, you completely destroy any possible negative interpretation of sleep — it has already come true literally.

A literal interpretation of a dream always overpowers any hints, conjectures, additional meanings.

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