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What are the dreams for the rings of Miller’s dream books, Vanga the Esoteric dream book

Dreamed rings — how to interpret the dream book

The dreamed costume jewelry can have the most different interpretations. In particular, the dreamed rings do not necessarily foreshadow a quick marriage to the dreamer.

Among the interpretations are both favorable and cautionary signs. To understand what the rings dream about in your case, you just have to use the dream book and remember the details of the dream.

General interpretation

Buying a ring in a jewelry store is a good omen, promising a dreamer, albeit short, but hot and sensual romance. You should not give yourself up with passion in order not to commit rash actions.

A woman who, in her dream, enjoys a ring that she just bought, can expect new interesting acquaintances in reality. One of them will eventually develop into strong friendships or romantic relationships.

Not a good sign — to buy in the night vision ring, not suitable in size. The decision made by the dreamer will not be correct, and its adoption will entail a series of problems and troubles.

Also, sleep can foreshadow misunderstandings in relationships with loved ones.

What are the dreams for the rings of Miller's dream books, Vanga the Esoteric dream book

If a person in his night vision chose rings at a jewelry store for a long time and meticulously, in reality he would also have to make a difficult decision. To help determine what to do, will help a more experienced person in life.

If the dreamer happened to wear a piece of jewelery on his finger, this dream predicts him a leadership position in the work team and family relationships. It is worth dying for your need to be a leader everywhere, because the inability to lose and easily experience failure will deprive the dreamer of peace of mind

Interpretation on the type of ring

The dream can be interpreted depending on which rings were present in it. What metal they were made and what they are decorated with.

  • If the rings in a dream were decorated with an emerald stone, this is a sign that says that the dreamer’s love is mutual. The beloved will soon reciprocate — no need to get lost, it is better to act promptly and seize the initiative.
  • A less kind sign is a dream ring with a ruby. He foreshadows the dreamer disappointment. The larger the ruby ​​that adorned the ring was, the more negative emotions the person who saw this dream would receive. In the period after this dream, one should not expect the successful completion of the existing ideas, so that failure should not be caught unawares by possible failure.
  • A sapphire ring appears in a dream as a warning. If the person who has seen such a dream, is in a romantic relationship, he should look to the partner. Further relationships can bring a lot of suffering and sadness.
  • Jewelry decorated with pearls is a good sign, foreshadowing success in business and improving social status, new acquaintances are possible. The period after such a sleep is well suited for social activities and new beginnings.
  • If the dream ring was wooden, in reality the dreamer maintains a relationship with an unreliable person. There is a possibility that the partner treats the relationship frivolously, does not appreciate them and does not expect to continue. In case of breaking such a relationship, a new partner will not be long in coming.

What are the dreams for the rings of Miller's dream books, Vanga the Esoteric dream book

Interpretation on other details

To see in a dream antique, antique rings — to inheritance, and to see wedding rings — to a quick and successful marriage. If a dream with wedding rings had a dream to a woman who is already married, 0 this foreshadows her a happy marriage full of love and understanding.

If the dreamer in the night vision is lucky enough to find a ring, this is a favorable sign. In the near future, a new acquaintance is expected, capable of developing into a strong love.

The dream, in which the jewelry was lost, foreshadows the dreamer’s decisive step towards breaking the existing friendship or romantic relationship. Rejection of old and more uninteresting contacts will open new doors of life, will bring pleasant new connections and perspectives.

If such an accessory was presented to a sleeping person in his night vision, in reality he will have to feel the feelings of new love. Broken on the finger jewelry foreshadows conflicts, abuse.

If the dreamer himself gave someone an accessory — this dream prophesies him a strong and reliable relationship in reality.

The sleeping man, who saw the dream in which he tried to take off the ring finger, but could not manage to do this, in real life feels unfree in his marriage relationship.

What are the dreams for the rings of Miller's dream books, Vanga the Esoteric dream book

Dream Miller

According to the dream book, rings, worn in a dream in his hands, foreshadow the emergence of new, successful cases. Broken rings dream of breaking romantic relationships or difficulties in the marriage life.

The girl who received the ring in night vision can no longer worry about her lover — he will soon devote his full attention to her. Rings, seen on the hands of strangers, foreshadow material well-being and the emergence of new acquaintances.

Dream Vanga

Night vision, in which a person puts a ring on the finger of a loved one, symbolizes confidence in his choice and loyalty to these promises. A dream in which a stranger puts a ring on the dreamer’s finger foreshadows sudden help in a long-standing problem.

A dream in which a person cannot choose a ring that fits in size means that there is no feeling for anyone in real life.

A bad sign is a ring dropped from a hand. He speaks of a broken promise, for which the universe is preparing a test for the dreamer.

Esoteric dream book

A wedding ring seen in a dream foreshadows divorce and disappointment in the spouse. The old ring is a dream to get acquainted with a partner with whom the dreamer has a karmic connection.

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