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What are the distinguishing features of Hasse dream interpretation

How does Hasse dream book differ from others — how to interpret dreams

Dreams are an integral part of every human life. We see dreams every night and every night we encounter various events in the dream, which sometimes are an echo of what happened the day before, and sometimes act as signs of caution, signals that Higher Forces send us in order to save from troubles and possible problems.

Independently understand your dreams can be quite problematic, in this case, dream books come to the rescue — special books that contain all sorts of dream options with their interpretation. In this article we will review the Hassena dream book and talk about its distinctive features.

What are the distinguishing features of Hasse dream interpretation

Somnology of Miss Hasse

Miss Hasse, the creator of the eponymous dream book, is a famous psychic, medium or, as it was called earlier, a magnetiser. Glory came to her thanks to the amazing ability to read other people’s thoughts and the presence of impressive extraordinary possibilities.

The Hasse publications were particularly popular during the dark pre-revolutionary times, in which most people turned for help to various non-traditional experts — mediums, spiritualists and magnetisers.

At the expense of her special gift, the woman became famous for telling about the events of the future, both regarding short time periods and relating to long-term periods. The basis of her predictions are folk knowledge transmitted from one generation of people to another.

Most likely, this is the main reason why citizens of various countries have been using them for a very long time.

An interesting feature! During tsarist Russia, the most popular collection of essays was the publication created by Hasse medium. The book was intended for those people who wanted to know what this or that dream is fraught with for them.

She had a very extensive dream base — more than 5000 different dreams are described in her. By the way, over the years Hasse’s dream book has not lost its popularity at all and is actively used by modern mystics.

Characteristic features of Hasse dream book

  1. One of the basic distinguishing features of this dream book is the following — in the process of dream interpretation, numerology is involved (the mystical theory of numbers), and the day of the week and the day according to the lunar calendar are also taken into account. The above signs will tell you about the likelihood of your night vision.

The main point here is that you must pay attention to which of the nights after the new moon you saw this dream. This is the main feature of the dream book compared to many others that are popular today.

  1. To better memorize her nightly dreams, Miss Hasse recommended changing the position of the head of her bed every 7 days. This means that during, for example, the first week of the month, you sleep in such a way that your head is facing the window, and for the next seven days you change legs with your head in places.
  2. It is also important that your bed is as comfortable as possible — pay special attention to the mattress on which you sleep. It is important that the bed is not too hard or, on the contrary, soft. Beat your pillow thoroughly daily before bedtime.
  3. Immediately after waking up, as advised by Miss Hasse, you should immediately try to remember your dreams and immediately tell them to someone from your inner circle.
  4. The psychic is sure that the dreams that you see before dawn, rather than having dreamed at the beginning of the night, are most significant. As for the days of the week, the prophetic dreams are usually those that you saw at night from Friday to Saturday.

What are the distinguishing features of Hasse dream interpretation

Interesting facts about the dream book Hasse

  • Hasse’s dream book contains a wide variety of methods for interpreting dreams — starting with ordinary observations and signs and ending with ancient and modern esoteric teachings.
  • In the process of compiling the dream book, the medium used proven and reputable sources.

Unfortunately, although Miss Hasse’s dream book does show good results, however, it cannot be classified as the most accurate of all currently available in the public domain.

Chances of fulfilling your sleep

According to the dream book of psychic Hasse, special attention should be paid to the number of the day on which you had a dream. In this case, it means not just the first or second number, but only the lunar day.

Find out what lunar day is today or what will be tomorrow by the special lunar calendar.

So, when you figured out which of the lunar days you saw the dream that interests you, you can turn to the interpretation:

  • the first day — most of the dreams on this day come true and promises good events for the sleeper;
  • the latter — as a rule, the dreams that are dreamed up are empty and mean nothing;
  • third, the dream promises to become reality very soon;
  • the fourth — the probability of execution is high, but not in the very near future;
  • fifth — the value of dreams is very positive;
  • sixths — sleep, most likely, is realized, but this can happen after a considerable period of time;
  • Seventh — do not tell anyone about your dream, if you want it to become a reality;
  • Eighth — in the very near future, your deepest dream can come true;
  • Ninths — the dream should come true very soon, and you will have just fantastic luck;
  • tenths — treat the dream you saw as a sign that you need to carefully control your thoughts and actions so as not to «sit down in a puddle»;
  • the eleventh — after seeing a dream on such a lunar day, for the next ten days, wait for great joy to come into your life and your innermost desires will be fulfilled;
  • the twelfth lunar day — promise a very fast and favorable execution of dreams;
  • thirteenth — be careful not to accidentally meet your detractors, otherwise you risk falling into some kind of trap;
  • the fourteenth — a very low probability of the realization of your dreams;
  • the fifteenth — dreams have a very favorable character;
  • the sixteenth — do not pay special attention to this dream;
  • the seventeenth — the dream must come true over the next twenty days;
  • the eighteenth — a dream foreshadows your shopping;
  • nineteenth — sleep is a warning that you should give as much time as possible to your loved ones;
  • the twenties — fast implementation of night vision is not far off;
  • twenty first — the dream should be fulfilled within the next seven days;
  • twenty-second — you need to prepare for the fact that you have time for active work, if you want to subsequently achieve well-being;
  • twenty-third — in the near future, wait for the execution of your vision;
  • twenty-fourth — sleep is associated with joy and positive events;
  • twenty-fifths are possible deception, so you should be extremely careful to protect yourself;
  • the twenty-sixth lunar day — will tell about the pleasures;
  • twenty-seventh — absolutely meaningless dreams;
  • twenty-eighths — your dream promises to be fulfilled over the next thirty calendar days;
  • twenty-ninths — do not bother too much with a dream, because it is very meaningless;
  • thirties — the dream has a fantastic basis;
  • thirty first — this dream will predict your love pleasure.

What are the distinguishing features of Hasse dream interpretation

It should also be noted that those dreams that you repeatedly dream of are of particular importance. To do this, they must repeat at least three times.

Then such dreams, as a rule, come true in the period from the next day to nine months.

But this group includes only night dreams, daytime dreams have no significance and do not need to be interpreted. Once again, it is necessary to mention the fact that dreams that dreamed in the period from three o’clock in the morning until dawn are fastest, and most of the midnight dreams tend to occur in the period from evening to 12 at night.

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