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What are the distinctive features of the Ancient Roman dream book

Interesting features of the ancient Roman dream book

Dreams are a wonderful world, on which a person travels daily at night and in which he can receive hints, tips and warnings from the Higher Forces, how to avoid danger and improve his life.

To date, there is simply a huge number of different dream books, many of which have come to us from ancient times. In particular, the Ancient Roman dream book is quite popular, in more detail about which I will tell you later in this material.

What are the distinctive features of the Ancient Roman dream book

Features of the night dreams of the ancient Romans

This is today Rome — is the capital of Italy. And before that, he had a much higher and larger global value. “Where is more large-scale?”, You can ask, and you will be completely wrong.

Indeed, in the era of old civilizations, the name of this city gave its name to a whole magnificent empire, in which both military campaigns and diverse mystical practices — in particular, deciphering the true characteristics of night dreams — were equally popular.

Most historians agree that the art of dream interpretation became open to people five thousand five hundred years ago. If we talk about Ancient Rome, then in this state the interpreters of dreams were not only respected, but they received fairly high pay for their work and were very financially wealthy individuals.

I suggest you continue to understand the peculiarities of ideas about the place of dreams in the minds of the inhabitants of ancient Rome. It should be noted that this is a rather interesting and fascinating topic, since it pays a lot of attention to quite famous historical figures.

But let’s not hurry and talk about everything in order.

The temples of the Seraphim in Rome in ancient times had the same function as the famous ancient Greek temples of Esculapius. Today, it is safe to say that the ancient Romans had a very reverent attitude to night dreams.

And even more than that — on the basis of dreams, they literally created their own history.

Dreams of famous historical personalities

Consider the dreams, which at one time saw famous people of the past and who became public.

Dreams of Julius Caesar

The famous commander Gaius Julius Caesar once in a dream saw himself having sex with his mother. This incident took place exactly when Julius returned from Gaul.

And since he had an excellent mind and was very quick-witted, he immediately picked up the correct interpretation for such an unusual (and even a little reprehensible) plot. Caesar was convinced that this dream foreshadowed him the conquest of his homeland.

Probably, even in such ancient times the phrase “motherland” was widely popular with barbarian tribes. The most amazing thing is that the commander was really right — because after some time he received the title of legitimate emperor of Rome.

However, Caesar’s innate egocentricity in the future played a bad joke with him, due to which his reign significantly decreased. So in one of his dreams, he beheld a seductive plot, as if he was elevating himself to the heavens and shaking hands with the Creator himself.

How it all ended in the end — you can not say, but the famous dreams of Julius Caesar could be preserved until our days.

The awful dream of Caesar’s wife

Almost at the same time, the wife of the famous commander Calpurnia saw a terrible dream in which she holds the body of her husband in her arms, like a baby, but it is brutally wounded and he is bleeding to death.

And all the action takes place in the temple of the pagan god Jupiter. Only when she awoke did Calpurnia immediately tell Caesar about this, but he was so convinced of her invulnerability and divine mission that she ignored this sign, just like the warning sent to him by the March Ides.

History says that it was made absolutely in vain. After all, it was in the period of the March IDs of the forty-fourth year BC, Julius Caesar was brutally murdered under the action of a conspiracy organized by the Roman senators.

What are the distinctive features of the Ancient Roman dream book

Son of Cicero

Another great Roman senator Cicero, who during his lifetime aspired to the knowledge of philosophy and having a corresponding view on the nature of the world around him, also had a chance to contribute to the development of Western civilization and again with the help of night dreams.

Indeed, after the tragic death of Caesar, numerous civil wars began to constantly arise. During this time period, Cicero happened to see him in a night dream, as if Jupiter himself was taking part in the selection of a new emperor, which was traditionally held in the Senate.

In this night vision, the sons of the senators sat in the temple of Jupiter (that is, in the Senate). In the course of this serious event, Jupiter rejected the candidacies of many sons of senators.

And when the turn of Caesar’s son Octavian came, Jupiter gave him his hand and said that military operations would end only when Octavian was chosen as ruler.

It is noteworthy that at that period of time, Cicero did not even guess who Octavian was, who later became the famous world ruler, Emperor Augustus. But he nevertheless learned this information and, for his part, made every effort to help Octavian ascend the throne.

Such patronage was very important for Octavian, and also had a significant impact on the future fate of the history of ancient Rome.

It should be noted that the ancient Roman dream book is not just a historical dream book, transmitting the characteristics of the above scenes from generation to generation. It is filled with the wisdom of the ages, which also benefits the modern man.

In addition, it sometimes describes such truths over which time is completely beyond the control. So, they are unconditionally useful for each of us.

Morpheus — in the myths of the ancient Greeks and Romans is the god of night dreams. The father of Morpheus is the dream god Hypnos.

If suddenly in a dream you saw Morpheus as a young man with wings behind his back at the level of the temples: such a dream will tell about a strong infatuation with some kind of personality, which you will later greatly fall in love with and lose your mind, but, sadly, this feeling will be unanswered .

Varieties of ancient Roman dream books

Dream of Juno

Juno is the ancient Roman goddess, the wife of Jupiter, and also the goddess of marriage and birth, maternal energy, female energy. The inhabitants of ancient Rome were convinced that every woman had her own Juno.

If in a dream a man dreamed of Juno, it means that it was believed that a child would soon appear in the family.

What are the distinctive features of the Ancient Roman dream book

The obvious plus of Juno’s dream book is that he collected many variants of dream interpretation, moreover, both popular and little known. It contains both folk interpretations of dreams, and deciphering dreams from famous seers and masters of psychoanalysis, as well as dream books with not so popular authors, but whose author’s methods of decoding are also very popular.

For what reason do the different dream books differ?

This is actually the case — in different dream books, decoding often changes its meaning. But what is the reason for this and what dream books can one trust?

The fact is that there is no exact interpretation here, because the same incident can be interpreted in completely different ways. It is necessary to take into account not just the general characteristics of sleep, but also to pay attention to small details.

In this case, the more detailed you will remember your dreams, the more accurate their decoding will become. A comparison of several sources, for example, the dream book of Juno and Freud, provides the possibility of drawing up their own attitude to those or other values.

Basically, those explanations that most «catch» lively and provide answers to your questions.

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