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What are the distinctive features of Freud’s dream book?

Freudic dream interpretation: general characteristics, features of decoding dreams

Freud’s dream interpretation was created by the famous Austrian psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud and is one of the most interesting and unusual versions of similar publications. Freud’s dream interpretation received the title of bestseller in the 20th century, but does not lose popularity until today.

Sigmund Freud explored his own dreams and compared the content of dreams and free associations, so he was able to reveal their unconscious meaning and described various psychic techniques, comparing the images of night dreams and their real meaning.

What are the distinctive features of Freud's dream book?

The history of the creation of Freud’s dream book

The publishing house of Sigmund Freud entitled “Interpretation of Dreams” saw the world in 1900. Oddly enough, but at that time the book was not too popular.

In his work, Freud paid special attention to the psychology of the unconscious, while other authors gave their preference to taking into account, take beliefs and the esoteric side of the issue. What is our unconscious really?

The unconscious is that part of the psyche that is not seen as consciousness, but at the same time has a strong influence on the characteristics of human behavior and thinking. The process of the formation of the human unconscious depends heavily on education in the family, psychological trauma and other attitudes.

Consider this with a specific example: suppose the boy’s mother was the leader in the family, then in the future he will strive to find a woman who has strong and domineering qualities, since from childhood he had a similar attitude in his head.

The main principles of the theory of dreams according to Freud

The process of decoding night vision according to Freud takes into account different positions.

So, as mentioned above, the genius of psychoanalysis was convinced that dreams are distorted substitutes for some particle of the unconscious. In dreams, it tends to squeeze into the realm of consciousness in order to reveal the true desires with the human inclinations.

In addition, Freud believed that thanks to sleep a person for some time may be in a state of complete comfort and tranquility. After all, the main biological role of sleep is rest and recuperation of the body.

If we consider dreams from the point of view of psychology, then they provide people with an excellent opportunity to plunge into a state very similar to the intrauterine — when there is complete comfort and tranquility. And if together with this a person will also see in a dream how his cherished desires are fulfilled in life — he will be able to feel complete harmony.

And the third point — Freud said that the unconscious is able to expose their clues in the form of specific images and symbols, the interpretation of which must be dealt with on an individual basis. After all, the same image will have radically different meanings for two individuals.

Therefore, when people turned to Freud for help in order to be able to unravel their night visions, the psychoanalyst asked them the same question: “What did you think when you dreamed of it in a dream?”.

What are the distinctive features of Freud's dream book?

But over time, Freud realized that a sufficiently large part of the characters has the same value for different people, this information helped him create his famous dream book.

Today, it is clear that no one can turn to a psychoanalyst in person, but every person has a great opportunity to take advantage of Freud’s work. This can be done in two ways — either by purchasing the printed version of the dream book, or by reading its online version, which is widely available on the Internet.

The process of self-interpretation of dreams

Further in the article we will talk about how a person can independently learn the meaning of night dreams, if he stopped at Freud’s dream book.

The most important point in this case is to reveal not just individual characters, but also the whole dream plot. In a dream, people completely turn off the filters of their consciousness, the unconscious comes to the fore, which includes the «talking» symbols in every detail.

Symbols in nighttime dreams are encoded as follows:

  • The unconscious finds dreams, desires or fears of a sleeping person, about which it would like to tell him.
  • Then it begins to “encode” them and they become concrete symbol associations.
  • After that, the characters begin to mix, for this very reason, many dreams are very similar to nonsense.

With the help of these actions, the unconscious part of a person seeks to demonstrate to him strange visions represented by a mix of images. In most cases, surprisingly, in a dream, a person at the same time feels satisfied, because the unconscious thus in a veiled way demonstrates to a dormant how his real desires are realized and fears with phobias are overcome.

In the morning, when the human consciousness was activated, the night visions cause only bewilderment, because they seem completely ridiculous.

What are the distinctive features of Freud's dream book?

How to act properly after his awakening, if there is a desire to reveal the secrets of his unconscious?

  1. First of all, you need to annotate on a piece of paper everything that you saw in your nightly dreams. Thanks to this you will be able to keep in memory all the nuances and get the exact version of interpretation.
  2. Select the main dream symbols in a separate column and write down in front of each association that comes to your mind, caused by them. In the majority of cases, the first confidence will be the most significant.
  3. Include in your associations the values ​​described by Freud’s dream book. In frequent cases, the person himself is afraid to admit to himself what thoughts visit his head, as a result, because of this, the dreams are interpreted not entirely correctly. With the help of this dream book, you can protect yourself from surprises of such a plan.
  4. Complete the interpretation of dreams according to Freud by linking all the symbols together. Remember how images changed in night scenes. This will help you to open up the whole picture and learn about the signals from your unconscious sphere.

Experts in psychoanalysis recommend that beginners familiarize themselves with the works of Freud, and if necessary, seek qualified help from specialists. After a few tutorials, you can learn to notice the hidden signs from your night visions.

Finally, we recommend completing the reading by viewing an interesting thematic video clip:

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