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What are some interesting features different Egyptian dream book?

Interesting features of the Egyptian dream book

Sleep is an integral part of every human life. We all have dreams: sometimes bright and colorful, and sometimes ominous and frightening.

Personally, I always, when I am confused by the value of a night vision, I ask for help from the dream book. A very interesting version of this edition is the Egyptian dream book, which has come down to us from this great civilization.

In more detail about him I want to tell you in this material.

What are some interesting features different Egyptian dream book?

Features of dreams in ancient Egypt

The inhabitants of ancient Egypt were piously convinced that dreams are divine messages from above. And the process of interpreting night dreams in Egypt was based on the theory of opposites: for example, if death was dreaming, it means that a long life awaited the person.

There were also special people who were called upon to interpret dreams — they were called Masters of Secret Things or Pisci of the Dual House.

And those individuals who wanted to heal from the disease, had to drink a special sleeping pill, and then spend the whole night in the temple. The next day, the priest was engaged in the interpretation of their dreams and used the recommendations obtained in a dream for treatment.

Ancient Hindi records (also called Puranas) tell us that dreams are messages of divine beings. And in the Upanishads (dating back to about 1000 BC), it is stated that all the action of night visions takes place in reality between the real and the ghostly worlds.

The wonderful world of night dreams helps a person to part with his shortcomings, contributes to the manifestation of the original human essence.

According to many scholars, the first concepts about the spirit and the afterlife began to appear in very ancient times and they were based on night dreams.

The reality of dreams, in which divine beings, spirits, various phenomena and themselves asleep dwelled, was a source of symbolic dreams, which had a profound characteristic, which ordinary people in Ancient Egypt were very keen to recognize.

Varieties of Egyptian dream books with a description

Egyptian civilization left us various volumetric books-dream books. For the most part, they are referred to the Late Time, to the category of demotic texts.

The only Papyrus Chester Beatty the second, belongs to the New Kingdom. It contains interpretations of night dreams used in the days of classical Egypt by the ruling elite.

This unusual find was discovered in 1928, along with other texts of a religious, mystical, administrative, domestic and literary character in Deir el-Medina (a small pyramid built over the tomb in the Necropolis by royal sculptors).

Review of the Ancient Egyptian dream book Kencherheheshef

The famous ancient Egyptian royal clerk Kencherhepeshef left behind a lot of scrolls written in papyrus.

A certain part was written directly by the owner himself, and the rest of the mass (as, for example, the famous dream book) was presented, probably, by masters belonging to the temple House of Life.

It should be noted that Khenherhecheshef himself did not write this scroll, because on the verso — back part of the papyrus many of his personal notes are inscribed — parts of the poem about the Battle of Kadesh and a copy of his message to the messenger Merneptah, while there is a strong difference in the style of writing the main text.

By the wooed play of words and beautiful vocabulary, we understand that the creator of the text clearly related to the elite scribes, there is a very high probability that he was a priest.

What are some interesting features different Egyptian dream book?

Khenhehekheshef also had a good education, similar to most craftsmen from the village, besides this he was fascinated by the mystic (as a result of which he caused a feeling of fear among the residents of Deir el-Medina.

When Kenkhereheheshef died because he had no heirs left, the ownership of the library was transferred to Amonnacht, the son of his second wife. The latter did not behave in the best way, trying to assign the rights to this work.

Later, the scrolls from the library changed their owners many times and unfortunately with time some of them were inevitably damaged.

It should be noted that Kencherheheshef’s dream book is intended exclusively for representatives of the strong half of humanity. To understand this is not difficult at all — at the beginning of each paragraph, phrases are mentioned like “if a man happened to see himself in a dream …” and the like, according to which one can come to an unequivocal conclusion.

Characteristic Demotic Ancient Egyptian Dream Interpretation

The demotic Dream interpretation was written a thousand years after the Kencherhecheshef dream interpretation. It already has a division of all dreamers into representatives of both sexes — for example, specific female night dreams are meant for women.

In the Demotic Dream Book, we find a rather brief enumeration of dreams with their interpretation in the stark correspondence to the ancient Egyptian categories of that time.

The basis of the dream book is a pun, as well as mythological episodes, ritual practice and ethical norms of the era.

It is not reliably known to what extent the creator of this dream book was guided by the tradition of dream interpretation, therefore the complexity is an adequate assessment of his own contribution to the text.

Although, according to A. Gardiner, the fact that the dream book was written in the middle Egyptian language indicates that it goes away from its origins in very distant times.

The original mention of dreams as a source of some knowledge can be found even in the Instructions of Merikar, which shows us the care of divine entities about people: Higher forces invented magic, which was more powerful than any weapon and was able to reflect everything that could happen, but did not happen.

Distinctive features of the ancient Egyptian dream book followers of Seth

With the help of this collection of dreams, the average Egyptian was able to quickly look into his future.

We now with the help of this text can better navigate the places, hopes, social problems, belief systems and much more, which at one time disturbed contemporaries of Ramses II.

Turning to the text of the dream book itself, we find in it an interpretation of 2 groups of dreamers. Unfortunately, the initial part of the text has not been preserved, and at the end we are witnessing the beginning of a new section — the Beginning of Dreams of the Seth followers.

It describes in detail the physical and spiritual qualities of this type of representatives of the stronger sex.

What are some interesting features different Egyptian dream book?

As for the first part of the papyrus (which, most likely, lost), she described another category of inhabitants of ancient Egypt — probably the followers of Choir. Mention of them we find in the time of the Pyramid Texts.

Special attention should be paid to the description of a person in Seth: he has curly hair, abundant vegetation on his body, a beard, loves alcohol, and also often indulges in love joys.

At the same time, the text explains that a given individual can be born even in a very good family, but because of his disturbed tastes, manners, in general — of his whole character is likened to the lower classes of society. As a result, he finds himself outside the system of a perfect society, as it should have been for a traditional Egyptian.

Papyrus has preserved to this day only four variants of dreams from the list of followers of Seth, which is certainly not enough to establish any global conclusions.

In the future, the idea that the same night vision has radically different meaning for different groups of dreamers will actively develop in demotic dream books, and most of all — in sections designed for the fair sex.

Now you know the main features of the Egyptian dream book and its various versions.

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