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What are dreams of pears for a woman and a man: dream book, interpretation

What are dreams of pears for man and woman: interpretation by popular dream-books

Most popular dream books say that pears in a dream are a good sign. However, there are some nuances that affect the interpretation of sleep: color, size, taste, quantity, actions of a sleeping person, his emotions, the location of the fruits and other details. For a man and a woman, the dream, in which juicy and ripe fruit appeared, will have different meanings.

For a pregnant dreamer, seeing this fruit in a tree is a good sign.

The interpretation of the dream of pears popular dream books:

Dream interpretationInterpretation
MillerTo surprises and pleasant surprises that will occur after a series of disappointments and annoying situations
TsvetkovaTo the losses that the dreamer can easily be replenished in the near future
FreudTo pleasant acquaintances and adventures of a love nature
HasseTo a happy marriage and a favorable atmosphere at home
LofaThese fruits usually symbolize fertility and abundance.
WangiForeshadowing victories over detractors and a symbol of worldly wisdom
LoversSuch a dream is favorable for lovers, because their feelings are strong and sincere.
AesopThis fruit symbolizes good luck and material prosperity, as well as joyful emotions.
Hope and Dmitry ZimaTo uncertainty and confusion in affairs. Success will be short
JewishThis fruit symbolizes the internal struggle, which will soon end, and the sleeping person will feel completely happy, because he can make the right choice.
SolomonTo new ideas that will help the dreamer become a wealthy and successful person
For the whole familyFate will give a unique chance to a sleeping person. It is necessary to use it in time for life to change for the better.
BitchYou should pull yourself together and think positively, because changes are coming that will bring a lot of good
ModernTo success in all endeavors
Modern combinedIf pears are dreamed on a tree, then such a dream foreshadows a long-awaited reconciliation. The dreamer will be able to forgive all of his offenders and beg forgiveness from loved ones, whom he greatly offended and uttered many unpleasant words in a fit of anger
East femaleTo bright prospects and opportunities
New eraThings will go well soon
OverallTo exquisite pleasures and unforgettable emotions
XXI centurySuch a dream testifies to the illusory perception of the world. Around the dreamer a lot of deception and falsehood, but he looks at everything through the prism
EnglishTo increase social status and wealth
LunarSoon there will be trouble
ChineseRipe fruit foreshadows material losses and large waste
Martyn ZadekiA dream about pears promises a carefree and easy life to a sleeping person
PsychoanalyticBeautiful fruits personify female attractiveness and sexuality.
The Wanderer SmirnovThis fruit symbolizes the love relationship of a sleeping person.
GypsyThe dreamer will soon receive an invitation to a solemn event or a grand party
Small VelesovRipe — to a profitable event, green — to unprofitable transactions and poor health of a sleeping person
EsotericThere is no need to stop at what has been accomplished and give up after each failure, because difficulties make a person stronger, and a white bar always follows the black stripe
UkrainianA disease that lasts a long time and will have fatal consequences for the dreamer
HasseTo love misadventures

What are dreams of pears for a woman and a man: dream book, interpretation

If an unmarried girl dreamed of many beautiful and juicy pears, then the dreamer will soon meet her other half and will be immensely happy, tying herself to this man in marriage.

If a businessman or a merchant dreamed these fruits, then you can expect big profits. A person will be carried not only in business, but also in his personal life.

All the cases for which he will undertake, will end with a tremendous success.

For a single man, a pear in a dream means that his marital status will soon change and he will meet a beautiful and docile girl who will love with all her heart. For married ladies and married men — to a family idyll and complete understanding.

If a dream about pears dreamed of a woman who is in a position, then everything will be resolved safely and soon she will be able to feel the beauty of motherhood.

What are dreams of pears for a woman and a man: dream book, interpretation

Description of the actions of a sleeping person, which are associated with pears:

What dreamedDescription
There are ripe pearsEnjoy every day and get the most out of life
There are green fruitsTo hopeless sadness, tears and mental agony
Keep in handGet a fateful gift
Collect from the groundTo earn a good rest, you need to work hard in good faith.
Tear off the treeTo be the pet of fate
Trumpet Tree with PearsFor fleeting hobbies and irresistible temptations
Sell ​​juicy fruitConceived sure to come true
Buy on the marketTo spontaneous actions and impulsive actions
Buy in the storeNeglect your money
Tear in a strange gardenInterfere in someone else’s privacy and read notations to others, which is why people close to you will be outraged
See someone pick fruitTo financial stability and luck in the professional field
Dry ripe fruitEngage in useless affairs and feel unhappy and helpless
Cook compote or jamTo trouble in the family of a sleeping person
WashTo food poisoning
Chop down a tree with pearsMake a fatal mistake. After such a dream, you need to reconsider your attitude towards close people and radically change your lifestyle, get rid of bad habits

What are dreams of pears for a woman and a man: dream book, interpretation

To get the most truthful interpretation of the dream, in which it was possible to eat pears, you need to remember their taste, size and other external qualities:

  • Sour small in size — the sleeping person will soon be disappointed and will no longer trust people. One big red pear, which turned out to be acidic, promises a betrayal of a loved one, and a bitter green one — a life in poverty and constant need.
  • Many large, soft and juicy, the taste is very sweet — to the great joy and lack of problems of a monetary nature. One sweet — be content with little.
  • If you dreamed of a big yellow pear, which turned out to be wormy, then the dreamer has false ideas about the world around. Those people who seem good-natured and merciful, will be evil and greedy personalities.
  • Many rotten pears — to severe ills and moral exhaustion.

To dream of a huge amount of yellow large pears that lie in the boxes, to crazy money. On a tree — to a luxurious life.

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However, I decided that I still needed personal help. Sometimes it seems that the matter is in you, all the failures are only a consequence of bad energy, the evil eye or some other evil force.

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