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What a school dream about — dreaming

What dream dreaming school

To understand why the school is dreaming, read this article and you don’t have to go through the dream books. I chose the most reliable interpretations from sources that I constantly use myself, wanting to decipher the messages encoded in dreams.

Dream interpretation of the 21st century

This unique treatise on dreams contains only modern interpretations based on the experience of many people. Outdated and no longer relevant forecasts in it.

What a school dream about - dreaming

Here are the predictions of this dream book about school:

  1. Seeing a school with many students walking the corridors is a welcome sign. The dreamer expects well-being in any business, for which he would not undertake. Catch the moment — such a chance of fate falls elected.
  2. See how the children come out of the school building — to conflict with a person from your inner circle. The initiator of the quarrel will not be you, so feelings of guilt should not be felt.
  3. A sleep in which you are late for school is a projection of your own feelings. You understand that you do not have time to finish all the cases that have fallen on you, and are worried about this. In this case, the dream just helps to get rid of disturbing emotions and relax.
  4. You were called to the blackboard, but you didn’t find what to answer — in reality you were in a losing situation and realize your weakness. At this time, you do not have enough resources to solve everything for your benefit.
  5. The director is dreaming as a warning. Someone from close tries to control you, restricting your freedom and not giving space for initiative and own opinion.
  6. Talking to the director is, on the contrary, a good sign. Soon you will learn about the promotion, or you will increase your salary by an order of magnitude.
  7. Seeing himself as a student of the Lyceum — in reality there will be serious difficulties. Save up strength to withstand all the challenges and solve problems with minimal losses.
  8. The old school building is a good sign that speaks of the dreamer’s great creative potential. And he is able to realize this potential in the very near future. The main thing is to start at least “lying in the direction of a dream”.

Dream Miller

Dreamed of school? The author of the popular dream book, psychologist Gustav Miller shares his opinion on this matter.

What a school dream about - dreaming

Here are his interpretations:

  1. To go to school with a joyful mood — you have a good literary gift that you do not use yet. Try yourself as a writer, journalist or copywriter, and, perhaps, you will find your vocation, a favorite thing that you will begin to do with great pleasure.
  2. School, in which you went in the far childhood — the feeling of melancholy about the past will flood you. You will be immersed in the memories of the past, regret the missed opportunities. Try not to delay it for a long time, so as not to fall into depression, and stay happily living in the present.
  3. Seeing yourself as a teacher — you will have a project that you want to implement, but your expectations will not be met. No matter how much force you apply, it will not bring results. Think maybe you just chose the wrong dream.
  4. To see his old school teacher — such a dream suggests that the dreamer prefers a quiet and peaceful life, he would never begin to engage in adventures. Calm and comfort is most important to him.
  5. Seeing the crowd of teenagers in the schoolyard is a good sign. Soon you will learn that the manager wanted to help you move up the career ladder. Try to do your job flawlessly, so that the authorities have no doubts left.

Dream interpretation Tsvetkova

The author of the dream book is a writer, artist, astrologer, esotericist and doctor of mathematical sciences who was engaged in the professional interpretation of dreams.

What a school dream about - dreaming

Here are his predictions:

  1. Seeing school is a concern. Alarming thoughts will fill your head, and will not recede for a long time. We’ll have to make a lot of effort to pull myself together.
  2. Being in a school building — you will soon have to pay for mistakes made in the past. You may have to radically change your life to overcome the crisis period.
  3. School full of children — in reality there will be some event that will scare you very much. You will experience a real panic and will not be able to figure out what to do next to calm down.
  4. To enter the school porch is to the great happiness that will fill your whole life. Get ready to enjoy and receive from the fate of a lot of nice bonuses. You will get a real, very powerful stream of luck and good luck. But beware of the envious who will certainly appear.
  5. The children scampered and did not obey — being in the company, you will find yourself a victim of evil irony and foreign sarcasm. Someone publicly make fun of you.
  6. The school building dreams as a reflection of the dreams of the dreamer. He learns a lot, but he worries that new knowledge will not be useful. Yes, and they are given to him with great difficulty.
  7. If you dream that you have not learned the lessons, it means that in real life it is better to prepare for the work that you intend to do. There will be more difficulties and problems than you thought.
  8. To answer at the blackboard — in reality you will have to bear responsibility for actions committed in the past. You will have to greatly regret your unworthy behavior. But the main thing is not to reproach yourself for this, but to draw the right conclusions and move on.
  9. Sometimes the school dreams that a person from your environment will give you valuable advice, thanks to which you will get good results on your way to achieving your goals.

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  • School is a symbol of knowledge that a person acquires throughout his life, from birth to death. The interpretation of most dream books is based on this statement.
  • The forecast will depend on the characteristics of the dream. Did you enter the school building or leave it? Watched by students or teachers from the side or talked to them? The smallest detail matters for interpretation.
  • Analyze your entire dream to decipher it with accuracy and to understand what fate has prepared for you in the near future.

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