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What a Prayer Dreams of — Praying in a Church or at Home

General interpretation of dreams about prayers: correct decoding

A dream that is somehow connected with religion can hardly be called comprehensible with all responsibility. Why dream of an event, you can find out, recalling the details. Such visions are special and they always seem close to reality.

After reviewing any dream book, you can see the appropriate interpretation for your case. So, to pray in a dream is always a bit strange and unexpected.

What a Prayer Dreams of - Praying in a Church or at Home

The value seen in dreams

What a Prayer Dreams of - Praying in a Church or at Home

In most cases, such a dream does not carry a negative. The prayers you have dreamed of can save you from fear and anxiety and give you protection.

After this there is a high probability that in the morning you will wake up vigorous, joyful and happy. The same events will occur if, in your dreams, you did something of the following:

  • They read a prayer, any.
  • Were a minister in the church.
  • They prayed in the building before the icons or without them.
  • Watched the church singing.
  • If you were baptized yourself or baptized someone.

The sleep where the prayers were was always positive, without a doubt. To see in a dream actions that belong to religion is a sign that something good and good will happen. But there are many interpreters who argue about such visions in a bad, negative way.

Looking through the versions of different dream books, you can find mentions that trouble and various troubles can happen to the dreamer or his family. What happens in your life depends on what actions you performed in such dreams.

If in your dreams they watched as they insulted religion, then wait for the fact that God will punish you — sending various ailments and diseases to the dreamer. Also, due to a similar plot, according to the version of dream books, a terrible event may occur that will bring a lot of suffering to you and your loved ones.

There is a risk to attend the funeral of a loved one, if you have committed sins related to religion and God.

Interpretation of sleep by dream books

What a Prayer Dreams of - Praying in a Church or at Home

Female dream book. If you happened to pray or to see others do it, then wait for failures and many trials that will be difficult to overcome. It will take action, but only through our own efforts.

Church singing in dreams is an omen of rest and relief. Everything will be alright — you have absolutely nothing to worry about.

You will not suffer — try to enjoy life better.

Your friends will need help if in a dream you listened to the words of prayer with them.

Dream Miller. Watching others pray is a bad sign.

In interpretation, he foreshadows a series of failures and failures.

Dream Vanga. Some of your friends are ill if they listened to church singing in their dreams. It is worth paying attention to it and assist.

If you do not, you will probably become even more sick and worse. Everything will be fine, things will go smoothly and good luck will put his hand on you in the event that in a dream they prayed before the icons.

Peace and prosperity will come to your home if you see the icons in it and pray.

Old dream book. Worship is a sign that in the near future you will see in front of you a lot of amazing ideas that are worth realizing.

Listening to church prayers is a good sign that foreshadows the imminent emergence of new opportunities.

To commit a crime against God in a dream is a message that promises a dreamer terrible suffering for the accomplishment of sin. To conduct the rite of baptism — such a plot is an omen of some kind of misfortune, the source of which will become you.

Destroying relics in a dream is a message that in reality you will commit a very bad crime. If you dreamed that you were baptized, then wait for the appearance of an opponent or rival.

Religious dream book. If in a dream you insulted God and expressed your displeasure, then in reality nothing bad will happen to you, and maybe you will even have a long-awaited success.

Praying is a sign of change, it’s time to finally go on a long journey in order to achieve the cherished goal.

Listening to church singing or taking part in it in a vision is a bad sign, the interpreter believes that some problem awaits you. Praying to protect someone is a sign that your friends need help.

Show it in reality, and you will be rewarded for your good.

Sacred dream book. It was believed that hearing church singing is a good sign for all believers, since such a dream shows that the Lord appreciates and sees them.

Singing yourself is an unkind sign that indicates attempts to discourage God or to exercise amateur.

If you dreamed that you were praying, then wait for a situation to happen in life that can improve the money situation. Conducted the rite of baptism — this is a very good sign.

Dreamer promises luck, happiness, achievement of the goal and overcoming all obstacles. In addition, if you performed the ritual without the help of someone, you can consider God to be your ally.

If you are baptized, then wait for a possible appearance of an opponent or rival.

Dream interpretation of the 18th century. Praying earnestly is for luck and money.

To be baptized in a dream is a sign of protection from diseases and ailments imposed on the dreamer by envious persons. Luck will lay his hand on the dreamer in the event that in the dream he participated in church singing.

If you sang yourself, then wait for the appearance of problems related to the health of your relatives and friends.

They baptized a man in their dreams — such a sign promises the dreamer big goals, which will be very difficult to achieve, but nevertheless possible. Destroying sacred relics and denigrating religion in a dream is a very bad sign, he says about a serious life situation, which makes it possible for the dreaming person to end up in prison.

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