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What a lot of people dream about in Miller’s dream books, Danilova

What portends a «crowded» dream: decoding features

A person is a social being, and even if the crowd sometimes tires him and he runs off to the country, with time he begins to miss communication, and even a little — in the crush and scandals. But why dream a lot of people?

Does the dream book consider this sign a mere boredom for society, or can deciphering such a dream much more difficult?

What a lot of people dream about in Miller’s dream books, Danilova

General interpretation of this sign

About this sign esoteric argue still. Some people believe that he is anxious, while others believe that the crowd in a dream promises you a very active, uninspiring life.

Acquaintances, relatives or strangers?

  • These were your friends. The dream says: you will not “lose” them in life and do not quarrel, having managed to carry your friendship through the years.
  • All of them were walking at the festival: let the enemies spread bad rumors about you, but you will achieve a lot in life.
  • If the dreamer — a woman sees many men who are well acquainted with her, this is a sign that a new love will soon enter her life.
  • What do you dream about a lot of people who are your relatives? And where were they? If the house is the oldest in your family, get ready for a significant event.
  • They all slept in the apartment (house) pretty distant relative to you? You are overwhelmed by trouble, and you have to cope with them on your own — none of your relatives provides support.
  • These were the old women unfamiliar sitting in your brother’s apartment (house)? Soon you will make a very balanced, wise decision.
  • Were they the bloody dead, say, on the battlefield? Get ready to solve big problems. Bodies lay like horrible? Soon you will experience otherworldly horror.
  • A lot of people died before your eyes because of the accident (they flew cars)? Try not to go anywhere. If it was an explosion at a military parade, sleep forbids you to go to festivities, and generally go to any noisy places.
  • You saw a lot of drowned people (for example, the sea took them out after the tsunami): you will cry a lot, disappointed in what you firmly believed.
  • Many people were killed by a man, and did you find the bodies? Sleep warns: you can seriously get sick, and with the consequences (the disease will become chronic).
  • Did you see yourself in a dream in the role of a killer maniac who destroyed many civilians? There will be many problems in your life that will follow one after the other.

Where are they going?

What a lot of people dream about in Miller’s dream books, Danilova

  • See a lot of people in your apartment: you will soon receive guests. They all sat at the table: guests will be unexpected and not very welcome. One person suddenly got up and went to you: in some case (important for you) you did the right calculation.
  • In the yard: you will live very fun, not boring.
  • At work: you can be promoted.
  • At the meeting: you can not decide on something.
  • At the funeral: if you have secrets from relatives, close friends, it is time to reveal them.
  • At the concert: you’ll be bored soon. It may well have to do something very monotonous.
  • On the beach: you will remember your vacation for a long time.
  • On a rural road: a dream promises a good trip.
  • It was the turn of the 90s: you will soon learn something good about your long-time friend.

What did they do together?

  • Settled at the concert hall? You and your colleagues have different views on life (work), so conflicts and misunderstandings can start soon.
  • Were you praying in a cemetery (near a concrete grave) or in a church? This is a good dream: you «dodge» from a dangerous mistake.
  • Danced right on the square, and were dressed in white? If you do not quarrel with colleagues (partners), and work as a team, you will be a big winner. This is especially true if in a dream the audience watched the dance.

Were you at the center of the crowd?

  • Many people in a dream at the station met the train, and among them were you? This sign is a caution: be careful when traveling.
  • Did you “break away” in the club, surrounded by other dancers? You will soon find a way out of a difficult situation in which you have now fallen. Important: if the club was filled with drunk people, do not give anyone advice!
  • You sang in chorus: you need to relax your soul.
  • Did you go swimming in a crowded beach? You have notable fun. However, if it was a nudist beach, you are surrounded by gossip.
  • You are lost among many people: you still doubt about some important decision. «Turn off» the heart, decide only the brain, that is, dry calculation.
  • You shouted in the crowd: soon you will have to ardently argue that you are right.
  • In a dream, you tried to get out of the crush: in real life, you are a bright personality, not wanting to be like everyone else.
  • You were jostling: this is a sign of a desire to rest from everyone, to be in silence.
  • You feel badly surrounded by many people: you have earned, and you are demanding not just a day off, but legal leave.
  • There were only strangers around you: a person who wants to bring you many problems wants to communicate with you. Think well about who should be allowed to enter your life, and before whom it is better to “slam the gate”.

Opinion known esoteric, psychoanalysts

What a lot of people dream about in Miller’s dream books, Danilova

In the end, we suggest finding out that the most experienced “readers of human souls” wrote about your dream in their books. Does every such dream book consider many people in a dream to be a bad sign?

Dream Miller

  1. Have you seen the smart crowd on holiday? You will soon finally meet with the one for whom you missed and who you love. However, if someone spoiled this holiday in a dream, you may lose something or be disappointed in something.
  2. Was the crowd in church? Wait for problems — small, or large (if people were in mourning).
  3. Have you seen passersby on the street, and they all seemed joyful? This is a good sign: your life is entering a period of white stripe, soon you will heal much better than now.

Dream dream Danilova (erotic)

  1. Have you seen a lot of strangers? You are in a relationship that you wouldn’t like to tell everyone. Do not worry, those who should not know will know nothing about them.
  2. It is on the contrary, were completely your friends? Relatives or friends «love» you with their constant presence in your life. Try to put a certain framework for which they should not go, if they do not want to cause you inconvenience.

Freight’s Dream Interpretation

Being in the center of a crowd of strangers, and at the same time feeling uncomfortable is not such a bad sign. The dream says that sexual experiments are waiting for you soon, and it is you who will be the initiator of all these changes on the bed front.

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