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What a drunk husband dreams about: dream interpretation

According to the dream books, the dreaming drunk husband will bring problems to the dreamer in real life. Interpretation of sleep depends on the actions and emotions of the spouse while intoxicated, the environment, other people and details seen in the nightly plot.

You should not look for a hidden meaning in the plot of a drunken spouse to those women who often observe a similar picture in real life.

If a man in a dream is aggressive, beats his wife or shouts at her for no reason, although such behavior is unusual for him, this is a negative sign, foreshadowing family discord and other troubles. To see a drunk ex-husband in a dream is a sign that past connections will make themselves felt.

What does a drunken husband dreamed of, means you can learn by reading the interpretations of various dream books:

Dream interpretationInterpretation
WangiThe dream spells the sad news and addiction of a spouse to alcohol in real life
MillerIn reality, there will be a serious conflict between a husband and wife.
JewishThe sleeping woman is not satisfied with her life. She is not satisfied with the relationship with her spouse, but she does not know how to change the current situation.
IslamicThis is an unfavorable dream, testifying to vain expectations and unfulfilled promises.
FemaleWomen who have not yet had time to get married or are currently divorced, the dream of a drunken ex will bring love disappointments and sorrows associated with heart matters
FreudSleeping wants violent and passionate sex with her lover, but he is not able to satisfy her in bed
ModernA dream spells mutual reproaches
FamilyAfter the story of a drunk husband you should not expect happiness in family life
RussianTo loss of vital energy
ItalianHard times are coming

What a drunk husband dreams about: dream interpretation

Dream interpretation provides different interpretations of the dream depending on the behavior of the spouse and other details of the dream about a drunken husband:

  • Cheerful, in the company of alcoholics — soon someone will disturb family peace. It can be friends of the spouse who negatively influence it, or strangers who can convince the dreaming man of his good intentions.
  • A handsome, wine-beaten spouse who rests in a restaurant with his family and friends, enjoys life. — such a plot foreshadows life in prosperity and a pleasant pastime in the family circle.
  • To dream of an aggressive and pissed off husband who is intoxicated with alcohol — sleep promises misunderstanding and distrust in relations with the second half.
  • A drunkard who drinks at home and behaves calmly the dreamer needs a lot of work on relationships to regain her former passion.
  • Tipsy husband begins to choke his wife in a dream — to unpleasant shocks in reality.
  • See naked drunk spouse — My husband may have big health problems.
  • Dreamed of being beaten, dirty, in torn clothes — a close person will be in trouble. If a dreamer in a dream washes a drunkard and puts him in order, then she will have to help a relative and reality.

Sawing a spouse, swearing at him that he came home drunk in the middle of the night — it is possible to break the love affair.

To catch a drunken lover in the marital bed with another woman — a person who is next to the dreamer, can betray a woman at the most inopportune moment.

Running away from an angry husband who behaves inadequately with respect to a sleeping woman leads to financial difficulties. After such a dream, it is not recommended to enter into important transactions and sign documents, since there is a high risk of bankruptcy.

Beat a drunkard in a dream — for the dreamer will begin a strip of tests that seem insurmountable to her.

If the dream about a drunken spouse is repeated quite often, the woman should speak frankly with her second half, because the husband is hiding something from his wife or does not want to share her own problems with her. Also, a dream can warn of a serious illness of a sleeping woman.

The dreaming ex-husband is intoxicated, which means that a man needs help in real life. If this person is still not indifferent to the dreamer, you should call him and find out about his life, since the pride of the former spouse will not allow him to ask for support.

If you dream of the former, who is sticking, climbs kissing in a drunken state, you should pay attention to their behavior: a sleeping woman is too frivolous in dealing with the opposite sex.

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