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What a dream was robbed of the dream books of Freud, Miller, Vanga

In a dream, robbed: how to interpret the popular dream books

Modern man often experiences emotional and physical stress. Whether it is stress at work or quarrels with households, all this is reflected in our subconscious, building not always pleasant dreams.

You have been robbed, thank God, it happened in a dream, and not in real life. We learn in the dream books, what is it for?

The night is darker — the thief is more profitable. General interpretation

The driving force behind the fact that in our night visions they are trying to take something away is the subconscious fear of losing something in reality. This does not apply to material goods, but rather those values ​​that fill our mind, consciousness, soul.

These include: love, friendship, some personal service to society, unique ideas, attitudes, knowledge and best practices of hard work and great experience.

At the same time, dreams, where something is taken away from us, characterize the personal qualities of the victim, as if hinting that it is time to change and correct the state of affairs, proving fraud.

In night scenes with robbery, the identity of the criminal who offended you often plays a key role. If you robbed someone close, then in reality you are afraid of the betrayal of this person.

There may be different interpretations of interpretation: positive or negative. It all depends on who had the dream, the man or woman, and also what exactly was stolen and where it happened.

A woman’s heart will forgive the thief

A woman has been robbed — often this vision has a double meaning; for a correct interpretation, it is important to remember all the sensations and feelings after awakening.

Infiltrated your home — it means encroaching on your personality, values, tastes and habits. Perhaps you are under the full control of an authoritarian person and endure undue pressure from him.

You will need all the courage and determination to defend their rights and beliefs.

A girl such a night alignment may appear on the eve of employment, this shows that you are not a very confident person. Probably, someone from your relatives gives you a feeling of inferiority, being afraid of losing control over you.

They were afraid of hacking and threats of criminals — they will soon have to make the right decisions quickly, because your future depends on it. If at the same time you are tied up — a deadlock is expected, from which it is difficult to get out.

Take a waiting position.

Old furniture and broken appliances were taken out of the house, and at the same time you were crying loudly and sobbing — a great sign, negative emotions and bad mood will disappear from you. Now is the time to gather your thoughts and think about a new future.

The young person hijacked an old car — A great reason to walk around wedding salons in search of a dress. Soon on your road you will meet a reliable driver with a personal comfortable urban sedan.

A man will present a wedding ring in the event that in a dream the car was your property.

What a dream was robbed of the dream books of Freud, Miller, Vanga

If you hijack a new vehicle that you temporarily use — expect trouble from business partners or envious colleagues. In this case, before an important event, you should trust your own intuition, experience and carefully plan everything.

You have been deprived of a purse with a small amount of money — soon positive moments in life can wait: they will return the debt or reward at work, in any case, it is worth hoping for a substantial increase in income.

If a bag was pulled out of the hands on the street and you recognized the robber’s face — you are a good warning — you shouldn’t trust your intentions, ideas, and especially the laptop and the safe.

Robbed at work — the dreamer should be more responsible and collected. Your carelessness, carelessness and frivolous attitude to duties may affect your future career.

Thief to pardon — good to destroy

For men, any loss of personal property in a dream is an encroachment on his self-esteem, honor and dignity. Sign that someone is clearly jealous of the dreamer and is ready to do everything possible to humiliate and trample the opponent.

Hacked and devastated the interior of the car — a serious reminder of your business rivals. Your ideas or strategic ideas have not yet been formalized, are undergoing changes, you should not share them with friends and relatives, especially in public places, otherwise you will lose the lost profits.

Hijacked a used car — to the soonest desire to change jobs or find a more promising line of business. A good opportunity to express yourself in a new way, to strengthen your financial situation.

I dreamed of losing a wallet with a large amount of money — expect to pay for your careless actions and reckless actions. Probably, someone will come to demand from you to return the debt, and perhaps a long-time admirer will apply for alimony, recognizing the father of the child in you.

What a dream was robbed of the dream books of Freud, Miller, Vanga

All that is acquired by overwork. Author’s dream books

Sigmund Freud

The robber is personified with manhood. For a woman, a dream where they are trying to rob her is a sign of her real desire to have a new intimate relationship.

If there were several criminals — the woman is experiencing obvious sexual hunger and allows to be dominated over her.

What a dream was robbed of the dream books of Freud, Miller, Vanga

For men, dreams, where his property is selected, reveal his secret desires for homosexual relationships. If the bandits were repelled — to the mutual desire of a potential partner.

Catching a burglar in your house means your distrust and caution towards people. If the theft succeeded, it only brings humiliation, disappointment and resentment in real life.

Had time to prevent the plundering of your property — it promises to receive an inheritance that can be saved, if you give part of the money to charity.

Gustov Miller

Caught a thief — it means you can defeat enemies. If another person is accused of stealing — beware of thoughtless judgments and statements in relation to others, in order not to end up in a stupid position yourself.

Pursued by the police for suspicion of robbery — to difficulties and aggravation of relations with the authorities and the law. It should be prudent and more cautious in the conclusion of dubious transactions that promise easy money.

The one who submits to you or provides you with some services has robbed — this is a dream — a warning: someone from your confidants has ceased to reckon with you, is attempting arbitrariness in your home or work. It is required to stop the rebel until you have lost your main source of income.

You are accused of a crime — to a silly misunderstanding, which can ruin your career.

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