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What a dream to marry: the interpretation of the dream book

What is important to know if you dream of marrying

Most dream books interpret the dream story about a marriage proposal as a visualization of the desire to receive an offer in real life. For a fuller interpretation, it is important to pay attention to who exactly is dreaming. Of great importance is the situation in which the recognition took place, the presence of the ring and its appearance, the dreamer’s reaction to the sentence.

In addition, you should pay attention to the fact that dream interpretations by different interpreters may differ significantly.

The most correct interpretation of a dream is possible only if we recall all the details and details of the dream.

What matters is not only the one who had a dream, but also the reaction to the proposals, the identity of the groom, the circumstances of the confession and even the material from which the ring was made.

What a dream to marry: the interpretation of the dream book

In many ways, the interpretation of the dream about the proposal of the hand and heart depends on who dreamed this story.

What a dream to marry: the interpretation of the dream book

If the dream was seen by an adult man, the following conclusions can be drawn:

  • If a man dreams of a dream in which he makes an offer to his beloved, then this means that he will soon have to undertake boring and hard work.
  • In the case when a married man dreamed that his wife had been made a marriage proposal, and the husband agreed, he warns the dreamer about a possible betrayal by his second half.
  • If a man offered to marry his own wife, and she refused, then this is an unfavorable symbol. He portends a break in relations and a formal divorce. The dreamer should do everything possible to maintain a tender relationship and family.
  • To see in a dream how someone calls to marry a girl — to an invitation to a big celebration. The holiday will leave many pleasant memories and help you relax after a long period of hard work.

If a man dreamed of calling his younger sister or relative a crown, this is an unfavorable sign. He says that for a long time he will not be able to meet his soul mate.

What a dream to marry: the interpretation of the dream book

If, however, an exciting moment in a dream saw a young man, the interpretation will be somewhat different:

  • If an indecisive guy happened to see a plot in a dream, where he decided to make his girlfriend an offer to marry, then this suggests that he is not sure about his girlfriend’s feelings for him in real life.
  • To marry a completely unfamiliar girl is a sign that the young man is uncomfortable in current relationships and he subconsciously wants to break them.

For a young girl, the proposal that has appeared is mostly a good sign, but there are some nuances:

  • For an unmarried girl, a dream foreshadows an acquaintance with a status and respected fiancé.
  • If the dreamer is already engaged, then the dream promises a quarrel and a showdown with the loved one.
  • When in a dream the guy made a proposal not to the dreamer, but to another girl, this is a warning sign. He tells the girl about the need to change their attitude to the current guy. Otherwise, the parting can not be avoided.
  • In the case when the dreamer had a dream in which she was called not to marry, but to the girlfriend’s best friend, such a dream speaks of the envy of the dreamer in real life.
  • If a girl dreamed that her beloved boyfriend calls her to marry without a ring, it is a sign of a delay in the fulfillment of her cherished dream.
  • If such a dream had a dream on the eve of the wedding, it foreshadows strong family relationships and a faithful husband.

A married woman’s sentence can say a lot:

  • If a married woman dreamed that her husband had proposed to her, then soon their relationship would return her former passion and awe. The dreamer should be more modest and try not to attract the attention of the opposite sex, so as not to provoke the husband’s jealousy.
  • In the case when a dream from a colleague was dreamed up, this suggests that someone from the dreamer’s staff “podszhivaet” her, spreading false rumors about her in order to harm her reputation and position in society.
  • Hearing a sentence from a stranger is an unfavorable symbol. He says that a woman may soon have a lover. Relationships can become quite serious. If a woman is satisfied with everything in the current marriage, then everything should be done to avoid possible relations on the side.
  • If at once two gentlemen offer to formalize the relationship, then this dream foreshadows vain efforts and worries.

An elderly lady can see this exciting moment in a dream for several reasons:

  • If a lady in years dreamed a dream that her own spouse was calling her under the crown, then this is a good symbol. Her husband, all the years of marriage, was incredibly glad that he was married to this woman.
  • A dream that a stranger offers a hand and a heart indicates that the dreamer has a secret admirer who has been thinking about her for many years.

For a more accurate and correct interpretation of the dream, it is important to remember what emotions and feelings the dreamer felt at the moment when she was called to be married and what was her answer to the sentence:


Value of sleep

If the dreamer decisively said «yes», then this promises her great triumph, respect and success in all undertakings. Her personal qualities will be highly appreciated.

If the dreamer did not agree, this suggests that she should take a close look at her immediate environment. Among her friends are hypocrites and envious who are trying in every way to spoil her reputation and position in society. In addition, you should consider changing your job or place of residence.

Promises to give an answer after a while

The dreamer deliberately slows down the progress of important things.

Don’t know what to answer

The dream suggests that the dreamer creates an impression of a windy person in people who cannot fulfill the promise.

A sign that at the right moment, because of her lack of self-confidence, the girl will lose the opportunity to hold a good position or marry a worthy life partner.

Arrogantly and sharply refuses

Not to give consent to your former cavalier is a sign that soon the girl will be in trouble because of her inability to forgive old offenses and find compromises in dealing with people

Soon the girl will meet a guy who at first does not like her, however, over time, she will consider all the positive qualities in him and become the wife of this young man.

To dramatic changes in the life of the dreamer

To receive an interesting proposal in the business sphere, improving social status and financial well-being

To parting with the current young man

A woman can be supplemented with a dream interpretation by the information about who exactly proposed the dreamer to become his wife:

Who made the offer

Meaning of dream

This dream has auspicious meaning. The dream says that the current young man truly loves the dreamer and dreams of creating a strong and friendly family with her. In the case when a dream like this has come to a lonely girl, it means that soon she will meet a decent guy with whom she can relate her fate.

Former young man

If you dreamed that the guy with whom the dreamer broke up, called to marry, this indicates the girl’s indecision, her unwillingness or unwillingness to forget the past and start a new life. This may interfere with building relationships in the future, as the dreamer will compare all men with her ex-boyfriend

A dream in which a friend of the dreamer invites her to formalize their romantic relationship is a sign that this young man truly loves the girl and wants to be with her

Sleep has an unpleasant meaning. He warns that among the friends of the dreamer there are ill-wishers who envy her happiness and are constantly trying to embroil a couple.

In such a situation it is not necessary to tell outsiders about your relationship. The better the dreamer speaks about her boyfriend, the more it causes envy of the surrounding single girls

Unpleasant or stranger

Such a dream suggests that soon the dreamer will change his mind about this unpleasant person, since he will help her out in a difficult moment.

Get a proposal for marriage from the military — to a quick change of job. New post will be more profitable, prestigious and suitable. It is not excluded that in the new team the dreamer will find her life partner

To advance on the career ladder, improvement of the material situation. If the dreamer did not reciprocate the young man, this is a sign that cardinal changes should be made in his life.

If a proposal is made by strangers on behalf of the beloved, this is a bad symbol. He talks about the presence of envious people who will try to tarnish the dreamer’s reputation.

If a man had a dream in which he is offered to marry, then this is a warning sign. In the near future, you should be very careful when signing important documents.

If a marriage proposal was made with a ring, then it is important to try to remember what it looked like and what material it was made from:

Interpretation of sleep

To great happiness in all areas of human life

Sign that a man will soon repeat the mistake of the past

To the fulfillment of desire, joyful tidings

Ahead of a person waiting for a lot of work and tireless work

If a loved one decided to present a silver wedding ring, this promises the creation of a strong marriage.

If a woman dreamed that she was presented with an unusual ring made of wood, she will have a long and painstaking work to create family happiness, but all the efforts of the dreamer will be rewarded

To receive a large inheritance, financial assistance from wealthy relatives, generous gift

A ring with a diamond

To success in business. The main thing is to believe in your strength and remain optimistic.

Ruby Ring

To improving material well-being, solving financial problems

With a big stone

To a pleasant acquaintance that will change the fate of a person

With small pebbles

To sorrow and tears

Exactly in size

For a harmonious relationship with your loved one

Small or large

To the imminent dissolution of marriage. For an unmarried girl, this is a sign that she can’t find a worthy life partner for herself.

Bright and brilliant

Relationship with the spouse will be harmonious and measured

To break off relations, treason, quarrel with a loved one

Conflicts, mutual claims of households to each other

You should think about your life path and make drastic changes.

Reproaches and mutual insults will cause divorce or rupture of relations between lovers

The key to the prediction of a dream lies in the situation and circumstances in which a marriage proposal was made:


Dream interpretation

Soon the dreamer may have problems on the basis of nervous and physical exhaustion. Should rest more and stick to a balanced diet.

To change the place of residence

By ship, by train, by plane, by car

To a sharp and unexpected twist of fate

The future husband will be a reliable protector and support for the woman.

At the seaside

Relationship with the future spouse will be gentle and touching, but you should be prepared for frequent trips of the husband

In a champagne glass

The second half will be an active person who will not be bored


The marriage will be dominated by a woman

Many seers, psychics, magicians and psychologists are interested in secret signs of fate that predict the future in a person’s personal life. Each interpreter has his own point of view on this:

Interpreter of dreams


  • For a woman, a dream about a proposal to marry promises an interesting business proposal, promotion through the career ladder, salary increase. If a stranger called to marry, then this is an unfavorable sign. He warns of the possibility of fraud and deception soon.
  • If a man dreamed that he was proposing to his girlfriend to legitimize the relationship — he was waiting for an unexpected event that would make him look at life in a new way
  • Make an offer — to receive unexpected profits in large amounts.
  • To see how a close friend makes an offer — to the disappointment of a close person
  • If you dreamed that a husband is calling to marry, then the relationship of the spouses will become warmer and more harmonious, the old passion will return.
  • The offer from the former guy promises positive changes in life, from a stranger — to a happy marriage.
  • If the guy proposes to go under the crown — the dreamer will fall into a situation where it will be necessary to show character

If a man has offered his favorite to legitimize the relationship, this is a warning sign that you should not make casual acquaintances, as they can cause great trouble

A dream of a proposal to go down the aisle means that the dreamer has a secret admirer who has long had unrequited feelings for her.

Dream interpretation of the 21st century

  • If a girl dreamed that she was offered to legitimize the relationship, it is a symbol of the emergence of a patron who will protect her from all life’s hardships. Another interpretation of such a dream is a bright and memorable wedding.
  • For a married woman, such a dream promises a great quarrel with her husband
  • A dream says that a woman should deal with her life, as there are a large number of difficult unresolved moments in her.
  • Low self-esteem of the dreamer prevents the dreamer from achieving success

A dream about a proposal to go down the aisle promises a dreamer to increase her authority in the eyes of colleagues

To meet a wealthy man

Temporary difficulties the dreamer can easily handle

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