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Victoria Daineko found out what dream ex-boyfriend

Victoria Daineko found out what dream ex-boyfriend

A popular singer recently began to seriously think about family and personal life. And if in her career everything is going well, then on a personal front, the girl still fails after failure. Is there anyone in her mind, or is the girl’s heart still loose?

Victoria Daineko does not cease to suffer from loneliness, but she does not despair and constantly shares her feelings and feelings in social networks. The girl has repeatedly expressed her personal life, emphasizing that she can’t find her only one. And then she began to overcome dreams, which she willingly shared on her page.

The girl wanted to ask her fans what her ex-boyfriend dreams about, and received very specific answers.

As it turned out, Victoria Daineko often dreams of Alexei Vorobyev, with whom she met for almost a year. It is worth recalling that the couple broke up due to differences in attitudes and priorities in life. It turned out that Vika was so keen on Alexey that she had already planned to leave her career to an absolute level in order to become an exemplary wife and keeper of the hearth.

Alexey Vorobiev, on the contrary, devoted all his time to work, which he wanted from his chosen one. At the moment when the singer found out that Vika had left her producer center for the sake of relations with him, he realized that their connection had gone too far and hurried to quickly break with Vika. He argued his decision by not letting Daineko into an abyss as a talented singer and end his career.

On the one hand, the act can be assessed as noble, but the star party, and Vika herself, took this explanation as a simple excuse with which he covered his unwillingness to start a family and take responsibility for someone.

And, it seems, the passion in the soul of Victoria Daineko calmed down a little, however, as she recently confessed herself, Lesha still appears to her in dreams. Why dream of a former boyfriend, she tried to ask fans in a very microblogging. Fans of Wiki did not disregard this of her record and began to vigorously express their assumptions.

The connoisseurs of the dream book have advanced their versions.

According to the majority, the former dream of a new relationship. Someone put forward the theory that the former beloved dream of trouble and even illness. After all clarifications of this issue, one thing became obvious: Victoria Daineko still cannot forget Alexei Vorobiev, which is why he comes to her in dreams.

It turns out that to see the former in a dream is not necessary for any event or occasion. It is possible that in such dreams just lurk true desires and dreams, which, alas, is not always destined to come true.

By the way, dreams can not always be interpreted unequivocally. To date, there are many dream books, in each of which the interpretation of dreams is based on different methods. Dream Vanga, Nostradamus dream book, Freud’s dream book and many other dream interpreters may interpret dreams in different ways.

It all depends on personal preferences when choosing a dream book.

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