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The same recurring dream: why is he dreaming?

The same recurring dream: why is he dreaming?

What to do if for a long time you have the same dream? What does it mean and how to decrypt it?

Many psychologists and esotericists claim that repeating the same dream is a bright sign that something urgently needs to be solved in life. This is a sign of an unresolved problem that torments a person in reality, interferes with life, but he does not realize the need for a decision. As a result, the problem comes to him in touch in a dream on a subconscious level.

For a dream that dreams for a long time, you need to pay special attention. As a rule, in such dreams, details and objects are not important. What is important is the situation, plot, sensations and emotions that cause what he saw.

In order to decipher a recurring dream, you need to analyze your life situation. Often in such a dream solutions may come.

Very often repeated dreams go on a certain plot. This can be a flight in a dream, a fall, dreams about passing an exam, dreams about how you stand naked in front of the public, or dreams in which you are constantly in a hurry somewhere. Such dreams have very specific interpretations.

Flying in a dream

This dream indicates that your life situation is bothering you. You do not have enough freedom. You want to change your life, but you have a lot to do with your past.

If you often dream the same dream in which you fly, it means that you urgently need to think about change.

Fall in a dream

If you often see yourself falling, it means that in reality you have the fear to stumble, to make a mistake. You are afraid of the collapse of your hopes, expectations and plans, and this fear comes to you through a dream. In this case, you need to bring your internal state in order and calm down.

Ask for help or entrust your problems to loved ones.

Seeing yourself naked in a dream before an audience

This dream suggests that you are in reality afraid of being humiliated and ridiculed. You are afraid that nobody will approve your work and efforts. In reality, do not look for approval from anyone, do not try to get an assessment of others, as this will generate new fears not to meet expectations.

You should not compare yourself with others, compare yourself with your past.

Pass exams in a dream, dreams about school

This dream indicates your anxiety and self-doubt. Probably, in reality, you are doing something that is very important to you, and you are afraid of failure. You have to take responsibility for their decisions and actions.

Hurry in a dream

If you constantly dream of the same dream in which you are in a hurry somewhere, it means that in reality you are afraid of missing something. Such a dream suggests that you have not yet found yourself, and this is causing you concern and anxiety.

Each recurring dream is a signal that in reality you urgently need to change something in life. Listen to your dreams, and then you can see the world around you more deeply and clearly. Good luck and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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