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The meaning of dreams: why dream of water

The meaning of dreams: why dream of water

Water is a symbol of life and the source of all life. Water in a dream often indicates the state of our soul and body. What is the significance of this dream, and what can it foreshadow?

Water by dreamy Vanga

Wanga interpreted the meaning of such a dream in her own way. She believed that the water seen in a dream foreshadowed good and well-being. In her dream book, water is a symbol of renewal, rebirth, purification.

  • if you dreamed of clean water, then it is to great luck and fast happiness.
  • If a the water is dirty, dark or muddy, then it indicates a bad relationship with other people. It is necessary to show patience and kindness to those who are nearby, and then everything will be fine.
  • Drowning in a dream according to Vanga’s dream book means to go against nature, against the forces of the universe. This is a sign that it is necessary to stop and stop obstructing the will of one’s destiny.

Water according to Freud’s dream book

Psychologist Sigmund Freud believed that the water seen in a dream is a reflection of the relationship between the sexes.

  • See a lot of water in a dream means the desire of a person to pour out their sexual energy.
  • Bathe in a dream for a woman means a quick pregnancy, for a man — the satisfaction of their sexual needs.

Water according to Tsvetkov’s dream book

  • Drink clean water — to changes in life, fortunately and good luck.
  • Dreamed muddy and muddy water — to the disease, disappointment.
  • If in a dream you diving into the pond, then in reality you will get into a difficult and unpleasant situation.
  • If in a dream you wash your face, that in reality you have to get rid of all the problems that torment you. You will be cleansed of everything that interferes with your happy existence.

Why dream of water. The value of sleep on the national dream book

The people’s dream book is considered the most truthful and easy to understand. According to this interpreter of dreams, pure water means well-being, healing, fast joy. If dreamed dirty, dark or muddy water — wait for the disease. Swim in such water — to danger and tears.

Rain in a dream means success in business and money.

Do not forget that every dream has its own meaning, and if you want to better understand yourself and learn about upcoming events, then pay attention to your dreams. Good luck and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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