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The meaning of dreams: why dream of a house

The meaning of dreams: why dream of a house

Many people believe in brownies. And those, in turn, not only manifest themselves in real life, but also come to people in a dream.

The brownie is the keeper of the house. Mostly they settle down where people have lived for a long time, by whole generations. How to make friends with the brownie, we were told earlier.

Using these techniques, you can cajole this essence so that it lives its own life, and you your own.

Brownie in a dream

If the brownie is talking to you, it is necessary to remember what the conversation was about. If you communicated calmly and kindly, then everything is in order — the brownie has his own business, and you have your own, and you will not cross in real life.

If the brownie was angry with you in a dream or scolded you, expect things to go missing. Will return or not return, will depend on his mood and on your relationship.

When you fight a brownie in a dream, it means that you will soon have the opportunity to go on a trip or there will be a need for a business trip.

A special case is when brownie in a dream strangling you. Obviously, the spirit is not satisfied with what is happening in the house. Perhaps he requires cleaning, and maybe someone from the tenants left.

He usually strangles the one who is in charge of the house to impress him and make him do something. One way or another, but in this case, the house-spirit wants to change something.

When is the dream house in any form, it says directly about its presence in your home in reality. How to behave, if in the apartment of the house, read in a special article that will help to overcome the feeling of fear and confusion before the spirit of the house.

If the brownie gave you something in a dream, then he is extremely good and does not wish you evil. He is well in your house and he does not intend to show himself.

If you curse with a brownie in a dream, then in real life you are waiting for serious disagreements with loved ones.

Everyone sees a brownie in a different way. If in a dream the brownie was like a man, he was pleasant in appearance, then he wants you to pay attention to him. He is kind and not whimsical.

If you had a terrible brownie, then he does not want you to search for him or come into contact with him.

Old Slavic dream book

Our ancestors considered the appearance of a brownie in a dream as a bad sign, which meant future problems. This sign has not changed for almost a thousand years, therefore, it has its strength. The only thing that makes them neutral for us is the absence of evil goals in relation to the owners and tenants of the house.

Freund’s Dream

Sigmund Freud considered the dreams in which perfumes figure as an indicator that a person has an unsolved problem that has passed away with some kind of person. Perhaps it is a father, grandfather or brother, who were supposed to help you in some way, but died suddenly. Brownie — this is your experience, your hopes and even fears.

To find out if there is a brownie in the apartment, the special techniques described in another article will help. If the spirit has never come to you in a dream, these methods will tell you if there is someone in your house. Good luck, sweet dreams, and do not forget to press the buttons and

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