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The meaning of dreams: why dream of a coffin

The meaning of dreams: why dream of a coffin

A coffin in a dream is an infrequent phenomenon, that is why we are so lost when we are confronted with something similar. Each dream book about this has its own unique interpretation.

A coffin is not the most pleasant thing in a dream and in life, but this does not mean at all that such dreams are only negative. Much of the interpretation depends on the details.

Old Slavic dream book

Our ancestors believed that the coffin itself means preparing trap. In the near future, you will be lurking the danger posed by your friends. Just be alert, do not take risks and do not trust those who betrayed you in the past or had such thoughts.

Coffin in a dream It may also indicate that someone is waiting for you to retreat in the fight. For you, this sign must mean the final stage of the battle, the decisive step on the road to victory.

If you lie in a coffin, then it’s time to quit bad habits and take care of your health. Perhaps you have some kind of hidden ailment that needs attention.

If you see in a coffin tell your friend that your friend is lucky, for this is a sign of great luck for him. The same applies to your relatives — they will live a long life.

If you choose a coffin, it is worth thinking about your life priorities. Something in your life has an undeservedly high status of importance. Review your behavior in some issues.

European catholic dream book

A coffin means many things. If you are in a coffin, and around you are your relatives, then it is a symbol of family love. Someone from the family will give you a helping hand or have already done it, rejecting trouble.

If in a coffin, not you, but your relative, then he will live a long life.

When you see in the tomb of your good friend, This suggests that this person may upset you in the near future, although he will do it absolutely not on purpose.

When dreaming of an empty coffin, then it is a wake-up call. Someone from your environment can get sick. It can even be you.

In addition, an empty coffin means the possibility of serious problems in relations with loved ones.

Freund’s Dream

Freud saw a direct connection between the type of the coffin and the worldview, the character of a person. So, the coffin is expensive and clean means that you feel good and do not need anything. On the contrary rotten or old coffin they talk about some pathologies, about diseases and about a strong lack of confidence in themselves.

Size is also very important — if the coffin is big and monumental, inspiring confidence, then you are not afraid of any problems. Little coffin says that you are not ready to have children or are afraid to do it.

If in the tomb you see your enemy, this is a good sign, because subconsciously you feel superior. Usually such dreams suggest that you are able to cope with any problem in your life. It also testifies to your confidence, strength of mind, and courage.

If you see a strange dream, do not rush to get upset. Even if the interpretation of your dream is not the most positive, it is only a reason to be more careful. Good luck, pleasant dreams and do not forget to press the buttons and

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