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Sleep-grass: we make a pillow with herbs

Sleep-grass: we make a pillow with herbs

Stress, irritability and insomnia negatively affect the physical and emotional health of each person. Normalize sleep and calm the nervous system will help therapeutic pillow with herbs.

The modern world tests man every day. The fast pace rarely gives you the opportunity to fully relax, and the constant influence of electromagnetic radiation adversely affects energy and body health. A pillow with aromatic herbs will provide a sound healthy sleep and protect the body from the harmful effects of the environment.

Sleep-grass for medical pillows

Herbal therapy, or herbal medicine, has been known since ancient times. In order to make a pillow, it is important to know the healing properties of herbs.

pharmaceutical camomile improves sleep and makes it serene.

Hop cones soothe, improve energy, relieve headaches and treat insomnia.

Heather helps in the fight against insomnia, increases the resistance of the nervous system to negative effects.

Melissa clarifies thoughts, calms and gives a deep sound sleep.

Sagebrush protects against negative effects, brings vivid dreams, has a hypnotic effect and fights depression.

Nettle has the ability to protect sleep and drive away nightmares. Increases immunity and speeds up metabolism.

Lavender acts as a sedative for stress. Heals insomnia and, like a dream catcher, drives away evil spirits.

Caraway It helps to relax, calmly fall asleep and restore mental balance.

the Rose has the property to relax and tune in to the romantic mood. Restores strength during sleep and allows you to see the prophetic dreams.

Althea heals during sleep, charges with vigor and energy. Increases the body’s resistance to infections.

Needles relieve nightmares, help in the treatment of colds and reduce nervous irritability.

DIY pillow for sleeping

To make a pillow for sleeping with your own hands is not difficult. If you do not have any grass harvested from the summer, buy it at a pharmacy. You will need a natural thick fabric. She will not allow raw materials to get enough sleep and will save from stabbing stems.

For greater elasticity and volume of the pillow, add sedge or straw. Stuff a pillowcase with your favorite chopped grass or grass collection and sew it up.

Sleep-grass, which is filled with a pillow, compresses over time and loses its healing and aromatic properties. After use, place the pillow in a tight, resealable bag or container. So it will retain its healing properties and aroma longer.

Do not forget to shake it, so that the grass is not crumpled and evenly distributed inside the pillowcase.

Use a ready-made pillow with sleep-grass as needed. Put a pillow next to yourself or under the main pillow and enjoy the smell of the summer meadow. Effectively use several small pillows with different herbs.

Sew small, thick pillowcases and tamp them up with different collections of herbs. Combine herbs that increase immunity with those that help normalize sleep. A variety of fragrant pillows have a beneficial effect on the physical and mental state.

They not only soothe, but also give a healing dream, after which you will feel a surge of strength and good spirits.

In the manufacture of pillows for pillows, remember that things made with your own hands, have a strong energy. Such a pillow will be a great talisman for your home. Made with love, it will serve as an excellent gift for loved ones and loved ones.

Boost immunity with energy drinks and avoid stressful situations. Remember that your health depends not only on external factors, but also on your mood. Be happy and do not forget to press the buttons and

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