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Sleep-grass: how to deal with insomnia

Sleep-grass: how to deal with insomnia

Insomnia can deprive oneself of strength in a short time and lead to depression and apathy. One of the effective ways to combat this disease is a set of popular recipes and energy practices. With their help, you can restore sleep mode in a short time.

As you know, in a dream, a person spends about a third of his life. Good sleep is essential for health and performance, because a person who has not slept is absent-minded and unable to concentrate on important educational or professional issues.

At all times a great importance was attached to the state of sleep: many energy practices, for example, lucid dreams or astral journeys were built on this part of life.

Folk methods of dealing with insomnia

To combat such a serious condition as insomnia, there are many methods and practices. Some of them have already proven themselves as time-tested.

Soothing herbs for sound sleep. Many plants have healing properties. Herbs such as lemon balm, hops and oregano are able to relieve fatigue of the nervous system and have a beneficial effect on sleep.

These medicinal plants can be brewed and drunk, or you can make a pillow for sleeping, using them as printed material. Herbal pillow, made with your own hands, will help you quickly calm down after a hard day and fall asleep.

Flight before bedtime. This method involves the use of the energy body for a quick break to sleep. You need to stay in complete darkness and silence, lie on your back, stretch your arms along your body and begin to imagine that your body is weightless.

Full relaxation should begin with the feet and gradually rise up the body, causing a feeling of emptiness of lightness in the muscles.

When relaxation comes to the head, you should feel how all thoughts leave you, and your body “flies up” above the bed. As soon as you feel this, order yourself to fall asleep.

Grounding and immersion. Some do not like flying in a dream or in reality: they can cause discomfort and fear. In this case, you may come up with a completely opposite method, “grounding” the thin body and not letting you think about something that prevents you from falling asleep.

For this practice, you also need darkness, silence and posture for sleeping on your back. Relax and breathe deeply, breathing in and out through your nose. With each breath, imagine that your body is filled with weight, starting with your feet, and with each exhalation, gravity gently plunges you into the mattress.

When the body is «grounded» completely, you will fall into a deep sleep.

Insomnia often arises due to internal problems and fears that cause tension. Balance your state and achieve peace of mind will help meditation and technology, eliminating negative thoughts. We wish you a good sleep and a good mood. Smile often and don’t forget to press buttons and

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