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Sleep from Tuesday to Wednesday — what does it mean?

What does sleep from Tuesday to Wednesday mean?

We often have dreams in which important events take place. Some of the dreams are filled with iridescent paintings, others cause concern for their further fate. How to determine which dream is prophetic and prophesies changes in fate?

To do this, consider the day of the week. Sleep from Tuesday to Wednesday — what does it mean?

Consider the details.

Sleep from Tuesday to Wednesday - what does it mean?

Mercury and Mars

To understand how the energy of the day of the week affects the meaning of a dream, let’s turn to astrology. The planetary patron of Tuesday is an aggressive and belligerent Mars, cruel and merciless.

It was on Tuesday that the dark sorcerers make deadly damage and take revenge on enemies. How can Mars affect the meaning of a dream?

Dreams on Wednesday night suggest that the dreamer will not be able to realize in his life: Mars obstructs the implementation of plans or points to existing obstacles.

Mars shows the following:

  • causes of interference in business;
  • interfering people;
  • what traits of the dreamer’s character interfere in life;
  • reasons for financial failures and failures in business.

Dreams on Wednesday are more analyzed and foreshadowed than claimed. After analyzing the dream, you can understand and correct the mistakes made, change the course of events on your own.

Prophecy dreams on Wednesday can only be at the nodal points of fate, on other days, they are a mirror image of current problems — they are advised on how best to get out of this situation.

The planetary patron of the environment is Mercury, who heads the secrets of the past. Mercury patronizes communication, communication, friendship, as well as merchants and fraudsters of various stripes.. Bright, eventful dreams at this time bring changes in life.

Inexpressive dreams suggest that you lack information and impressions.

Mercury, as the patron saint of friendship, often informs about friends and reveals their secrets. If the dream is well remembered, analyze the content and correct what can be corrected in a relationship with friends or colleagues.

Dreams on Wednesday rarely foreshadow significant changes in life, mainly they express a psychological aspect.. If you had a dream consisting of a kaleidoscope of events, soon the social circle will expand — you will find new friends.

Dream trip, movement, movement — a bright life, full of events and impressions, awaits you. Fly in a dream from tuesday to wednesday — to obtain useful information that will help to establish the necessary connections and solve unsolvable issues.

Sleep from Tuesday to Wednesday - what does it mean?

Dreams of money

Merchant patron to merchants can bring dreams of money, commerce and fraud. Visions are different:

  • large bills;
  • metallic money;
  • borrow / give money;
  • see gold bars / jewelery;
  • be on the market;
  • steal money / goods;
  • images of scammers / gypsies / crooks.

See paper money large dignity — to good luck. The larger denominations were bills, the greater the profit the dreamer will receive.

See metal scattering — to tears. The effort spent will not pay off; ruin is possible.

Be careful in transactions, beware of scammers: you can simply be robbed.

if you give money in a dream, this is a favorable sign. Soon the dreamer will receive a reward for his work or receive a valuable gift.

Also expect friendly business support.

Pictures of the market square and bazaar do not bode well. You are expected to gossip behind your back, the spread of false rumors.

Roam the market and view the counters — measure their capabilities. If you made a purchase in a dream — remember what you purchased.

This is a dream tip.

If the product is of high quality, favorable prospects are expected, trash on the counter is to the detriment. See a friend in the market — before you is a deceitful, insincere person, do not trust him.

Gold on the shelves — to a decent reward for the work invested. However, if gold jewelery or ingots were broken or fake, it brings negativity to the dreamer’s life.

Stole wallet On the market? Wait for trouble.

If the dreamer in a dream himself stole something — to the temptations, which will be extremely difficult to overcome.

Images of crooks, gypsies and scammers on the market — in reality, you are surrounded by deceitful two-faced people. Remember if you saw among them your real business partners, dear friends or lovers.

If so, make a corresponding conclusion.

Sleep from Tuesday to Wednesday - what does it mean?

Bad dreams

What dreams of Wednesday foreshadow bad things? This is a dream with the energy of Mars.:

  • meat, blood;
  • explosions, fire;
  • steel arms;
  • rust iron;
  • cemetery.

See raw meat — to the disease. Bad if the meat was with blood.

If your health is strong, expect a dirty trick and sabotage by others.

Fire may portend high fever. Explosion — to conflicts, scandalous situations and open aggression.

Be wary of physical attacks from aggressive people. Better not to get involved in a conflict.

See edged weapons, as well as forks and sharp objects — you will become the object of someone’s anger. Take care of yourself.

During this period, it is better to postpone the planned trips, postpone the vacation, do not start a new business.

Rust on iron symbolizes the obstacles in the affairs. Your idea can not be realized due to all sorts of obstacles and unexpected breakdowns.

Wait for the right moment.

Cross on grave, graveyard landscape pose a serious threat to business or relationships with anyone. Consider that the fat point is put — continuation will not be.

Dreams on Wednesday night are a hint — what needs to be done, what to fix, what to be afraid of? You should not take the seen pictures literally: the universe only warns of a possible set of circumstances.

We saw a scandal at work — change your workplace. You have a dream about the past — do not make the same mistakes in the future. Saw dead relatives or friends — they warn you against fatal mistakes or errors.

Remember: everything can be corrected if desired.

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For proper divination: focus on the subconscious and do not think about anything at least 1-2 minutes.

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