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Sleep from Thursday to Friday: will it come true

Sleep from Thursday to Friday: will it come true

It is believed that sleep from Thursday to Friday always comes true. Is this true and where did this statement come from?

Astrologers say that only dreams seen in the second half of the night or in the morning are prophetic dreams. Friday is ruled by Venus, a planet that “knows” human feelings, emotions and desires. At this time, a person is most susceptible to everything that happens around him.

His emotions and sensations become clearer, which results in a dream.

Do dreams come true from Thursday to Friday

As a rule, dreams from Thursday to Friday are always very vivid and memorable. They come true within two to three months. Often such a dream is not prophetic, but a dream-prompting.

In such a dream, you may dream of solving a problem or another vision of the situation.

In any case, you need to listen to dreams from Thursday to Friday. They will probably help you in real life.

What do dreams mean from thursday to friday

Often dreams from Thursday to Friday show us the essence of our desires, aspirations, our passions, doubts, worries, dreams. In other words, in a dream we begin to experience everything at once. In such a dream, we can see how our affairs are in our personal lives, at work, with money.

The meaning of sleep from Thursday to Friday is interpreted individually. But sometimes you should not look for a dream book, in order to find out its decoding. Often these dreams show us the results of our activities and actions, as well as predict the future that will possibly happen to us if we act in the same way as we do now.

There is a belief that in a dream from Thursday to Friday a young girl can see her future husband. I must say that it was pleasant to wonder about love on the night from Thursday to Friday. The Friday could show the future family life, as the ruler of this day of the week, Venus, is also the patron saint of love. If a girl wanted to see her future spouse in a dream, then, going to bed, she should say three times: «From Thursday to Friday, the Sun is moving back to the Moon, show me a dream, who is in love with me!»

Be attentive to your dreams, because everything that comes to us in dreams, has its hidden meaning. Good luck and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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