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Should we believe in dreams: the Orthodox point of view

Should we believe in dreams: the Orthodox point of view

Dreams attract by their singularity, awaken joy or sadness. What happens to us during the night, in which world we fall? Should I believe in dreams or just ignore the bizarre scenes?

Consider the issue from the Orthodox point of view.

Should we believe in dreams: the Orthodox point of view

Orthodox view of dreams

During sleep, a person becomes completely defenseless, losing vigilance and control over his thoughts. If during wakefulness we can withstand the temptations of this world, then in the world of dreams we behave quite differently.

Therefore, the fathers of the church consider the pictures of dreams to be dangerous for the human soul, because evil forces can easily be seduced by sinful thoughts and actions.

In most cases, the evil one uses the defenseless state of a person to plunge him into the depths of passions and sinful thoughts. Demons can send pictures of nightmares, violence or physical temptation.

Thus, they are trying to influence the mind and feelings, inclining to sin. They may also appear in the form of saints or angels in order to mislead a person.

If a person succumbs to this trick and after awakening turns to the dream book for interpretation, it is an impulse to action for demons. Next time they will send pictures of dreams through which they will control the actions of a person.

Therefore, to the question «Believe us dreams?» The answer is unequivocal — no.

For the edification of the church fathers, they give an example from the life of one monk who believed in dreams. He led a righteous life, but demons took advantage of his gullibility dreams. The crafty slyly did to the monk without scaring him away with nightmares or blasphemy.

The monk deeper and deeper into this pool, frivolously trusting the temptation of the evil one. Then one day the evil one showed him that the Savior is in fact not in the Light, but in Darkness.

Bes tried to convince the monk that the true sons of God are Jews, not Christians.

After this dream, the monk decided to join the «elect» and turned to Judaism. He left an Orthodox monastery to follow the path of the Jewish religion.

For a long time the monk did not live, since his mow was an incurable disease. This is what a person’s credulity can lead to in dreams sent by an unclean spirit.

Therefore, the fathers of the Orthodox Church instruct the flock not to trust their dreams and not to try to interpret them.

Should we believe in dreams: the Orthodox point of view

Dreams from god

Are there dreams sent from the highest world? Yes, they also happen, but they differ in edifying character and never contradict the gospel.

If you see a plot that does not correspond to the Word of God, it comes from the evil one.

However, one should not expect the message of dreams from the world above: the Lord honors such an honor only the elect.

The Old Testament mentions the righteous to whom the Lord sent His revelations through dreams. For example, a prophetic dream was sent to the righteous Joseph, in which he saw himself and his 11 brothers. They were in the field and knitted sheaves.

And suddenly, it was his sheaf that everyone bowed to. Then he saw that the moon and the sun had bowed to him along with the stars.

The number of stars also corresponded to eleven.

When Joseph told his brothers about his dream, they became angry at him and sold him into slavery. But God arranged that in a few years Joseph’s brothers were forced to come to Egypt, because there was famine in their land and there was no bread.

In the New Testament we see another Joseph, the Handcuffer. When the virgin Mary became pregnant, he questioned her decency and decided to leave.

But in a dream the archangel Gabriel came to him and said that the child was conceived by the Holy Spirit. Moreover, the Archangel Gabriel said what name the baby should be called.

In a dream, Joseph learned that a child would save the world from sins and become a Redeemer.

Also in a dream, Joseph was warned of Herod’s intention to kill all babies, so the holy family needs to go to Egypt with a succulent taste. When the trouble passed, the archangel Gabriel ordered them to return home.

Orthodox righteous have also seen dreams from God. For example, Seraphim Sarovsky dreamed of the Mother of God several times. However, few people can repeat the prayer feat of Seraphim of Sarov, especially, in the desert for 15 years.

Therefore, one should not fall into the beauty and expect that dreams from God can come unworthy. They need to earn.

Many who have recently set out on the spiritual path can wait for many temptations, for demons don’t cost anything to appear in the form of the Mother of God or some saint.

Spiritual beauty is one of the strongest temptations that visit the immature souls of the righteous. Spiritual abuse occurs in the minds of men, so demons are actively attacking the Orthodox in their dreams.

Should we believe in dreams: the Orthodox point of view

Spiritual protection

Fathers of the church believe that dreams reflect our spiritual world and experiences, are a projection of the spiritual life. By the nature of the dreams, you can determine which spiritual ailments hit the person.

If you are haunted by erotic dreams, then demons have found a weak spot through the sin of prodigal passion. Therefore, dreams should be used to curb their vices.

Is it possible to believe in dreams in which images of saints come? If you lead an unrighteous life, it is unlikely that the holy elders will come to you in a dream. Most likely, it came demons.

What to do, how to protect yourself from delusions?

The Orthodox clergy instructs them not to fall asleep without repentance and understanding their actions during the day.

If a believer reads the evening rule before bedtime, repents and is aware of his actions, then he can sleep as a righteous person. If you are still afraid of the influence of demons in a dream, you can read the “Life-giving Cross” and sprinkle the bed and the room with holy water.

The Sign of the Cross is a powerful defense of the faithful. Therefore, before going to bed you need to cross the doors, windows, ceiling, walls, floor and your bed.

Remember that only a few of the righteous receive dreams from God, demons can appear under the guise of angels.

Therefore, you should not believe the dream-book, through which the evil one can easily bring you into the beauty and even destroy the soul. Forget bad dreams, and question dreams with the participation of angels and saints.

You can talk about this with spiritual leaders from the church. They will explain to you the situation.

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