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People’s Dream Book: Features and Examples of Interpretations

People’s Dream Book: Features and Examples of Interpretations

The people’s dream book is the first one I address when I want to interpret an important dream. And his predictions come true most often, because he has accumulated all the experience and wisdom of the Russian people over the centuries.

Features of the Russian-national dream book

The author of the Russian dream book cannot be named, because it is the result of many years of work of the entire Slavic people as a whole. It contains the interpretation of dreams for all occasions, surprisingly accurate predictions.

People's Dream Book: Features and Examples of Interpretations

What are the features of this treatise:

  1. This is a universal interpreter of dreams, which can be used by absolutely all people, regardless of age, gender or religion.
  2. It contains the experience of the entire Russian people, the interpretation of the most famous soothsayers.
  3. Probably the most useful of this dream book is to use the Slavs, because the predictions are closest to the traditions and culture, worldview of the Slavic people. It reflects all kinds of traditions of a centuries-old history.
  4. Unlike the Slavic dream book, Russian is less connected with mythical characters and mythology, more close to reality. His predictions fit the life of modern man.

Russian-popular dream book is also a deep literary work with notes of esoteric knowledge. Therefore, it is valuable for history.

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In one article to list all the predictions of a huge dream book is impossible, so I will share the most common.

People's Dream Book: Features and Examples of Interpretations

  • If you dreamed of a vintage, antique clock, it means that some of your actions in the past will soon be reflected in the present. It is worth considering whether there are skeletons in your closet that can seriously complicate life.
  • To see a wall clock in a dream is a sign that you underestimate yourself, do not like life, and because of this you have a lot of problems. It is necessary to come to your senses, shake off and begin to live as consciously as possible, carefully thinking through each step and action.
  • A watch without a dial predicts the dreamer a serious threat to life, physical or mental health. Fate has prepared for you a serious test, so you should prepare for the difficulties so that they do not take you by surprise.
  • Watch fights dream to a black band, which will last a long time. A series of adverse events in your life will come, you should gain patience and endurance, try not to lose heart.
  • If you saw a pregnant woman in a dream, get ready for a new stage of life. Everything will change dramatically for the better. You will have a lot of new opportunities, prospects. The main thing is to catch the luck bird by the tail and not lose luck at the very beginning.
  • If you see an extraordinarily beautiful girl on demolition, and in a dream you have positive feelings for her, in real life expect profit. It can be both material and expressed in something else. For example, new friends will “arrive”, the second half will appear or you will find a favorite business.
  • Ugly future woman in labor does not bode well. Most likely, you will be faced with a multitude of household troubles that will overwhelm you, as if from a bucket of abundance.
  • When pregnancy dreams of young girls, it means that something unpleasant will happen in love affairs. They can quarrel with their beloved young man, or even break up. More mature pregnant women dream about health problems.
  • If a pregnant person dreamed of being pregnant, this is a harbinger of imminent death.
  • If a woman in a dream gave birth to a son, then in reality all her undertakings will end in success. It is worth setting new goals, even the most courageous, they will be fulfilled easily and effortlessly.
  • If pregnancy dreams of inveterate debtors, they will be able to reduce the number of their debts in the near future.

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Examples of interpretations from the Russian dream book

I will give a few more popular interpretations, which are most often asked.

People's Dream Book: Features and Examples of Interpretations

  • If you dreamed of a gaggle of mischievous fish that are merrily dabbling in the water and playing, this is incredible luck.
  • Dead inhabitants of the depths of the sea dreams to great grief. Tragedy falls upon the dreamer from day to day.
  • Fishing, if you fish yourself — to serious problems that you can successfully overcome. The main thing — do not give up and firmly move forward.
  • The net for catching dreams of a big purchase of something important and meaningful.
  • Animal burials dream of people who have lost hope and cannot fulfill their desires. But you should not despair — in the near future there will be a chance to change everything.
  • The sunken cemetery, if it is completely in the water, dreams of unforeseen everyday problems. Most likely, you will have to call the master to repair the house.
  • The usual cemetery is a sign that the dreamer is “asleep” in real life, living in the power of illusions. He needs to wake up, take responsibility for his actions and deeds.
  • To see children’s burial in a dream — to regret the lost opportunities in the past. You need to get rid of the burden of past events and learn to live fully in the present.
  • If in a dream you see cemetery crosses, in real life you will have to face serious problems. Alone, you can not cope — look for help, ask for help from a person from the inner circle, together you are able to overcome any adversity.
  • Seeing a dead man in a coffin carried to the grave is an ominous sign. Problems worth waiting for in your career, business or work. Someone from colleagues or partners wants to substitute you, be careful.
  • The church in the cemetery promises health problems, you should visit the doctor and examine your body far and wide. It can also be a signal that you do not care for your body, eat poorly, ignore physical activity, or get into bad habits.

For other interpretations, you can always refer to the full version of the dream book.

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