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Muslim dream book

Muslim dream book

A variety of scientists have long been engaged in the interpretation of dreams, trying to decipher them from a physiological and psychological point of view. In the old days, this was the task of the healers and esotericists, and it was then that the first dream books appeared to help determine what a dream was about. One of such books with dream decoding is the Muslim interpreter, who absorbed the most ancient approaches of this doctrine to what he saw in a dream.

Bad dreams according to Muslim interpretations

Beliefs say that nightmares come to people for a reason: they are brought by evil spirits to lead a person off the beaten track. Terrible, unpleasant and tangled dreams interfere with the restoration of energy and destroy the natural defense of a person, because in normal resistance to any evil requires inner strength. Efrites — as they are commonly called — can cause not only horrible or frightening images.

The erotic, love or sexual component of sleep is also, as a rule, interpreted not in the most encouraging way — as temptations, not forgotten in the past or expected in the future.

According to another point of view, nightmares are a consequence of how Satan influences a person — the eastern analogy of the devil. In a bad dream, he shakes the fortitude in a person, making him vulnerable and accessible to the influence of the internal demons. Depending on what the nightmare was associated with — expect and trouble, taking steps to prevent them in advance.

Sometimes evil demons cause a person to sleep paralysis — a condition in which a newly awakened person cannot move and sees frightening visions.

Why dream of a good dream

A pleasant dream, as reported by a Muslim dream book, is sent down to sleep by Allah himself, in order to suggest the right path or pay attention to the problematic areas of life. Working with them is usually able to bring success in the very near future. Plots with birds are considered a good sign if they do not show predatory claws or sharp beaks. This means that your initiatives are correct.

A favorable dream will be the image associated with relatives — it indicates that you are under the strong protection of the family.

Another good image, promising success — the book. It means strong potential and opportunities associated with your intellectual abilities. A good omen will be the reading of the Koran or the vision of the saints.

According to the spiritual books, the demons cannot take on the appearance of the true God, so such dreams speak for the location of Heaven towards you.

A Muslim dream book says that this is why prophetic people can only have good dreams — after all, they are sent down from heaven. Dreams, embarrassing the soul or disturbing the body of a dream — not prophetic, it is only the influence of demons who are trying to get to a person even in a dream. Prayer in the morning will drive this unfavorable energy away.

Seeing a strange dream, look into the dream book. Sometimes dreams really warn us about upcoming events. But remember that you need to live in real life, and not in the hazy night wanderings of your own consciousness. We wish you only bright dreams, courage for every morning, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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