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Interpretation of dreams: what dreams foreshadow illnesses?

Interpretation of dreams: what dreams foreshadow illnesses?

Prophetic dream can dream of each of us. Dreams can provide answers to troubling questions and suggest the correct solutions to vital problems. Many psychics claim that dreams can warn of the approach of the disease.

This is how our body works: when it fails, it signals us about it. These signals can manifest as symptoms, emotional state, or external changes. But, alas, we rarely pay attention to all this.

And in dreams, in a different reality, we are more susceptible to what is happening around. That is why our subconscious does not lose hope and warns us about the approaching illness in a dream. There are a number of dreams that are worth paying special attention to, since they are the direct heralds of a disease.

If you often dream of chase, persecution, falling from a great height, you feel fear and often wake up from such nightmares in a cold sweat, you may have heart problems.

Colds, flu and other infectious diseases can also be expressed in dreams. Usually our subconscious sends us a signal three to four days before the onset of the disease. If in a dream you see yourself naked, or burning in a fire, then you should pay special attention to your well-being.

Colds, acute respiratory infections, acute respiratory viral infections and the flu can also foreshadow dreams in which you bathe in a pond, feel thirsty, drink a lot of water or walk in uncomfortable clothes.

Hypertension portends disturbing dreams, in which there are natural disasters, falling into a pit, house collapse, war or unpleasant harsh sounds.

Diseases of the stomach and intestines are accompanied by fights in dreams. Also, when these ailments in a dream there is bitterness in the mouth or taste of blood. Diseases in which spoiled foods appear, especially fish, meat, fruits and vegetables, speak of a violation of the digestive system.

Signs of impending depression can be labyrinths, tunnels, forest thickets, from which you can not get out. Also, a sign of depression can be dreams, in which you came to a familiar place, and suddenly everything began to change rapidly.

Diseases of the lungs are manifested in the outside particularly bright. If you dream that you are being strangled or are being buried with earth, then you should pay special attention to the health of your lungs.

The harbingers of neurosis may be dreams in which you are trying to overcome obstacles, but you have nothing to do. For example, you were late for the train, you could not jump over the hole, or you can not climb the stairs. All such situations in dreams are signs of an unbalanced emotional state.

Dreams can indicate healing. If you see a bright Sun, a lot of light, clear water, you win a fight, you see cheerful children, flowers and other people’s funerals, it means that you will get better soon.

If you are serious about interpreting dreams that indicate illnesses, then you should pay attention to repeated dreams. If you see dreams almost similar to each other every night, then you need to treat this fact with extreme caution. Probably, your subconscious mind in this way reminds you that it is time to take care of your well-being.

The correct interpretation of dreams will help you learn about the impending disease and take the necessary measures in time to prevent the occurrence of the disease.

People suffering from chronic illnesses are advised to be more attentive to their night dreams. Having decoded a dream, they can learn in time about the exacerbation of the disease or improving their health. Did you learn something new from this article? Then click on the buttons and

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