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Important Symbols in a Dream: What a Guardian Angel Warns

Important Symbols in a Dream: What a Guardian Angel Warns

Often in a dream we see recurring subjects, objects, events. Repeated repetition is a kind of sign that is worth paying attention to in order to avoid trouble.

Guardian Angels can communicate with us. Often they send special warnings that call for our responsibility and composure. One of the ways of «communication» is sleep.

It is in this state that our brain is able to perceive subtle energy impulses, including signals from Above.

What you should pay attention in a dream

one. A frequent dream, in which you find closed boxes and boxes, means that you hide important information from you. You need to understand the situation in order to shed light on the events that occur in your life.

2 A ringing phone that haunts you in dreams signals that you need to link your life path, deeds and actions together. Most likely, the solution is waiting for you on the surface, you only need to look carefully around and not miss the opportunity to change your plans for the early achievement of well-being.

3 If in a dream you are flying, mostly on your own, it means that in your real life there are problems from which you want to «fly away». You should stop running away from responsibility and by a strong-willed decision to cut that knot that bothers you.

four. A moon in a dream means that you are not seeking to unleash your creative potential for fear of condemnation or failure. Do not neglect this Sign, which may change your life for the better.

five. Dreams of the road are very symbolic. If you dream of a smooth and beautiful road, it means that you are on the right path and are taking the right steps towards your own happiness.

Broken, dark, meandering road says that you fear your own future. In this case, you need to revise your plans and be more vigilant in affairs and relationships with people around you.

6 The flower buds reveal that pleasant changes are coming in your life. This may be new beginnings, business, travel, change of job or position for a higher paying one.

Dead flowers most often dream of those who can not let go of the past. The Guardian Angel sends a sign that it’s time to turn the page of life and continue to live without returning to past events.

7 Water in a dream means that you need to show zeal or, on the contrary, calm down and wait out a difficult period, not speeding up the events. In the first case, you will dream of wide expanses of water, in the second — small streams, ponds and forest lakes.

They also promise efforts and small difficulties in the near future.

eight. The dreamed letters or messages say that you need to improve family relations, restore lost family ties, pay more attention to the second half and children. If you are writing a letter by hand, it means that you need the support of parents in making an important, fateful decision.

With the help of numerology, everyone can find out what Signs the Guardian Angel sends him, avoid many troubles and get ready for pleasant events. We wish you good news and good luck. Be happy and do not forget to press the buttons and

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